How Much Is A Skyscan 1273

How Much Is A Skyscan 1273 – The synthesis of 3D X-ray microscopy (XRM) provides non-destructive 3D imaging solutions for various industrial and scientific applications. These include casting, processing and additive manufacturing, inspection of complex electromechanical assemblies, pharmaceutical packaging, advanced medical devices, wound and grain size analysis of geological samples, and in situ microscopy.

3D X-ray microscopy (XRM) combines micro computed tomography (micro CT) hardware with specialized software to create a complete microscopic imaging solution. From micro-precision chairs to nano-precision floor installation tools, XRM solutions offer the perfect balance of ease of use and power.

How Much Is A Skyscan 1273

How Much Is A Skyscan 1273

From measuring fractures in geological samples to the thickness of multilayers in pharmaceutical tablets or the interconnect structure of circuit chips and boards, XRM allows for a variety of rapid analyses. The non-destructive nature of XRM verifies component integrity and takes QC to a new level in manufacturing techniques such as additive manufacturing.

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The software offers a simple push-button interface for technicians and novice researchers, and exceptional depth for experts looking to push the boundaries of their models and techniques. Reconstruction is achieved with the latest GPU-driven algorithms. The included analysis package allows for both qualitative visualization and quantitative regression.

The SKYSCAN 1275 is an easy to use push button XRM for quick QC and routine applications. Minutes from sample setup to results. More SKYSCAN 1272 CMOS benchtop form factor increases resolution with vibration isolation, CMOS detector and micro-positioning sampler. Read more The SKYSCAN 1273 benchtop 3D X-ray microscope requires minimal lab space, is easy to operate and offers high system uptime with low cost of ownership. More The SKYSCAN 2214 level-stable nano-XRM provides a high-power source, advanced vibration isolation and a versatile detector. read more

Radiation can be measured in real time. The system can be scaled to ensure full utilization.

GPU-enabled, cutting-edge algorithms result in 3D model reconstruction in a fraction of traditional computing time.

Prototyping X Ray Tomographic Reconstruction Pipelines With Flexbox

Data: Display reconstruction results as slice movies or three-dimensional images. Read more CTVOX and CTVOL volumes and explore 3D interiors through cross-sections. Modeling in stl format for CAD and 3D printing in surface format. More CTAN is a quantitative analysis of density, volume, distance, angle, thickness, segmentation and advanced imaging built on a powerful automated platform. read more

Contact Form Contact us for our sales products and solutions. Sales Contact Form Contact us for service and support. Service Address and Phone Number AXS Office Contact your local AXS office. The AXS office has announced the new SKYSCANTM 1273 benchtop 3D X-ray microscope based on WorldBruker micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) technology. The SKYSCAN 1273 has set a new standard for non-destructive testing (NDT) with bench-mounted instruments, previously only available with floor-mounted systems.

Samples with a length of 500 mm, a diameter of 300 mm and a maximum weight of 20 kg can be inspected with a powerful and precise positioning stage. The combination of a high-power (130 kV, 39 W) high-energy X-ray source and a large 6-megapixel flat-panel detector with maximum sensitivity and speed optimizes image quality in seconds. SKYSCAN 1273 produces high-resolution 3D images of internal structures with volume sizes smaller than 3 µm.

How Much Is A Skyscan 1273

Direct data acquisition, advanced image analysis and integrated software for powerful imaging make the SKYSCAN 1273 an easy-to-use 3D X-ray microscope. With vertical scanning for distortion-free data acquisition and artifact-free reconstruction algorithms, micro-CT provides undistorted images, even for planar structures on all sides.

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For high-speed requirements, InstaRecon “one of the world’s fastest CT reconstruction solutions” accelerates 3D imaging by 100 times compared to traditional algorithms.

The SKYSCAN 1273 standard 3D X-ray microscope requires minimal lab space, is easy to use, and offers high system uptime with no maintenance and low cost of ownership.

Bruker AXS Product Line Manager for 3D X-ray Microscopy Dr. Geert Vanhoyland commented: “SKYSCAN 1273 is a non-destructive 3D imaging solution that covers a wide range of industrial and scientific applications. These include casting, processing and additive manufacturing flow detection, complex electro-mechanical assemblies, pharmaceutical packaging, advanced medical devices, geological drilling centers and environmental microscopy.

