How Much Should I Feed My Bernedoodle Puppy

How Much Should I Feed My Bernedoodle Puppy – Bernedoodles are a great pet choice for many reasons. They are especially suitable for all families with children, they are smart and loyal. These are all useful qualities for pets.

An alternative name for the Bernedoodle is “Bernese Mountain Poo,” which sounds a little strange, so we’ll stick with the Bernedoodle. A Bernedoodle is a combination of a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. It seems to combine all the high points of both breeds. Like a poodle, it won’t leave a hair in your house. He is generally very intelligent.

How Much Should I Feed My Bernedoodle Puppy

How Much Should I Feed My Bernedoodle Puppy

The first breeder of this cross was Sherry Rupke from the SwissRidge kennel, who had her first litter of Bernedoodles already in 2003. She worked on this hybrid breed very successfully.

The Complete Guide To Bernedoodles: Everything You Need To Know To Successfully Raise Your Bernedoodle Puppy! By David Anderson

The Bernedoodle is a relative newcomer to the dog world and has shown signs of becoming very popular. A true Bernadoodle (designated F1) is a 50/50 mix of purebred Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. Interestingly, this F1 grew significantly healthier than either parent breed. You can get Bernadoodles mated with a Bernese Mountain Dog or a Poodle, and these dogs (labeled F1b) are ideal for people with dog allergies because of their low shedding levels.

It is always best to prepare in advance for the arrival of a new puppy. The period of waiting for your new puppy to be weaned is an exciting and rewarding time to focus on preparation. There are a lot of changes you need to make in your home to accommodate this new family member, and just like expecting a baby, there are a lot of things to buy.

You’ll be amazed at how many ways your new Bernedoodle will cause mischief, so observe every room he can access through puppy eyes.

Do some research in your area about what vets are available. Talk to other pet owners about their experiences with their vet and ask which one they would recommend. Word of mouth is the best way to make sure you get a good vet. Once you have chosen the vet you want, look at the operating hours and contact information and write down if you need it fast.

Bernedoodle Dog Profile (character, Diet, Care)

At this stage, your breeder is the only person in the world who knows your puppy. Use this information and get all the advice you need.

Areas you can ask the breeder may include: general questions about the health of the puppy and its parents, feeding times and any routines they have, and whether your puppy gets along with other members of the litter.

These common questions will go a long way in reducing the shock of moving from your parents to a new home.

How Much Should I Feed My Bernedoodle Puppy

Here’s a suggested shopping list for you to buy before your puppy arrives at his new home:

The Best Dog Food For Bernedoodle Puppies

It is important to think about the logistics of having this new family member live in your home. Don’t leave until the Bernedoodle puppy arrives.

Think about where your new puppy will go. Your new Bernedoodle puppy needs to learn from the start that this one place is okay and other places are okay. Delaying this exercise will cause the puppy to pick up bad habits.

I once had a friend who brought home a puppy in a wire box. He was placed in the corner of the living room on the hard floor and the puppy decided that this wire cage is where he can go to pee and poop. At first they laughed it off and allowed to continue, assuming that the puppy will soon move to a more suitable place. That didn’t happen and if he was bigger he could have crawled into the small cage and gone potty.

They recently managed to get him outside next to the wire cage that was placed in the yard, but it was slow going.

Mini Bernedoodle Dog Breed: Pictures, Colors, Bark, Characteristics, And Diet

Now, just like when you give birth to a new baby, you probably have a busy night at first. Your puppy is used to sleeping with the rest of the litter and is not used to being alone. Leaving behind parents and siblings is a big hurdle to overcome.

You and your puppy will sleep better if you start letting him sleep in a crate next to your bed. They will be reassured by your proximity (surrogate mother). Place a simple waterproof pad and blanket (an old t-shirt or something you own or breeder’s scent) in the cage.

Your new puppy will be curious and want to look around the house. It was a big adventure, and if he was going anywhere, he would succeed. We were lucky when we brought the puppy home because we had an open staircase and looked through the stairs to the lower floor to be afraid of him.

How Much Should I Feed My Bernedoodle Puppy

He had a real fear of heights; even if we kept him near the window upstairs he would turn away instead of looking down. So climbing stairs was a problem and he never dared to climb the first few steps until he was about ten months old when he suddenly jumped up the stairs.

Do Bernedoodles Shed? Explaining Their Shedding

Putting a baby gate around the house will make life much easier and allow you to confine the puppy to a designated room. This will give them less opportunity to cause mischief and ensure they stay safe.

Your home is full of potential hazards. Cable towing logs run across the floor will be something your puppy will love to chew on. A bottle of bleach next to the toilet will be a challenge. Your puppy will see anything as something to play with and chew on. Keep the danger out of reach.

Indoor litter boxes, especially in the kitchen, are great for your pup. All the pleasant smells of food coming from inside and all the things that come into play. If given the chance, your puppy will find a way to turn it over to access the food inside.

Likewise, when he gets to the yard, he’ll really enjoy the challenge of picking up your trash.

F1 Tri Colored Miniature Bernedoodle Puppy In Room With Plant Stock Photo

You will find it easier if you use a baby gate to close off one room or a playpen to close off a small part of the house. In this living space you can put water and food bowls, some toys and places to lay down.

Accept it; “Little accidents” will happen around the house with your new puppy. The worst thing to do when this situation arises is to yell and scare the dog or slap it. You will only achieve that the dog will scare you, which will delay future training. The dog doesn’t do this to make you angry; he hasn’t really worked out what your master plan is and where the potty is.

When your puppy makes a mistake, take him outside to a designated area and say a phrase like “Go potty”. Use the same phrase every time you bring him there. Then if you see him going somewhere else, call “Go potty” and he will eventually understand when you say he needs to go to that spot. Bernedoodles are smart dogs and need to learn it faster than some other breeds.

How Much Should I Feed My Bernedoodle Puppy

When you first bring your Berndoodle back from the breeder, hopefully you will have the same food supply he is used to. Over time, if you want, you can slowly transition him to alternative puppy food, but during this transition, many things remain the same as they were at the breeder.

F1 Tri Colored Miniature Bernedoodle Puppy Closeup Stock Photo

When you first get a puppy, his stomach just adjusts to solid food, so make sure you give him puppy food (specially designed for sensitive stomachs). Don’t just buy dog ​​food.

It is in their own interest to keep their dog confined to a designated area of ​​the house or in a pen. You protect his safety. The space in the playpen or the space designated for it should not contain things that can cause your puppy to suffocate or injure itself. Confinement is also in your best interest because you know that when you are out of sight, he is not doing damage to the house or finding a way to get out. Choose a place with hard floors to make cleaning up easy in the event of an accident.

Now, whether you think so or not, there will come a time when your Bernedoodle must

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