How Much Does Retractable Seating Cost

How Much Does Retractable Seating Cost – The other day we were discussing the possibility of creating a comprehensive guide to the specification of retractable seats for our customers. Probably not, we concluded; our retractable systems are so cheap that the options and combinations available are amazing!

However, the discussion revealed that there are a few questions that come up again and again, to which we provide brief answers below.

How Much Does Retractable Seating Cost

How Much Does Retractable Seating Cost

However, if you want more detailed answers to these or other questions about retractable seats, just get in touch. After all, this is our favorite topic…

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After years of trying to explain the concept, I found that the quick verbal definition of retractable chairs is “seating sections that close like a chest of drawers”! But the best way to understand retractable seats is to forget the words and watch a short video. Check out our YouTube channel for a variety of practical retractable seat plans.

For a quick estimate, you can measure your area and use our handy size and volume guide, which you can download from the databases section of our resources page.

However, we are more than happy to save you time and help you do this for free. We can provide you with a quick seating calculation and visualization based on your measurements or a detailed CAD layout drawing based on a visit and inspection.

We are experienced in spotting certain features in spaces – slanted ceilings, wrong doors and the like – and suggesting solutions, so it’s worth calling us to take a look.

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Floor compatibility is a topic that can worry professionals, but we have pull out chairs for spaces with a variety of floors. Below are the most common types of flooring:

Solid floor – good for retractable seats, but we still need to check flatness and tolerances. To ensure the efficiency of the system, we aim for a deviation of ±2mm over 2m.

Sports floors – raised sports floors are not a problem, but please tighten them around the wheel arches only. Please inquire for more information.

How Much Does Retractable Seating Cost

Carpet – We do not recommend using a carpet extraction system, but if this is unavoidable we can provide custom made running boards to be placed before opening the system to avoid damaging the carpet.

Ksnevad Farming School Project

Parquet – It is possible (although not ideal) to use retractable seats successfully on parquet, but we recommend that you check the floor tiles carefully before installing the seats to avoid damage.

Ask us if your floor is of a different structure – we can also provide you with floor load charts on request.

It’s complicated! Reclining chairs often fall under many definitions – they are not part of a building, they are not stairs, and they are not furniture.

If you need more advice on standards, just ask us. And don’t forget, we can make chairs that meet international standards.

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Be especially wary of anyone who claims a retractable system is maintenance free. All should be tested at least once a year, regardless of their severity. On the other hand, this is required in the UK under the PUWER regulations, which state that equipment must be inspected annually by a competent person and records of these inspections must be kept. But there are many other good reasons.

During the maintenance call, our engineers will make subtle adjustments to the rigs every year to ensure optimal performance – incorrect adjustments can cause wear and tear, which can lead to serious and costly damage in the long run. They will also lubricate the system and replace any small parts or connectors that show signs of wear. In addition, our experienced engineers will detect any signs of damage caused by various events, from debris under the wheels, improper operation by untrained personnel, to heavy items stored in a closed system. plan, investing in service will save you money for years to come!

We provide all seats with retractable seats, so if you would like to arrange seating services please call our after sales team.

How Much Does Retractable Seating Cost

A bolted system like ours will be delivered to your facility in what we like to describe as a “mechanic’s kit” and assembled together on site, with a welded system delivered as an assembly. Although these fiddly assemblies reduce the time spent on site a little, there are many problems with material handling and manual handling – not to mention getting them into the building!

Top 10 Questions Our Customers Ask About Retractable Seating

Another reason why we recommend screw design is that the screw system can be adjusted very precisely and precisely throughout the life of the system. These minor repairs, performed by our engineers as part of your annual maintenance, are critical to long-term system reliability and efficiency. They also protect against serious damage, wear and tear and even deterioration over time.

Also note that although “welded” may sound stronger than bolted, in reality the small amount of “give” built into bolted systems helps them handle loads more efficiently than a welded system.

The worst case systems are open, where the front beam of the platform is placed over the back row of the platform below. Metal-to-metal contact makes systems noisy and prone to wear and distortion. Our platforms connect to seven different areas; a nylon pad or roller lubricates the contact at each point. Combined with our solid deck construction, it reduces noise when opening, closing or moving between platforms.

Most towing systems (but not all) have some way of holding the lines securely when they are open. Most of them are controlled by gravity. Our key rows are gravity operated, but with more spring and more rigid construction. This ensures safe and reliable locking even in earthquake zones like New Zealand and California.

Retractable Fixed Tier Seating

Before or during the closing of the retractable system, each row of seats must be folded down on the platform, so that the seats can be stored in closed areas.

It is almost impossible for a member of the public to intentionally or unintentionally bend the Audience Systems seats. But watch out for folding seats with a foot release pedal. They can easily be released by accident or by curious children.

Of course you save a lot if you buy a system for your information, but conditions change and anything can happen!

How Much Does Retractable Seating Cost

Existing systems that are showing their age can also be upgraded – so if your decks are working well but the decks, seats, trim, fronts and/or rails are looking tired, a complete replacement isn’t always necessary.

Retractable Seating System

There are also several options to increase the seating area by adding an extra row of seats or by purchasing matching seats that can be placed down in front of the retractable platforms.

If you want to investigate further, our after-sales department carries out all types of restorations and upgrades and can give you free, no-obligation advice. Reclining seats (also known as telescoping seats) are best explained in the video. We’ve included one short video below courtesy of our friends at Strode Theatre.

There are many options for retractable seats, many of which you can view on our YouTube channel. Or, browse these pages for a complete list of system types and options.

Audience Systems has an impressive reputation worldwide for the quality and reliability of its retractable seating systems. From a large arena to a school assembly hall or a cozy studio theater, we pride ourselves on creating flexible venues to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

Automatic Retractable Floor Seating Auditoriums Event Spaces Theaters Classrooms

Prices and designs are customized for each site, and we can provide quick 3D visualization, budget pricing and flexible, BIM-compatible materials. Contact us today and we will work with you to create a unique, customized living solution.

Audience Systems retractable seats are ideal for installations where the installation only needs to be set up in one place. Simple and easy to use, telescopic platforms can be opened in an instant.

Our retractable system is designed to fit perfectly in an alcove or under a porch. Perfect for creating a smooth finish for a sheltered bleacher in a stadium or combining retractable auditorium seating with balcony seating above. Additional recessed parts of the facade look good and provide additional protection to the device.

How Much Does Retractable Seating Cost

Our mobile telescopic platform is the perfect solution for areas where flexible, multi-purpose seating is required. When the platforms are closed, hydraulic trucks, electric trucks or forklifts can be used for storage. A series of retractable blocks can be arranged into other structures, allowing for audience flexibility based on audience needs.

Retractable Seating Manufacturer

With the installation of our mobile TX telescopic platform system, it can be driven back and forth to the storage area. The system is simple and automatic

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