How Much To Paint A Ford Ranger

How Much To Paint A Ford Ranger – New Ford Ranger Raptor on sale from £57 The 340 Raptor is the first version of the new Ranger pick-up to go on sale in the UK

Order books are now open for the Ford Ranger Raptor, the hardcore version of the Blue Oval’s new Ranger.

How Much To Paint A Ford Ranger

How Much To Paint A Ford Ranger

It’s the first derivative of the new-generation pick-up to go on sale – the standard model won’t hit the configurator for a few months yet – and is priced from £57,340. The first Raptor deliveries will begin in late summer, with regular Rangers likely not in customer hands until the first quarter of 2023.

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As with the outgoing Raptor, VAT cannot be deducted from the high initial figure – the Raptor’s reinforced chassis components eat into the payload, falling below the one-tonne qualification threshold for commercial vehicles.

It’s also possible to increase the Raptor’s price even further with a number of options, including the Raptor Splash Decal Pack for £600, the Raptor Pack with cab scroll bar and power roll top for £1,860 and the new Code Orange paint. £720.

For starters, the Raptor will be powered by a new 3.0-litre twin-turbo EcoBoost petrol V6 producing 284bhp, an increase of 74bhp compared to the outgoing four-cylinder diesel model. However, that engine will eventually be available in the new Raptor for an as-yet-undisclosed price.

The V6 version makes 491 Nm, almost as much as the diesel. The anti-lag system features a setup similar to that first seen on the Ford GT supercar, which increases throttle response by spinning the turbos for three seconds when the driver takes off. The active exhaust offers four levels of noise, including a silent mode that calms the neighbors and a Baja setting that adds more volume and is described as a direct exhaust system.

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The 10-speed automatic gearbox carries over from the first Raptor, but this time each gear has specific engine boost profiles to optimize performance. Full-time four-wheel drive is standard (which can be switched to rear-wheel drive to save fuel), while front and rear locking differentials and selectable drive modes mean the Ford can tackle anything from smooth tarmac even deep Mud and ruts.

The Raptor has a unique chassis configuration compared to the standard Ranger to increase its off-road performance. Reinforced components and underbody protection, sturdier aluminum control arms and new high-performance Fox shocks were added. The so-called 2.5-inch active valve dampers are tuned specifically for the Ranger Raptor and are designed to respond to suspension movements, providing firmer damping when needed, such as when clearing jumps.

To take full advantage of this new setup, Baja Mod optimizes the truck’s setup for fast off-road use. Additionally, there’s Trail Control, an off-road cruise control system that maintains speeds below 20 mph, allowing the driver to focus on steering over rough terrain.

How Much To Paint A Ford Ranger

On the outside, the Ranger Raptor resembles the larger F-150 Raptor in the US market. C-shaped daytime running lights are standard issue on the Ranger line, while the Raptor adds LED matrix headlights. There’s an expansive FORD-branded grille, while black bumpers with a silver skid plate are added below. Flared wheel arches cover the truck’s wide track, while 17-inch black alloys are fitted with all-terrain tires for a total diameter of 33 inches. The rear bumper also has a standard mounting tow bar.

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Inside, the Raptor adds sport seats “inspired by the F-22 Raptor fighter jet,” while “Code Orange” highlights for the air vents and leather stitching match the exterior paint, a color exclusive to the new raptor A large 12-inch vertical touchscreen with SYNC4, as well as digital dials and numerous menus let you configure everything from climate control to differential locks to exhaust settings.

Performance figures for the new Ranger Raptor have yet to be confirmed, although Ford’s Australian engineers are quite proud that the new model was a minute faster than the old model on its unspecified test course. The new model is expected to weigh 40kg more than the outgoing model, so the extra power increases performance significantly.

The new Ford Ranger Raptor is based on the same platform as the Bronco Raptor, which was recently revealed in the US market. Although one is a pick-up and the other is an off-road focused SUV, there are other distinct differences as well. For starters, the Ranger Raptor’s wheel and tire combination is 33 inches in diameter, while the Bronco Raptor’s total wheel and tire diameter is 37 inches.

