How Much Money Does Ms Rachel Make

How Much Money Does Ms Rachel Make – He said that children are like wet clay, can be shaped by their parents and of course the media they are exposed to. With gentle and consistent methods, children can be productive, productive, but with the wrong stimulants, the child can end up with poor attention. and no ideas.

Although some parents rely on Cocomelon—an ingredient that can be as effective as a drug for children and can cause behavioral and attention problems—there are children who media producers and content creators who promote quality time for children. Have heard Ms. Rachel?

How Much Money Does Ms Rachel Make

How Much Money Does Ms Rachel Make

Mrs. Rachel, who created Songs for Children, started out as a school teacher and channeled her passion for educational values ​​into her YouTube project during the pandemic and became success with 1.12 million users and videos with 72 million views. . So what is it about Ms. Rachel who took the children’s YouTube community by storm and allowed her to take over the Cocomelon kingdom?

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Educator and award-winning songwriter Rachel Griffin Accurso – a.k.a. Mrs. Rachel – uses her Master’s in Music Education from New York University and the skills she added with her second Master’s in Early Childhood Education to create digital communication for children as speech. development and early intervention.

She runs her own YouTube show, Songs for Babies, with her husband, Aron Accurso, who voices and directs all the puppets, including the main characters Herbie and George. As a composer and pianist with many years of experience in theater – from Broadway to regional / summer theater – and children’s music on shows such as Sesame Street, Aron worked as Ms. Rachel’s creative partner.

“I have long wanted to create a free music video for children who do not have access to it. Then during the epidemic, I saw other unmet needs because the children are home from school, such as preschool videos and speech practice videos. “Ms. Rachel told Buzzfeed writer Loryn Brantz, who struggled to find the right content online for her daughter.

When Brantz saw Ms. Rachel’s Songs for Littles, she was “so happy” to find screen time she didn’t have to feel guilty because “the movie was so good, funny and well done.”

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In addition, he praised that Ms. Rachel is a real, physical person on screen who “speaks slowly and clearly and also includes close-ups to show how her mouth moves,” a theme that suits Brantz, who also directed about the development of speech. treat his daughter.

Brantz is not alone. Many parents online have praised Mrs Rachel, whose videos they believe have changed their children’s behaviour. A mother who came forward, Sierra, claimed that her son suffered from a speech delay after being exposed to Cocomelon without a conversation a long time ago. When Sierra cut out the cartoons from her son’s youngest years and started teaching her son Ms. Rachel’s YouTube video, Sierra’s son not only started talking more, but he stopped throwing tantrums.

Another mother said: “When I cut the Cocomelon and put it in front of Miss Rachel, she started talking incoherently. He is not two, so this message is not clear, but for me as a mother, I know what he is trying to say. He started saying “oh, oh, knock, knock, mom, dad.

How Much Money Does Ms Rachel Make

Cocomelon’s catchy nursery rhymes are appealing to children, but they don’t encourage proper speech. This is why Ms. Rachel’s information is particularly appropriate to replace the Cocomelon product, because babies and toddlers learn a lot about their own language skills by observing the lips, as well which researchers have found to be as important as listening. words.

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If a child can’t read lips, whether it’s because the video they’re watching doesn’t include a moving mouth or because the mouth is blocked by a mask, Children’s speech and language development can be delayed.

See Ms. Rachel’s movie as an adult viewer, few points are more important than the fact that Songs for Littles is not just a movie, it’s a great movie like Cocomelon. As mentioned, Ms. Rachel focuses on speech by providing movement near her mouth which makes it easier for babies and toddlers to copy.

Mrs. Rachel also questions her audience, asking things like “Can you say this?” or “Can you do this?” thus increasing the participation that young viewers have during screen time. He then cleverly encourages cooperation with praise such as “good job.”

“I was looking for videos like ours for my son, and when I couldn’t find them, I realized, ‘Oh, I have to make them!'” Ms. Rachel said in a Buzzfeed interview. “I see the benefits of music lessons and simple songs for my son’s development, but I know that these classes can be very expensive! So I thought I would create two us on YouTube for everyone involved.” [sic]

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Mrs. Rachel’s YouTube channel has earned her an estimated fortune. $10M and some sources report that his Songs for Littles channel brought in between $27.9K and $445.6K in ad revenue from high viewership. Despite her fame, Ms. Rachel took the humble person online, in response to his success: “It’s amazing and more than we expected. So many emails from parents have brought tears to my eyes! I can’t think of anything more rewarding than making a child smile and helping them grow and learn. “

Despite her fortune from her YouTube channel and social media pages, the view of Ms. Rachel’s Songs for Littles showcases the potential of other, well-researched children’s media.

Mrs. Rachel’s Songs for Littles has become a household name for parents who use YouTube as their children’s time of choice. Not only does his video show how to learn to speak correctly and reduce developmental delays before they can join – no thanks to “Cocainemelon” – but parents can also benefit from Ms. Rachel’s tips and tricks for communication development and parenting for every day. life. Dubbed “household hero,” it is not surprising that Ms. Rachel has seen incredible success on YouTube for promoting spoken word and, in particular, less selective for screen time. There is no denying that “Cocomelon” has one of the most powerful ingredients for children and preschoolers. on YouTube. However, parents are looking for other options after child development expert Jerrica Sannes warns that these children’s activities can be compared to stimulants.

How Much Money Does Ms Rachel Make

Rachel Griffin Accurso was inspired to open “Songs for Children” by her daughter. This YouTuber graduated in music from New York University and is popularly known as Ms. Rachel. He has been in the news for his development of the video sharing website. Some parents have confirmed that their children have learned to speak better because of his movies. It is important for children in many families around the world.

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On Reddit, parents warn that his video can be disturbing, but its content is more educational than “Cocomelon.”

Blippi is Stevin W. John, content creator, children’s entertainer and educator. Formerly in the Air Force, he decided to create Blippi when he saw the quality of a YouTube video his two-year-old son was watching. That was in 2014 and today Blippi has more than 800 million users.

He does not stick to the studio space but takes his lessons in a real environment that can help children with visual communication. John became a father himself after welcoming his first son, Lochlan, in March with fiancee Alyssa Ingham, today.

Mother Goose Club has been creating content for preschoolers since 2009. Like “Cocomelon”, this show has attracted streamers such as Amazon or Netflix, as well as the PBS network in the United States, to bring the program in their library. . While most parents won’t get the appeal of this kids’ show, kids love it at less than 45 minutes per episode.

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From the creator of the popular ear “Baby Shark,” this YouTube channel focuses on Aesop’s fables or fables with a moral based on the work of the Greek myth Aesop. The stories are only five minutes long on average, but will be fun for kids when played on loop.

HooplaKidz is another popular preschool content and receives more than 170 million views per month. The show, which has been on YouTube since 2010, is also available on platforms such as Amazon Prime and Roku. It is also involved in learning apps to improve the child’s learning.

HooplaKidz is a production of YoBoHo Digital Media, which has tons of other children’s books from, such as Derrick and Debbie, All Kids Channel, Kids Camp,

How Much Money Does Ms Rachel Make

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