How Much To Cerakote A Pistol

How Much To Cerakote A Pistol – FNG Precision Coatings can offer Cerakote handgun coating in a simple single color design with corrosion and scratch protection, we also cover in a variety of colors including many popular camo designs as well as pop culture designs, or your desired color combinations. We apply thin film ceramic coatings that are heat cured for superior protective properties. We have Cerakote available in hundreds of color combinations.

Multicam and multicolor designs are also available. We have a variety of camo styles developed in-house and can closely reproduce designs based on images. Contact us today for more information! All exclusive Cerakote ceramic coatings are expertly applied to enhance the aesthetics of your gun.

How Much To Cerakote A Pistol

How Much To Cerakote A Pistol

Save time and money by only carrying or shipping Cerakote coated handgun components. We will need to completely disassemble all components in order to blast and case your gun and this can mean an additional 3-4 weeks after receiving the gun depending on the workload of our gunsmiths. Depending on the time If you do not have the opportunity to have a professional gunsmith do this work, we will be happy to do the disassembly and assembly for you.

Buy Glock 19 Gen4 Cerakote Pistol

See our regular page at FNG Precision Coatings for more information on packing and shipping your gun. We are an FFL, so if you are a gun dealer, you will need to complete the necessary paperwork. We look forward to providing you with a custom Cerakote coated gun!

Any custom order other than standard pattern or color, price is subject to change. Please contact us with any questions or items not listed above. Cerakote: One of the hottest trends in the industry after Glock and facial hair. Most people know its function as a cosmetic application, but what is it and how does it work?

The company isn’t happy to share the full composition of the product (we don’t blame them), but we do know that it’s a composite epoxy coating made of polymer and ceramic. Like most coatings, it has increased durability and resistance. And Cerakote is physical fluff: it sticks to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. This puts it light years ahead of historic firearm preservatives such as bluestone, which are monogamous to metal.

Cerakot has other obvious benefits. The coating is offered in more than 100 colors, and can be applied with stencils, patterns, letters, engravings, etc. to achieve any pattern or design desired by the customer.

Smith & Wesson Handgun Done In A Cerakote And Gun Candy Finish By Web User

The steps are pretty simple: disassembly, sandblasting, cleaning, painting and baking. But, of course, simple does not mean easy. Cerakote is incredibly thin. Apparently, too thin. A similar product on the market, powder coating, needs to be applied at least 2/1000″ (2 mils). Cerakote, on the other hand, grows to about half that application (1 mil). half. This makes the applications very broad.

When properly applied, Cerakote will not mask deep etch marks or alter the accuracy of your gun. And while the powder coating is a mile thicker than Cerakote, we’d never comfortably cover a powder gun. As it turns out, that one million is totally worth it. The guns are designed to operate with near nuclear strength. Yes, that 1 mil can ruin that perfect fit and further destroy your accuracy.

In addition to removing the scope, complete disassembly of the firearm is also required. To get a really good coat, you’ll need to turn your blaster down to its finest finish. And it’s tedious, which is why many companies charge disassembly fees based on the complexity of the firearm.

How Much To Cerakote A Pistol

Like most paints, Cerakote is applied with a spray gun. And yes, it is toxic, so protective gear must be worn. You know, toxic blindness or permanent nerve damage; protection is not optional.

Cerakote And Gun Candy

Some formulas require air curing, while others require baking. Most firearms are of the Cerakote oven type, and although one can do it in their own kitchen, anyone who knows nothing about Cerakote would never recommend it. sometimes You know, because kitchen ovens aren’t that accurate, and also because of the permanent nerve damage we mentioned earlier.

We will answer with a loose “no”. You can Cerakote your own weapon the same way you can paint your vehicle. can you do You certainly can’t – it wouldn’t maintain the same quality, craftsmanship and durability as if it were done by a professional. And then organ toxicity, nerve damage, blindness…you know, it works. That’s why we don’t recommend it. Not even a little.

Cerakote’s genius found a way to make this thin coating even stronger. The thin layer protects moving parts from normal wear and tear such as shooting and handling. Water and sand are also bad, which is good. Cerakote repels daylight from the elements, preventing your gun from rusting and pitting. Fast and Cheap Cerakote Services! Choose your finish now or contact us to set up your unique Cerakote design. Walk in 10 days to the end you won’t believe. (Return time based on the day after delivery confirmation, weekdays only do not count weekends)

You can select RUSH from the options if you want faster service, please note that RUSH orders are subject to approval. If you choose RUSH, you can choose 5 business days or 3 business days. The time is calculated from the DAY AFTER DELIVERY to the STORE.

Cerakote Any Frame

Please note, black guns cannot use black parts when applying color, if the design has black it is considered color when calculating the price.

Once we are done, they will send you photos of your work for you to approve, once approved your gun will be returned directly to you.

All our work comes with a one year warranty against wear, but some parts may not be covered, the metal on the metal contact points will wear over time regardless. Please contact us and we can make a decision, but we have only requested one repair in the last three years. Cerakote generally does not seal. For $75 you can purchase a lifetime warranty, you pay shipping, and we touch up or repair your finishes.

How Much To Cerakote A Pistol

All Cerakote services are performed in the order they are received. If you’re not sure which options to choose, send us an email with a photo of the camo design you want or an example of something you’d like to do. All the above options will satisfy the prices of the most difficult models. If you’re not sure if your gun needs to be disassembled, we’re more than happy to pick it up intact and take care of the job. You can visit to see the full line of color selections, we won’t share a list of options here, we want to give you all the options. If we don’t have a color, we will ask for it. All Cerakote finishes are guaranteed against wear and tear, we do not cover negligence or accidental damage. Explode, prepare and cover your frame in any color. *Glock frame disassembly and assembly is free.

Shadow Systems Dr920 Elite 9mm Luger 5in Tan Cerakote Pistol

Blow up, prepare and Cerakote your slides. *Glock slide disassembly and assembly is free.

Blow up, prepare, and insert your stripe in less than any color. *There will be a flat fee of $60 for less that has not been 100% taken from us!**

Models: CZ P-10C, CZ P-10F (No 45) and CZ P-10S Service: CNC Mill for Optical Slide (Optics must be shipped with a slide – no exceptions) Sight / Eyewitness Note: Our sights.. .

Model: Milled for all generations and Glock model (43, 43X, 48 407K/507K, or RMRcc only.) Service: CNC Milled for Optic Slide (Should ship with optic slide – no…

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Grab, Prep and Cerakote your striped top, bottom and any color rails. **$120 will be charged for rifles or receivers that are not 100% removed from us!** ** Next day you select UPS….

Model: CZ Shadow 2 (Optic Ready Models Only!) Service: The slide you supply for your CNC mill optic removes the rear key and reduces weight (the optic must ship with a slide – no…

Features: – All OEM slide lettering removed – Front and rear 45 degree chamfers – Double top chamfers – Full top gusset – Side weight reduction through windows – Front Predator cut -…

How Much To Cerakote A Pistol

Features: – All OEM slide lettering removed – Top, front and rear chambers – Top weight reduction pockets – Top weight reduction through the window – Side weight reduction pockets – Side weight reduction pockets – …

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Features: – Removed all OEM slide lettering (9X19 will not remove on 34 models with OEM front hinges. * Will not remove all lettering on other models with OEM front hinges. *) – Upper, front…

Features: – All OEM slide decals removed (except serial) – Top, front and rear 45 degree chamfers – Add front slot grommets available for: 19, 17 and 34 models. Generation…

Features: – Removed all OEM slide lettering – Top, front and rear 45 degree chamfers – Top weight reduction pockets – Side weight reduction pockets – Add front

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