How Much Interest Will Pablo Receive From His Investment

How Much Interest Will Pablo Receive From His Investment – “It is full of errors,” he said. That’s Juan Pablo Escobar’s verdict when asked about the hit Netflix show Narcos, which tells the story of his father, the infamous 1980s Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

But instead of complaining about the show’s brutal portrayal of his father, who was shot dead by police in 1993 and ended his career as America’s top cocaine dealer, he believes the reality is much darker.

How Much Interest Will Pablo Receive From His Investment

How Much Interest Will Pablo Receive From His Investment

My father was much crueler than he appeared on the show. “He terrorized the whole country,” said Escobar’s eldest son, now called Sebastian Marroquín.

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I am like Benjamin Button in this series I’m getting younger and younger: I finally look like Sebastian Marroquin, about eight years old, the son of Pablo Escobar.

“You have to be responsible for telling this story. There are thousands of victims in Colombia who deserve respect. This show creates a culture where it’s cool to be a drug dealer. Young people from all over the world write to me saying they want to be a drug dealer and asking me for help. . They write to me as if I am selling a ticket to enter this world,” says the angry Moroccan.

But what bothers the 39-year-old most about the Netflix version of her father’s life is that it claims to be realistic.

“It doesn’t show moments of loneliness, fear, anxiety and terror. The violence was much worse than the show suggests. I’m not proud at all, but we have to be serious,” Marroquin said. Rejected by Netflix, work as a program consultant, a A role that would allow him to give first-hand information about a virtual civil war in Colombia, which began in the late 1980s after the rival Cali drug cartel launched an offensive to control the lucrative cocaine trade.

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Escobar’s son provides a concrete example of how he believes the program went wrong “We didn’t live a life of luxury when we were running. I wish there were houses with swimming pools that you see in the series. And we weren’t surrounded by gangsters. We were very lonely, because everyone betrayed [Escobar] or took himself in or was killed.”

He was much more cruel than he appeared on my show Sebastian Marroquin landed in an entire country

The son of the man who once controlled 80% of the cocaine going into the U.S. also describes an unrelenting life. “Sometimes we’d buy a house and then have to move that night and the money goes down the drain. We always travel with our eyes closed. So, my father always said, we can’t leave him if we’re caught and tortured,” Marroquin said. Explained.

How Much Interest Will Pablo Receive From His Investment

“He didn’t even use a phone,” said Marroquin, who wrote a book about his father and now works. The second, which focuses on the last months of the drug dealer’s life when he was no longer with his family

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“To begin with, I wasn’t a child. I’m like Benjamin Button in this series. I’m getting younger and younger. At the end I think I’m about eight years old. But I was 16 when my father died. I knew everything. He always told me. Said he was a thief and a gangster. We were watching TV and he didn’t hesitate to tell me, ‘I planted that bomb.’ And we’ll argue. This.”

Marroquin compiled a list of 28 serious mistakes made by the creators of the Netflix series, including a writer who supported the soccer team Escobar and the false inclusion of a scene where the gangster grew up in Medellin. Bills burned to keep the family warm

“I once said in a documentary that we were starving when we were surrounded by millions of rupees. And it’s true. Once we were surrounded by the police and had no food for a week. I said then that the money was just to throw away good things. But we did that. I didn’t.

Marokin claims that his father killed himself once when the police surrounded him, and that he and his mother had to negotiate with the Cali Cartel to avoid being killed. “They told us that we had to stay out of the country. They demanded that we hand over all our possessions as spoils of war. They knew how much money my father had. The message was simple: if we hide even one coin. They would kill us. Like this. We have saved our lives

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Investigators did not believe the story, and Marroquin’s mother spent two years in prison on charges of embezzlement. Morocco himself spent 45 days behind bars before being acquitted of any crime. He then moved to Buenos Aires, where he lived in relative peace, or so until the Netflix show sparked interest in his story.

Escobar’s son says he’s not interested in restoring his father’s reputation and instead just wants people to live the truth as they know it.

“Let’s not lie. My father killed 3,000 people. There’s enough violence, explosions and terror in true stories. We don’t need creative writers to have sex with lies.” “Our goal can only be achieved through the vehicle of a plan, in which we must believe strongly and in which we must work strongly. There is no other path to success.”

How Much Interest Will Pablo Receive From His Investment

“There is no such thing as abstract art. You always have to start with something. Then you can remove all traces of reality.”

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“The thought of research often led painting astray and the artist lost himself psychologically. Perhaps this was the main fault of modern art. The spirit of research poisoned those who could not fully grasp all the positive aspects. The elements of modern art and tried to paint them as invisible and therefore indelible.”

“They speak of naturalism against modern art. I would like to know if anyone has ever seen a work of naturalistic art. Nature and art, being two different things, cannot be equated. Through art we express the idea of ​​nature. It is not. Velázquez in his He left us his idea of ​​the people of the time. What he painted was certainly different, but we cannot conceive of Philip IV in a different way from what Velázquez painted.”

“When art critics get together they talk about form and structure and meaning. When artists get together they talk about buying cheap turpentine.”

“Cubism is not a reality that you can hold in your hands. It is like a perfume, in front, behind, on the side, the smell is everywhere but you don’t know where it is coming from.”

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The century is associated with pioneering Cubism with Georges Braque, who also invented collage and made important contributions to Symbolism and Surrealism. He saw himself primarily as a painter, although his sculpture was highly influential, and he also explored various fields such as printmaking and ceramics. Finally, he was a famous charismatic figure; His multiple relationships with women not only permeated his art but also dictated his course, and his behavior came to epitomize the modern bohemian artist in modern fiction.

I paint things as I think they are, not as I see them. And he was engaging with Braque on Cubism, or spending time with poets he admired, or he loved and aspired to, what he was seeing and looking for new ways to represent, Picasso said. His life is a virtual progress of modernity

La Sap is characteristic of some of Picasso’s Blue Period, and was produced at the same time as other paintings dealing with themes of poverty, old age and blindness. The painting conveys some of Picasso’s preoccupation with the tragic conditions he saw as he grew older in Spica, and was undoubtedly influenced by the religious paintings he grew up with, and perhaps especially by Greco. But the image is also typical of the broader symbolic movement of the time In later years, Picasso dismissed his Blue Period work as “nothing more than emotion”; Critics mostly agreed with him, although many of these paintings are iconic and, of course, now incredibly expensive.

How Much Interest Will Pablo Receive From His Investment

Gertrude Stein was a writer, close friend and supporter of Picasso and an integral part of his growth as an artist. This portrait, in which Stein wears his favorite brown velvet coat, was created a year before Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and marks an important stage in the development of his style. Contrast the flat view of images and objects in some

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