Dr. Kjell Lepere, Bruker Biospin Micro-CT Market Product and Applications Manager, added: “The SKYSCAN 1273 significantly expands primary imaging capabilities. Its large sample section, combined with a high-energy, more powerful X-ray source, enables imaging of large and high-density samples for applications in forensics, orthopedics, paleontology, and zoology. “SKYSCAN 1273 introduced new standards. The gauge provides non-destructive testing (NDT) functionality that was previously only possible with a layered installation system. Samples with a length of 500 mm, a diameter of 300 mm and a maximum weight of 20 kg can be checked.

Skyscan 1273: Bruker’s 3d X Ray Microscope With Micro Ct Technology

The combination of a high power X-ray light source and a large flat panel scanner with maximum sensitivity and reading speed optimizes image quality in seconds.

Powered by SKYSCAN 1273 3D.SUITE. This comprehensive software suite includes GPU-accelerated reconstruction, 2D/3D morphological analysis, as well as surface and volumetric imaging.

The SKYSCAN 1273’s large sample chamber accepts larger samples than can be scanned with a single inspection field. Through segment scanning and offset large-format flatbed scanners, the SKYSCAN 1273 can scan large objects up to 250mm in diameter and 250mm in length. 3D.SUITE automatically and seamlessly stitches large and small images.

How Much Is A Skyscan 1273

The SKYSCAN 1273 is equipped with a large 6 MP detector based on the latest flat panel technology, which produces very high contrast in collected images due to its wide dynamic range. A fast frame rate combined with an optimized synthesizer optimizes image quality with incredibly short cycle times of less than 15 seconds, ideal for time-resolved 3D X-ray microscopy.

High Capacity 3d X Ray Microscopy

The material test stage is designed for compression tests up to 4400 N and tension tests up to 440 N. All stages communicate automatically through the system’s rotation stage without the need for any wiring. A regular scanning experience can be created using the provided software.

Heating and cooling steps are up to 80°C or 30°C above ambient temperature. As with other phases, no additional connections and automatic phase identification are required. Heating and cooling steps can be used to examine the sample under non-ambient conditions and to evaluate the effect of temperature on the sample microstructure.

The SKYSCAN 1273 plays an important role in the bone research community by providing a microCT scanner for your real specimens. You can put your head in a cave sample room. Thus bone biologists and dentists may be joined by dinosaur paleontologists and archaeologists, as well as physicians performing biopsies and orthopedic surgery as users of the “big micro-CT”.

Teeth are a step higher than rodent bone in thickness and mineral density, which requires appropriate micro-CT resolution. SKYSCAN 1273 is a solution that effortlessly visualizes small and large teeth, even for fossil mineral diagenesis. And this feature is in a user-friendly high-powered desktop tool.

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Wood performs exceptionally well with microCT imaging – fine details of xylem and phloem channels are resolved and contrasted. MicroCT identification of tissue density is not useful. SKYSCAN 1273’s large scanning chamber can also accommodate small ceramic trees for scanning. A variety of plant and animal samples can be analyzed descriptively or without the need for treatment.

Tom created a 3D image of a small tree scanned on a SKYSCAN 1273.

The 3D volume shows an image of a medieval human skull from Thuringia, scanned at 50 mm (specimen from Friedrich-Schiller University, Germany).

How Much Is A Skyscan 1273

An XRM solution includes all the software needed to collect and analyze data. An intuitive graphical user interface with user-guided parameter optimization supports both expert and novice users. Reconstruction times are dramatically reduced with the latest GPU-driven algorithms. CTVOX, CTAN and CTVOL combine to form a powerful suite of software for qualitative and quantitative analysis of models.

Non Destructive Testing Equipment

Object Stages in Field Inspection Several special purpose stages can be used for the SKYSCAN system. The stage is easily installed in place of a standard sampler and the sampler receives control signals and power from a small plug on the bottom of the stage. More 3D.SUITE Software MicroCT solutions include our comprehensive, in-house developed 3D.SUITE software for intraoperative reconstruction, inspection, visualization and analysis. Real-time motion detection, ECG and respiration monitoring and temperature-stabilized animals. read more

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