How Much Is Rib Removal Surgery

How Much Is Rib Removal Surgery – A surgical waist formed by bending the ribs is a modern modification of rib removal. This is a gentler and organ-preserving intervention. This method preserves the ribs; lung volume is not reduced. Patients recover faster and without pain.

During the classic surgery, if a woman wants to shape a beautiful and sexy waist, the 11th and 12th pair of false ribs (semi-mobile, inactive in breathing) are removed. The new technique does not require the removal of bone. The surgeon corrected the position and shape, reducing the waist size to minus 10 cm.

How Much Is Rib Removal Surgery

How Much Is Rib Removal Surgery

The silhouette becomes thin; the figure becomes younger; classic “sand-glass” proportions are formed, the muscles that are pressed are more stressed

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Before removing the ribs, the patient must have: a complete blood count and urine analysis to evaluate metabolism, identify latent inflammatory processes, as well as liver function; ECG to identify contraindications or disorders of the cardiovascular system; chest x-ray or MRI to visually assess the size of the pair of false ribs.

With the results of the examination, the client is assigned to a plastic surgeon. If all parameters are normal and there are no contraindications, the doctor determines the day of the operation, explains the procedure and the recovery stage. It is not recommended to perform surgery during menstruation (during this period the risk of bleeding and hematoma formation increases)

In the operating room, the client undergoes local anesthesia (if desired and there are no contraindications, general anesthesia is also possible). The surgeon makes a small incision in the area of ​​the 11th and 12th rib pair. Using instruments, the surgeon corrects the shape of the bone, moving it in a downward and central direction. Sutures after resection. Due to the change in the anatomical position of the ribs, the contraction of the abdominal muscles forms a new, slimmer silhouette. The result is a difference of up to 10 centimeters in body volume after the end of the recovery period.

Lower rib removal requires a period of rehabilitation. After the operation, the client places a fixation corset (bandage). They should wear it for 3 months. A belt and brace system secures the cut ribs in their new position during callus formation. After a month of recovery, you can start walking, exercising and wearing any clothes.

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Removing the lower ribs (forming a new position of the ribs) is a surgical intervention that has its own risks and requires recovery time. The operation is not performed if there is excess fat in the abdomen and rib area. If there are fat folds, then the plastic surgeon recommends liposuction procedures, cryolipolysis, intralipotherapy, ultrasound liposuction or weight loss with the help of a diet before surgery. Contact the ANACOSMA clinic administrator for consultation on the procedure or to determine the price.

Medical services: compression underwear, ultrasound, therapy consultation before and after surgery, one day stay at the clinic, examination and dressing for a month, medicines for recovery at home. unique, with a unique personality and distinctive look. Our goal is to enhance individuality through cosmetic surgery and vein treatment. A team of highly skilled surgeons combines their skills, advanced technology and patient aspirations to fully develop their uniqueness.

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How Much Is Rib Removal Surgery

Our doctors and team create beautiful breast augmentations, breast implants, breast lifts, breast reduction and gynecomastia, and more!

Rib Removal Intraop Back View Results

We can shape any and all areas of the body with tummy tucks, rib cage changes, maternity makeovers, liposuction, fat transfer, body implants, brachioplasty (arm lift) and more.

Glute augmentation is a great way to add balance to your form. We offer beautiful Brazilian lifts, butt implants and a combination of body and butt lift.

Our facial surgery corrects features that patients want to change and take years off with FaceTiteTM, Silhouette String Facelift and Ear Repair Surgery.

Men want to look good too! We enhance the body with liposuction, pectoral and buttock implants, gynecomastia (breast reduction), tummy tucks and rib cage modifications.

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We have a large-scale vein treatment center with qualified staff ready to perform diagnostic ultrasound for varicose veins, intravenous laser therapy and outpatient phlebectomy to keep your legs healthy, strong and beautiful. Be sure to check with your insurance provider for coverage!

It is important to have your leg veins formally evaluated by a leg vein specialist before beginning spider vein treatment. We use sclerotherapy and laser and pulsed light treatments to treat spider veins on the face, arms, legs and anywhere else they can be seen.

The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of cheap price fades from memory.

How Much Is Rib Removal Surgery

We combine traditional spa and aesthetic treatments together with advanced medical aesthetics in a soothing and relaxing environment, and offer treatments in the McAllen, Brownsville and South Texas area unmatched.

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A qualified and experienced surgeon, Dr. Filiberto Rodriguez, his skills, advanced technology and patient focus to produce good results. Through cosmetic surgery and vein treatment, we aim to enhance the individuality of each patient. Our team takes a unique and personalized approach to each treatment that we believe is necessary to treat our unique patients. We are fully committed to the care and needs of our patients and strive for consistency and excellence in our care services.

Are you curious about how to perform cosmetic surgery, MedSpa procedures and vein treatments? Check out our video library!

Our surgery and vein centers are large-scale, which means we have a full staff of qualified nurses, doctors and technicians to make your surgery safe, from start to finish to recovery.

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We maintain our cosmetic surgery and vein center medical practices to medical standards when it comes to sanitation and sterilization.

We employ only experienced and qualified technicians and nurses at RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center. You can trust that you are getting a great experience in treatment.

We are constantly investing in the latest technology to provide our patients with the natural and real results they are looking for.

How Much Is Rib Removal Surgery

Choosing to have cosmetic surgery can be life-changing, but we know that it can be an important decision. Before and after photos of real patients who have come in for cosmetic surgery procedures help us understand what to expect. Remember that plastic surgery is highly individualized and results vary based on each patient’s unique body structure. Our cosmetic surgery gallery features unedited patient photos. We hope that our patients appreciate the consistency and beauty of the results, knowing that the results are special for the surgeon Dr. Filiberto Rodriguez.

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Only Dr. Rodriguez and his team were able to produce excellent results. Get the body of your dreams with Dr. Rod today!

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How Much Is Rib Removal Surgery

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