How Much Does Skydiving Cost In Colorado

How Much Does Skydiving Cost In Colorado – We get it right – yes, kids can go skydiving! Countries including Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and the United Kingdom allow all children under the age of 18 to skydive. However, you will notice that most skydiving centers – well all in the US except us – do not do this. Here at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, we have established a strict protocol that follows Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) laws, and have taken nearly 500 children ages 7 to 17 since we opened in early 2017!

Unfortunately in skydiving there is no guarantee of safety. However, we do what we can to reduce as much risk as possible to make such an extraordinary opportunity possible here in the United States. According to statistics, tandem skydiving has the best safety record with 0.003 deaths per thousand skydivers in the last decade of the sport. According to these numbers, it is more likely to be struck by lightning or win the lottery!

How Much Does Skydiving Cost In Colorado

How Much Does Skydiving Cost In Colorado

Children have many other wonderful opportunities to do extreme sports such as motocross, skateboarding, horse riding, skiing and more at a young age. We also feel that children are the future of our skydiving sport. We were very lucky to have some great kids who wrote essays about their jumps to overcome bullying at school. Skydiving gives children the opportunity to know that they can do great things, gain confidence and energy!

Skydiving Weight & Age Limits

At Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, we allow children from seven (7) to seventeen (17) to skydive! We have specially built harnesses and jumpsuits with adjustable googles so that they too can get the full experience of skydiving!

Good question! Since we are the only skydiving operation in the US that allows people under the age of 18 to skydive and take on the added responsibility, there are a few things to keep in mind before booking:

This is a great decision and a great day! We want to help you organize a successful and fun day for your children’s extraordinary day! Here’s a checklist to prepare for your child’s skydiving day:

We know this is a big decision and we respect parents who do their due diligence when they want their children to go skydiving. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help! We get it – the thrill of skydiving is so fascinating, but…it comes with a price, right? Yes, we get it right, skydiving is an expensive sport. The additional costs of using aircraft, rising fuel prices, overhead, instructors, the equipment itself (parachutes, reserves, AAD, containers, jumpsuits, helmets, altimeter…), maintenance of the equipment and more! It may seem like an overwhelming amount of money, but the great thing about this sport is that there are many ways to make it affordable, and it’s not all up front. So what is the price for skydiving?

Can You Skydive Alone For Your First Time Jump?

The price of tandem skydiving varies from skydiving center to skydiving center and from region to region. The average tandem skydive is about $200.

Again, each skydiving center has its own program. Wherever you go, you must complete the United States Parachute Association’s ground training, air skills, minimum 25 jumps, canopy flights and landing requirements to obtain your first basic license called an “A-License”. The average cost of learning to skydive to get your license is approximately $2,875.

It usually comes as sticker shock when people see the costs involved, but one thing to keep in mind is that these costs are usually broken up into packages and over time.

How Much Does Skydiving Cost In Colorado

Here’s more information about Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, and be sure to check out our reviews! As we say here, Ultimate Skydiving Adventures – we train skydivers!

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By Ultimate Skydiving Adventures |2021-09-02T22:07:08+00:002. September 2021|Learn Skydiving, Tandem Skydiving|Comments on How Much Does Skydiving Cost? Foreign equipment lines the walls and pictures of clothes for paratroopers making their first jumps. The world of skydiving is exciting from the moment you think about jumping from a plane, to the moment you set foot on the center of skydiving. We at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures welcome you to this incredible sport of Colorado skydiving and we want to make sure you have a mega experience. Here we answer some of the biggest questions you didn’t know to ask about skydiving before you arrive!

Pretty simple. In tandem skydiving, we choose a glide landing (stop landings are a bonus). This is because landing with four legs is a lot like a 3-legged race and both riders have different ideas about what to do. The butt slide is the most practical tandem landing and is quite common. Our landing area is a patch of dirt, so wearing a jumpsuit will keep you clean and well protected from the elements. If it’s cold outside, a jumpsuit adds an extra layer to keep you warm. Plus – wearing a jumpsuit while skydiving is cool!

First things first. As a tandem rider, you ride in front of your instructor. If you wear a hard shell helmet, you have the potential to hit your instructor in the head! For safety reasons, you don’t want to wear a hard-shell helmet.

That being said – people with long hair – make sure you tie your hair back in braids, a tight bun or ponytail with reins!

Ultimate Skydiving Adventures

If you’re thinking about becoming certified skydiving, there are a number of hard-shell parachute helmets available. Many experienced skydivers choose to wear full-face helmets to protect the noggins, to include audible altimeters in the many interior pockets, and to allow for a quieter fall. However, there are open face helmets where you will wear goggles, and/or a soft helmet that covers them called a frappe hat (although the option is less popular).

Generally speaking, to jump any type of camera, it is recommended to have a lot of experience. Skydiving is definitely a fun sport and yes, it’s a sport you want to document and share with your friends. But skydiving is still a dangerous sport, and as a tandem rider you have a big job to fall steadily.

And keep the focus of your instructor for safety reasons. It also requires experience so that you are not distracted from your main goal: to get to the ground safely. The national organization has learned from experience and made a recommendation that riders should have a minimum of 200 jumps and qualified training before using a camera during skydiving.

How Much Does Skydiving Cost In Colorado

, they can jump with a camera to capture your skydiving! We use high definition cameras that are exceptionally clear and steady to bring your skydiving to life! Your video and photo package will be ready the same day as your jump (or late morning) via a Dropbox link, so you’ll have digital masters to share! Check out our prices HERE!

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You know, we never gave it much thought until many of our past customers asked! And many of them asked! We use the Cessna 182 and climb the floor to height. We sit rear facing because it’s a more comfortable ride, better weight and balance for the plane to take off and fly, and it’s easier to get out of the plane in that configuration.

Good question! Yes, we get a lot of this. In fact, we asked the same question when we were new!

When we skydive, we fall belly-to-ground. When we fit you in the harness, it is usually upright and then we get you to practice arching your body position. If the harness fits you well in this position, it will fit well in freefall. When we sit, we do the exact opposite of what we do in the sky and the harness will feel loose. When you connect with your instructor, it will feel good again.

Worry about wearing your glasses for the jump! Do not be afraid! It’s easy to lose track of your glasses, so we attach them to the back of your harness so they don’t get lost. Finally, we only put on the goggles just 1-2 minutes before the jump door opens for skydiving. Putting them on early just clogs them up and adds a level of stress and discomfort. An instructor’s job is to make sure you have what you need for the jump and goggles because you are part of this checklist. So don’t be alarmed if they don’t offer them to you until – it seems – at the last minute.

Where To Bungee Jump In Colorado

Lifting your feet for landing helps prevent you from landing too early or getting your legs tangled with the instructor’s legs. The parachute has propulsion and it is instinctive to reach down to have your feet firmly back on the ground. But most of the time, as beginners, it is difficult to judge what this point is, and often students come down too early. Doing so has resulted in heel, ankle and leg injuries. When you lift your legs, he clears the space for them to maneuver their legs while you both touch down. In short, it’s for safety.

Ideally, everyone wants to land on their feet with skydiving.

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