How Much Is 508 Seconds

How Much Is 508 Seconds – 2021 Peugeot 508 PSE launched in Germany – priced at RM328k, same price as BMW 545e

The 2021 Peugeot 508 PSE has been officially unveiled in Germany. The price of the sedan model starts from 66,640 euros (RM328,000), while the station wagon model starts from 67,940 euros (RM334,500). This means Peugeot Sport Engineered models cost more than the Mercedes-Benz E 300 e PHEV (€59,970 or RM295k after conversion) and close to the BMW 545e xDrive, starting at € 70,000 (RM345k).

How Much Is 508 Seconds

How Much Is 508 Seconds

It may be a lot of money for Peugeot, but it has to come down to some numbers. The 508 PSE is a high performance car (D-segment) powered by a 1.6 liter turbocharged inline-four petrol engine with direct injection. It alone produces 197 hp at 6000 rpm and 300 Nm of torque at 3000 rpm.

Peugeot 508 Range Updated For 2022 With Styling And Trim Tweaks

The internal combustion engine is assisted by two electric motors. The engine at the front axle produces 110 hp and 320 Nm of torque, while the rear unit produces 113 hp and 166 Nm of torque. In total, the PHEV system produces 360 hp and 520 Nm, with all-wheel drive.

An eight-speed automatic transmission sends primary drive to the front wheels, and at full speed, the 508 PSE accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5.2 seconds, 80-120 km /h in 3.0 seconds, and standing sprint in 24.5 seconds. . The top speed with full electric power is 250 km/h, or 140 km/h in electric mode.

Currently, the E 300 is powered by a larger 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 208 hp and 350 Nm, combined with a single electric motor (included in the 9G-Tronic transmission) for a total system output of 312 hp and 700 Nm. This allows the E-Class to run to the century mark in 5.7 seconds. On paper, the 508 PSE is faster, but the E-Class has a larger 13.5 kWh battery (50 km e-range) compared to the 508’s 11.5 kWh unit (42 km e-range).

In the BMW camp, the range-topping 545e xDrive uses a 3.0-liter inline-six gasoline engine that produces 282 hp on its own, paired with an 80 kW electric motor (108 hp ) for an output of 389 hp. Maximum torque is 600 Nm, while the eight-speed Steptronic transmission sends the drive to all four wheels.

All New Peugeot 508 Coming To Malaysia, Ckd By Q2 2019

As the most expensive of the three here, it should be the fastest, needing just 4.7 seconds to complete the race of the century. The battery size is 12 kWh (the same as the 530e), which BMW says can provide up to 57 kilometers of pure electric range. So what do you think about the prices of the 508 PSE in Germany?

It’s a common belief that fun cars aren’t fast, and fast cars may not always be fun. Matt advocates the cleanliness and simplicity of manual gear change when faced with impending doom. Matt is not handsome. It should never be hot.

Previous Article: 5 Things Many Malaysian Drivers Do But Shouldn’t! Next Post: Tesla’s Autopilot won’t achieve autonomy – Few WaymoConcept cars will turn into fully autonomous vehicles. Looking boldly at the other end, negative things like safety regulations and practicality criteria have to be met, and that means that the initial design is very watered down.

How Much Is 508 Seconds

Ate when they took the covers off their new 508 fastback, and we loved them. When the 508 nameplate returns to the world market, it’s simply amazing.

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Is this a great sign of good things to come from the French automaker in the future, or is it just a flash in the pan?

Peugeot – a brand synonymous with wild road machines, including wild concept cars that have been downgraded in recent years to cars that seem to walk. The previous generation 508 was also a bit clumsy and had the same kind of power as soap.

It’s all changed with this new model, which looks straight out of a cyberpunk setting. The muscular and low-slung look is very reminiscent of the 2017 Instinct shooting brake concept car, right down to the front fascia that is noisy and aggressive, as if the car is ready to shoot at all the time.

It also features LED taillight elements front and rear, as well as distinctive “fang” headlights that wrap around the diminutive grille. Wild, true.

Peugeot 508 Pse Revealed As The Brand’s Most Powerful Road Car Ever

However, there is something off about its design. I think this is a more mature interpretation of the 406 sedan from the early 2000s, made famous by the Taxi movie franchise. Both cars are in a state of aggression and it is new to see the Peugeot 2022.

In addition to its sporty design, this top model 508 is very functional, thanks to its fast character. With the fully open rear lid and glass, you can store up to 487 liters of cargo. With the rear seats folded, the space increases to a total of 1537 litres.

Stepping inside, Peugeot’s vision for the future continues. It’s a combination of Nappa leather and soft touch plastics, with driver-focused changes as a breeze. The piano-shaped buttons are very familiar, and so are the unusual ones. And in terms of door cards, the 508 is a simple light bulb.

How Much Is 508 Seconds

The space in the room is very large in front. Both the driver and front passenger enjoy plenty of space, thanks to power-adjustable seats and mechanical armrests. There was a massage for them,  they found it useful.

Peugeot 508 Pse

HVAC settings can be controlled via the 8-inch center touchscreen, though I like dials and buttons.

Peugeot’s controversial i-Cockpit element is present, with an angled (and small) steering wheel just below the 12.3-inch digital instrument panel. The idea is to see the screen directly on the wheel, which may not suit some drivers. Personally, I don’t really want to do that, but some colleagues are very clear about this “reinventing the wheel”, literally and figuratively.

The back room isn’t very pretty. Despite the 508’s 2.8m long wheelbase, there is plenty of legroom for adults at 1.75m on each side. The seats are also very comfortable, with two rear AC fans to cool the passengers and USB ports to charge various devices.

Although the steering feel is somewhat controversial, the Pug is very responsive and well-weighted, making it a great handling vehicle. It’s easy to navigate in tight parking spaces, with minimal blind spots.

New Peugeot 508 Coming To Malaysia In Q2 2019

The 508’s powertrain, a 1.6-litre turbocharged inline-four, makes 178bhp and 250Nm of torque, which is more than enough power for Singapore’s roads. And the skirt sounds really good, not bad at all. From zero to one hundred is less than nine seconds.

Despite its sporty appeal, the 508 is best driven as a cruiser rather than a full-on performance machine. The suspension is comfortable, easy to take bumps, but soft and slow in corners, body roll is noticeable. Peugeot is good with rubber, fitting the car with a set of Michelin PS4 235/45/R18 tires.

The eight-speed EAT8 torque converter gearbox from Aisin is specially designed for smooth driving. When pushing hard, we noticed confusion during gear changes, especially from first to second.

How Much Is 508 Seconds

However, fuel economy is amazing. After a few days of driving, we were returning 17 km/l, just a hair wide from the official figures.

Peugeot 508 Sw Hybrid Running Costs, Insurance, Warranty & Tax

Safety is also top notch, with the 508 achieving five Euro NCAP stars. In addition to six airbags as standard equipment, it also has a suite of active safety features, such as blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning, lane departure warning and cruise control. .

This is a major overhaul of the Peugeot line and a return to its sporty roots. The 508 fastback is not only technologically advanced, but also well packaged and good value for money. And even with reservations about certain elements, such as the polarizing design of the i-Cockpit, the 508 is a stunning car that deserves your attention and consideration.

Don’t get me wrong; the excitement and enthusiasm associated with Peugeot’s golden years is back, and the 508 is the perfect example of that.

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Concept 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered Is A Sharp Clawed Feline Awaiting Release

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How Much Is 508 Seconds

Mid-size sedan/hatchback – or Fastback, as the company calls it –

Peugeot Sport Engineered

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