How Much To Build A 355 Stroker

How Much To Build A 355 Stroker – 253 304 308 355 5.0 Holden V8 Performance 0L V8 304 Black (Kavi) 5L V8 308 Black 5L V8 308 Blue 5L V8 308 Red 5L V8 Holden 308 Red 5L V8 LB9 5.05 liters (E V8)

Bedford E Series 1979 – 1981 5L Bedford S Series 1979 – 1980 5L Holden Commodore Ute VG 1990 – 1991 5L Holden Commodore VB 1978 – 1980 5L Holden Commodore 19 Holden Commodore 19 80 Holden Commodore VC 1980 – 198 HL19 Holden Commodore VL 1986 – 1988 5L Holden Komodo VN 1988 – 1991 5L Holden Komodo VP 1991 – 1993 5L Holden Komodo VR 1993 – 1995 5L Holden Komodo 1995 -1 1974 – 1976 5L Holden HQ 1971 – 1974 5L Holden HT 1969 – 1970 5L Holden HX 1976 – 1977 5L Holden HZ 1977 – 1980man 5L Holden Statesman -519990 Statesman WB 1980 – 1985 5L Holden Torana LH 1974 – 1976 5L Holden Torana LX 1976 – 1978 5L Holden Other TBA – TBA 0L

How Much To Build A 355 Stroker

How Much To Build A 355 Stroker

For Engine: 253 304 308 355 5.0 Holden V8 Performance, 304 Black (Carby), 308 Black, 308 Blue, 308 Red, Holden 308 Red, LB9 5.0 Liter (EFI) Stroker Crank Stroke 3.48 Caster Iron (2.1″) Chev Connecting Rod Carpet) Fits Factory Cable Rear Main Seal Motor (Recommended Seal HN022)

Holden Stroker Efi S.s 2 Street Strip Engine

We always try to make sure our customers love our products, but we’re happy to help if you need to return an order. Send us an email directly and we will guide you through the process. Finally, the 355ci Holden V8 Stroker Kit with Bulletproof Billet 4340 Steel Crankshaft for Under $4000.00 There are several brands of Holden V8 Stroker cranks on the market, but none of the cranks close to COME Racing billets on the Australian market. 4340 steel crankshaft. Combining the toughest crank on the market with one of the strongest 4340 steel, 7/16″ ARP thread stud “Super” “I” bar bars and probe forged flat pistons, the most durable 355ci Holden Stroker kit can be taken anywhere.

This assembly includes Hastings of Engine Pro molly rings, king rods and main bearings, billet steel cranks, Super 4340 steel 7/16′ bolt “I” bar bars and is fully balanced internally. If you’re building a high horsepower, high rev 355ci Holden Stroker engine, there’s nothing on the market that comes close in terms of power and stability at 600+bhp.

A low-compression boost piston is also available as part of this kit, but at an additional cost.

So, if you’re considering buying one of the cheaper kits and want to get a lot of power, think again and order one of these kits to make sure you don’t have questions like: Race Wrap or Hot Street Wrap?”. Think carefully before buying on price alone. Stroking a 1963 Ford Y-Block at 355 inches to exceed 600 horsepower at Westtech Dyno! This vintage Y-Block Ford build is built to last with the right parts Show that you can teach your dog new tricks.

What Are Stroker Kits, And How Do They Increase Torque?

We love bikes that fall into the “Other” category, and thankfully Steve Brule of Westtech Performance does as well. When he is not a co-host

, he runs numerous factories with Westtech’s Superflow 902 dyno. This time we have a 355″ Ford Y-Block striker in our test cell! We didn’t see many of these early Ford OHV (overhead valve) engines, so we agreed with Brule that it’s worth checking out this 355 Y-Block built by Todd Ferguson and Jeff Mummert for Joe Cebe’s project.

First, story time. You’ve probably all heard of the legendary Ford Flathead V-8 with side valves. It was a great bike, but it started to become outdated in the late 1940s, especially compared to its competitors. So in 1954 Ford introduced the new Y-Block V-8 with OHV to complement the new six-valve OHV introduced in 1952. The engine was called a Y-block because of the deep plinth that gave it a unique shape resembling a Y-shape. The deep plinth also gave the block a lot more rigidity.

How Much To Build A 355 Stroker

As mentioned, the Y-Block was released in 1954 (scheduled for ’53, but production slowed due to war-related nickel shortages) and replaced the 239ci. Same displacement as the replaced flathead, but the Y-Block has a larger bore and shorter stroke than its predecessor. The new design also provided more power (less than 20%). Over the years the Y-Block has improved and grew from the first 239ci version in 1956 to a 312-inch iteration. The engine survived until 1964, when it was replaced by a Ford Windsor, but continued in South America until circa 1980. The Y-Block Ford is recognizable by its offset rear distributor and unique double bolt valve cover. Due to the initial non-wash oil that can clog, the engine used an external oil tube to lubricate the top, but with newer oils (and newer features like grooved camshafts) some rebuilders remove the outer oil tube.

Ford Y Block Stroked To 355 Inches Makes Over 600 Hp On Westech Dyno!

This Y-Block Ford comes in 355 cubic inches, thanks to the addition of a stock Ford block boring at 3.86 inches and a billet Crower 3.80 inch forged crank. A 6,200-inch crowbar with Honda trunnion is paired with a Race Tech 8cc domed piston for a compression ratio of 14.25:1. Is my smell racing gas? To keep everything stable under load, we have a programmable engineered hood kit and harness and ARP attachments. The aftermarket for Y-Block products is a bit limited, but if you want to build one, go to www.

The valvetrain upgrade consists of an Isky solid flat valve tappet cam (268/263 duration 0.630/0.623 lifts), a trend tool steel lifter and a ProGear billet timing chain. The short block of the striker is finished with a Mummert 1.7 roller rocker and a pair of Mummert shoulder mill CNC aluminum race heads equipped with 5/16″ Smith Brothers push rods.

There’s no such thing as “I want to build a lot of top end power” like a tunnel ram with a few extra spacers. In this case, the Mummert single-flat high-rise aluminum tunnel ram combined with the Mummert aluminum valley cover provides ample airflow for the hungry 355 Y-Block at high revs. The extensive use of aluminum parts in this build really helps offset the extra weight of the deep skirt Y-Block.

Y-Block Ford’s wet crankcase system mounted on Westtech’s dyno was filled with high zinc penetrating oil and the Aeromotive fuel system tank was filled with Q16 VP racing gas.

Used 1986 Gmc C/k 1500 Regular Cab 2wd For Sale In Poplar Bluff Mo 63901 The Toybox

So, what does all this get for you? Now, after going through the break-in procedure and setting the timing to 32 degrees, the team received 608 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 509 lb-ft of top traction at 5,800 rpm. As expected, the 355 Y-Block striker shined at its peak and was still solid with a 606 pony at 7,200 horsepower. Torque stayed at around 500 lb-ft from where it started pulling to 6,200 rpm and then gradually decreased.

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