How Much Is A Breast Lift In Oklahoma

How Much Is A Breast Lift In Oklahoma – Breast augmentation has been the most popular plastic surgery procedure at Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa for many years – and for good reason: it is extremely effective in increasing the size, shape and profile of the breast, helps build the body to perfection. appropriate with all curves and actions around.

Board-certified Oklahoma City plastic surgeon Dr. Jayesh Panchal offers a range of breast implant options and breast augmentation techniques to ensure that each procedure he performs meets the specific needs of the a person If you are considering breast augmentation, we encourage you to contact Dr. Panchal for a private and confidential one-on-one consultation where he can listen to your wishes, discuss all your options and your guide to the most effective solution for your needs.

How Much Is A Breast Lift In Oklahoma

How Much Is A Breast Lift In Oklahoma

Genesis offers an exciting way to visualize your future breasts before surgery. When you come to the consultation to see Dr. Panchal, he will create 3D images of your breasts and place your new breast implants in the 3D image. You can get virtual reality glasses and see your new breasts today. Click here to find out more.

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Call Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa in Norman at 405-310-6767 or in Edmond at 405-340-9949 to schedule a breast augmentation consultation today. Dr. Panchal welcomes women from Oklahoma City and throughout the Oklahoma suburbs.

Many people wonder what exactly a breast augmentation is. Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a procedure in which a woman’s breasts are enlarged in size and shape. Many women seek this surgery because:

To improve the bust line, the surgeon must insert a breast implant behind each breast. If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, a basic understanding of the procedure can help answer many questions. If you still feel that you have not found an answer to your questions, do not hesitate to ask Dr. Panchala. Call Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa in Edmond or Norman, Oklahoma today at 405-340-9949.

See what our patients are saying “I’m 7 days post breast lift and augmentation. Everything has been going well so far. Dr. Panchal was attentive, caring and if there is such a thing as an artist in the world of surgery, he is at the top of the list. Rembrandt in his field. His staff are good and very friendly. Answer questions quickly and help in any way. I will be back for a checkup on Thursday and will post more as I get through this adventure. If you want the best of Oklahoma, see Dr. Panchal. Thanks for reading. “I’ve always had a small chest. I have breastfed my babies and don’t plan to anymore. I am 5’4″ and 135 pounds and was a 34A -B. I have a Sientra memory gel with a capacity of 435 cc, medium profile, for the muscle. My experience was AWESOME! I recommend it again! I was empty at the top of my chest, probably from breastfeeding. Never again! The doctor was able to show me 3D images to finally show what I would look like, which really helped my decision. I couldn’t be happier!”

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The breast implant is a silicone shell filled with a flexible silicone gel (memory gel/rubber teddy). After being studied, tested and evaluated by a panel of doctors for safety, silicone implants have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 2006.

Genesis has a variety of breast implants that Oklahoma City needs. Based on female breast anatomy, body type, and desired size enhancement, Dr. Panchal can determine the best type of implant filler, implant size, and implant shape.

Other considerations include lifestyle, goals, and personal preferences, as well as Dr. Panchal’s recommendations. There are many new styles and types of breast implants to choose from.

How Much Is A Breast Lift In Oklahoma

In November 2006, the FDA approved the use of silicone breast implants for all patients who request breast augmentation over the age of 22 and breast reconstruction. Silicone breast implants have been used for 10 years and are used by over a million women worldwide. They are now available in the United States.

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The new silicone breast implants have a memory gel that contains a clear gelatin-like gel that acts more like a solid than a liquid. Holds evenly while maintaining the natural feel of the breast tissue. They are also known as gummy bear implants. In the past, there was a fear that the silicone implant would break and the gel would leak, leading to the formation of lumps in the breasts. Newer implants are much safer. In fact, when the implant is cut in half and held upside down, the gel does not flow but remains in the implant.

Unlike saline implants, silicone gel implants have a very natural feel, making the breasts look natural rather than unnaturally larger.

A recent study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that while the majority of women used saline implants in 2006, now in 2014 more than 99% of women chose silicone gel implants over saline implants. .

Round gel-filled implants are available in three different profiles (medium, medium plus and high profile) and have a smooth and textured surface. Mentor has been manufacturing breast implants for over 20 years. Over two decades of implant manufacturing have given Mentor and Sientra extensive experience and a global reputation for integrity and consistency.

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The picture shows the Memory Gel implant (rubber teddy) cut in half and turned upside down, showing that the gel is stuck together.

Over a million women worldwide have had their breasts enlarged using Mentor Memory Gel, so if you are considering a breast augmentation or breast lift, contact us for more information.

Usually, a round implant with a smooth surface will be chosen for you. Implants with textured surfaces tend to form fluid around them more quickly.

How Much Is A Breast Lift In Oklahoma

Because silicone implants are safer and have a better cosmetic effect, and because they now have a lifetime warranty, Dr. Panchal does not feel the need to recommend saline implants to new patients.

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Breast implant size is measured in cubic centimeters (CC) based on the size of the silicone filler. Choosing the right implant size is not difficult. It is based mainly on the width of the chest. By choosing an implant that is wider than your chest the implant will touch your shoulder. On the other hand, choosing an implant that is narrower than your chest will look very unnatural. Once you have established the width of your implant, it is easy to find the right profile based on the amount of breast tissue you already have and what you want to achieve with your surgery. During the consultation, you will also have the opportunity to see yourself in the mirror with the implant in a tight T-shirt, so you know what it will look like after the surgery.

Dr. Panchal also has software that scans your breast and creates a 3D image in 10 minutes. He will advise you on the size and place these implants in your 3D image. I will give you virtual glasses and you will see yourself with new breast implants. Patients like that they can imagine what they will look like after breast augmentation before the actual surgery.

We at Genesis Plastic Surgery are very confident that you will get the right size because Dr. Panchal can’t remember when he had to change the size of the implant because the implants were too big or too small for his patients. We almost always get it right.

Yes, studies are currently underway to determine the effectiveness of fat grafting into the breasts. Although fat is easy to apply, its long-term durability is unknown.

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The effect of injected fat on future mammograms and the difficulty of detecting breast cancer is also being studied. Until these results are very clear, let’s wait before I inject fat into my chest for cosmetic improvements.

How the implant is placed and positioned depends on your anatomy. There are three places where incisions can be made. The first one is under the armpits, the second one is around the areola, and the third one is under the bust. Each incision has its advantages and disadvantages, and during the consultation I will discuss and recommend what is best for you. In most patients, the final incision is barely visible six months to a year after surgery.

After making the incision, I lift the breast and the muscle and place the implant in the resulting area. The implant is inserted and the incision is closed in several layers.

How Much Is A Breast Lift In Oklahoma

Implants can be placed behind the breast, or behind the muscle, or a combination of both (two-plane technique).

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There is plenty of medical evidence to show that placing an implant behind the breast is significantly enhanced

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