The other big difference is under the hood. Both vehicles use the same 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6, with the Ranger offering 284 hp, while the Bronco has an as-yet-unconfirmed output of more than 400 hp. Emissions legislation could shave an extra 110bhp or so – US market limits are very different to Europe, and the Ranger Raptor is thought to be enough to balance power against peak emissions of 284bhp. As both use the same basic configuration, it is not out of the realm of possibility to produce a 400hp Ranger Raptor, although this is not something Ford is currently considering.

Painting The Truck Cheaply?

Ford Ranger 2022 Auto Express Pick-up of the Year, Isuzu D-Max and Toyota Hilux Awards

The new Nissan X-Trail seven-seat SUV follows the Qashqai with a sharp new design, an intelligent e-power hybrid system for improved efficiency and more inter… The new limited editions of the 2021 Ford Ranger Stormtrack and Wolftrack expand the new Ford Ranger Stormtrack and Wolftrack models. A range of vans with more equipment and special features

Two new special edition models of the Ford Ranger pick-up will go on sale in the UK in 2021. The Stormtrack is based on the high-spec Wildtrack trim and has unique colors and equipment, while the Wolftrack is a tougher mid-spec model. Towards off-road use.

How Much To Paint A Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger Stormtrak has the same 210bhp 2.0 EcoBlue twin-turbo diesel engine as the Ranger Wildtrak and comes exclusively with the Ranger’s 10-speed automatic gearbox, perfect for towing.

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In addition to all the standard Wildtrak features, the Stormtrak adds unique styling components, including exclusive Rapid Red paint (Frozen White and Blue Lightning are also available), a red grille, LED headlights and underbody protection.

At the rear is a gloss black bumper, while Ford’s ‘Sports Hoop’ roll bar is added on the cargo bed. The cargo area also has a standard plastic liner, a cargo divider, and a power sunroof. Instead of relying on pulling canvas straps, the cargo lid opens and closes electrically and operates the truck’s key fob or buttons inside the cargo bed and cab.

Window-type electric anti-puncture sensors ensure that nothing gets caught in the closing lid. An electric blind is standard on the Stormtrack and available as an option on the Ranger Wildtrack.

The new Ford Ranger is based on the mid-spec XLT version of the Wolftrack and packs a 168PS turbocharged EcoBlue diesel unit. It’s available with a six-speed manual or 10-speed automatic gearbox, but also adds an electronic locking rear differential and off-road tires for increased off-road capability.

Ford Ranger Xlt Spied With Splash Package And Hot Pepper Paint

Ford is pitching the Wolftrack to buyers who need a work vehicle that can tackle rough terrain and private customers looking for a go-anywhere activity vehicle. Styling changes include Conquer Gray or Sea Gray paint, matte black grille and black alloy wheels and gray Wolftrack badging.

Inside, there’s a matte black dashboard trim and all-weather floor mats that enhance its rugged character. Functional kit includes a bed liner, molded side steps and underbody protection as standard, while a tubular sports bar is added behind the cab. Ford also offers an optional cargo cover or full cargo cover canopy finished in matte black to match the WolfTrak details.

Both the Stormtrack and Wolftrack will hit dealerships in October, with pricing to be announced closer to launch.

How Much To Paint A Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger 2022 Auto Express Pick-up of the Year, Isuzu D-Max and Toyota Hilux Awards

Door Handle Cup Ppf Kit For 2019 2022 Ford Ranger Pickup Truck

The new Nissan X-Trail seven-seat SUV follows the Qashqai with a sharp new design, a clever e-Power hybrid system for improved efficiency and more inter… We knew Ford was bringing back the Splash name, we just knew. Thanks to trademark filings spotted in June, it seemed inevitable that Ford would announce the nostalgic return of the moniker. Today, that’s confirmed with this exceptionally vibrant orange truck sporting gloss black accents and vinyl graphics. So far so good.

Make it clear that this is a purely demo package. And of course, we wish Ford would bring back the side bed that helped distinguish the Ranger pickups of yesteryear. Who doesn’t? The truck pictured here showcases one of the color options available, along with other “one-of-a-kind” limited edition Splash colors that will be released in the coming months.

On the outside, you’ll notice a sleek black grille with body-colored decorative brackets. From there, a nifty black Ranger graphic splatter makes its way into the cabin and over everything

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