How Much Is 72 Minutes

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Solution: The average speed of the car is `50` km/h. That is, the car travels `50` km in `60` minutes.

How Much Is 72 Minutes

How Much Is 72 Minutes

Then the car covers `50/60 ×12=10`km in `12` minutes.

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A car moves at an average speed of 50 km/h. How far does it go in 1 hour 12 minutes?

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A car moves at an average speed of 50 km/h. How far does it go in 12 minutes?

A car moving at an average speed of 72 km/hr takes 9 minutes to cover a certain distance. How much should his speed (in km/h) increase to cover the same distance in 8 minutes?

A car travels at an average speed of 60 km per hour. How far does it go in 1 hour 12 minutes?

How Much Is 72 Minutes

A car covers 48 km in 50 minutes. How much time will it take to travel 24 km at the same speed? Therefore, the Math Olympiad training book goes beyond just a set of powerful exercises, but is also suitable for those looking for the following:

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• Creative methods and creative solutions to mathematical problems: work backwards, solve logically, alternative methods, alternative methods, etc.

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105 classes of 50 minutes each X 35 weeks = 5, 250 minutes or 87.5 hours of training per year; Hours in three years 175 classes of 3 years of high school 50 minutes X 35 weeks = 8,750 minutes or hours of instruction per year or hours in three years for a total of 695 hours in 6 years

How Much Is 72 Minutes

Welcome to start class 10 seconds Break seconds Listen to songs or conversations (2 times) 1 minute Vocabulary 1 minute Face-to-face activity together 1 minute Repeat addition vocabulary 1 minute Best practice instructions 1 minute Farewell to end class. Seconds Total 6 Minutes 12% of 50 Minutes

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6 minutes 12% 50 minutes 18 minutes 72 minutes per week 648 minutes per month Less than 11 hours per year Less than 11 hours per year 33 hours per year 66 hours per year

Lack of confidence in speaking 4 Imbalanced development of skills Feeling unable to communicate in English Lack of trust in the ‘school system’ to ‘teach’ English

Increase the amount of English spoken in the classroom Encourage teachers to use more English Help teachers develop the courage to do so. communication

8 But interviews and research show that JTEs do not use English in the classroom because they lack confidence.

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Lack of language Lack of experience using language in selected contexts to “give instructions” Internal conflict with “completing” the curriculum and preparing students for exams

10 Lack of Vocabulary A large book and a tired class given to teachers to encourage English class use No time to look up words Poor usage Format / Usage No way to guarantee the correctness of word choice in an article

No Chances – English was taught through poor communication with Japanese NS (especially in situations like this) going back to their experience some were out for a teaching career.

How Much Is 72 Minutes

Interview Research study “Pilot” Language classroom task development Basic learning information Student opinion sheet Student evaluation oga Developing classroom language “Investigation” Video-recording work ‘Childhood’ self-assessment

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Understanding ‘belief’ in Japanese A survey completed by 100 elementary English teachers, Jr. More and Mr. High level interviews with 15 teachers

When teachers use English to teach English they report comfort with using English in speaking and writing when teachers use Japanese to teach English standards.

70% use English less than 50% of the time. 30% use more, use more English to learn grammar. Compliments Giving praise and encouragement Asking short and simple questions – at the beginning of class Giving feedback after a reading or discussion Giving simple instructions Contact students to check completion of an activity or rarely for understanding  Give additional information and cue students to the class .

Introductions Giving grammar information Telling students a story Giving complex instructions Translating Because students think they don’t understand or because they have less time (better) to use Japanese when they speak English.

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100% – Have a conversation in English with an ALT or a stranger (about your interests or hobbies) Write in English on a table Write in English (eg, a book, story, poem) 90% Give directions to someone who is lost on a bus Stop or have a phone conversation with an ALT/speaker at a train station 80% Read a story to students Order food at a restaurant Congratulation My students write a greeting to someone in 70% English Read an English magazine about a common man who sings English songs at karaoke

50% explain how to cook Japanese food or play a Japanese game Understand TV and radio broadcasts – news, weather, sports 40% take a school newspaper or a course in English acting or cinema Listen to English music and understand and understand an English video. , Picture to make a presentation about learning English Give a summary of the lesson Self Correct 30% Learn how to cook or decorate a cupboard from an English TV show Create a powerful presentation 20% Tell a personal story about my life studying English.

Authentic (Traditional) Non-Traditional Setting Uses somewhat complex stories or anecdotes (with supporting gestures) Has target audience authenticity Needs narration/summary Not too long Can be repeated/rehearsed without getting bored.

How Much Is 72 Minutes

7 Individual ‘learner’ notes on how they taught Interviews on what they thought of a ‘school-based’ approach to the lesson Notes on how they taught Modelling/sharing documents

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Teacher’s Name: Which Side: Student’s Name: Think about your view of GAME and explain how much you agree / disagree with the following statements: 4=Strongly Yes 3=Yes 2=No Yes 1=Strongly No. I remembered words well I remembered gestures well I combined words and gestures well I used correct and appropriate language I got off topic in a meaningful way I spoke confidently I spoke clearly I checked that my student understood the task by the words I used Be quiet well I repeated enough instructions to the student I corrected myself I often use full sentences as needed I allow the student to speak or ask questions Other things that are important to me: Next time I would like to expand / improve:

Teacher Name: Time Where: Student Name: GAME Think about learning and describe how much you agree / disagree with the following statements: 4= Strongly Agree 3= Agree 2= Disagree 1= Strongly Disagree. Teacher… many words… repeat using different words… encourage and praise me… use it thoroughly

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