How Much Does Popcaan Charge For A Show

How Much Does Popcaan Charge For A Show – Popcaan denies claims by the Kingston Music Fest promoter that he was given a private jet and paid JM $22 million for his performance.

The man claiming to be the promoter of the Kingston Music Festival responds to Popcaan’s criticism on Sunday’s show. In an interview with Brandon Gonez, host Dwayne Hines responded to Popcaan, who called out the organizers of the show’s non-union. A Toronto music festival went viral on Tik Tok, as fans claimed to have bought 250 VIP tickets but wanted their money back after the fence separating the VIPs from the general public was pulled down.

How Much Does Popcaan Charge For A Show

How Much Does Popcaan Charge For A Show

In addition, the concert experience was described as the worst by some Tik Tokers, who said that the sound did not play during and after the event and that water, fans and other things were not available despite the hot temperature.

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Supporters also complained that they could not bring umbrellas or raincoats to the venue despite the storm on the day of the festival.

“Listen to what I’m saying now yuh zeet promotion team fi da concert now let me speak to you clearly. Most of my fans are angry and angry because of the promotion ah f***kery So hear what now yuh see when yuh book superstar pon show make sure oonu correct all the bullshit ok you hear!” said the dancer.

The artist added: “Listen to me again! you see all the hard working independent demos yes we pay them money they show you Oona they let me down. If they never think of them mi gah mi yard, and oonu fi knows it. “

Hines stumbled on Popcaan’s comments when he tried to get the artist out for appearing ungrateful for the advance booking.

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“We didn’t want to deal with this, but one of the circumstances, and I say that because I not only worked with Popcaan, but many years ago he gave Popcaan his first visa to enter Canada when he was doing the Sound Academy. … The second time when he played in Rebel and the third time, when he played with Spice… We gave Popcaan his chances in Canada many times,” said the devil.

Hines also claimed that he sponsored Popcaan’s flight and paid the artist a lot of money, $150,000, about JM $22 million to be exact. Instead of taking responsibility for the problems that occurred at the festival, Hines blames Popcaan for “upsetting” concertgoers.

“Now when you pay an artist 150,000 US dollars which is 22.5 million JMD… , it was not our fault,” he said.

How Much Does Popcaan Charge For A Show

He added: “Are you going to give up your money for the job you got? Remember that we have to pay our 550 workers, we are going to refund their wages because you are angry with the customers to be refunded? you can’t do that. They will have to support their family the same way you took money to support your family or friends in Jamaica. “

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Popcaan also responded to Hines immediately after the clip went viral, noting that he did not know who the person was and noting that he had paid for his flight.

“Whoever you are…huh s*ck yuh mother p***y!!! You provide the jet fi who!! I bought my own plane and paid for it out of my own pocket. Ugh makaj ugh mada. and stop trying nice things like f* *,” he wrote Popcaan.

Elsewhere in the interview, Hines said that partygoers would not be refunded because the wires were damaged, which caused the loudspeaker to malfunction.

Videos of them party-goers scaling a thin wire in the general section to get into VIP have gone viral, and while many attendees are calling the event off due to high security, Hines says fans are “thrilled” to be at the event.

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During his 20-minute interview, Hines did not accept any blame for the promoters and organizers, noting that the crowd was “very happy.”

He also said other venues have refused to host the Kingston Music Festival, but did not give a reason, saying Toronto venues are “discriminating” against “our culture.”

“Wow, how come when we put everything in place, the crowd got so excited?” he asked. “Should we change the location? And then we say, do we put an event like this on the Budweiser platform, do we put an event like this at Scotiabank? But it’s hard to make sure these places that our culture is suitable for these places and it’s amazing when I say it because it’s true, we tried.

How Much Does Popcaan Charge For A Show

He added that they were forced to hold the event in North York after being denied elsewhere.

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As for other concerns, Hines does not apologize for anything wrong, including the alleged traffic caused by the event, empty bars leading to cancellations or late start of the show.

But he says these problems are caused by crowd pushing on the fence, which caused fiber optic cables to be cut.

Meanwhile, online, fans are reacting to Hines’ statements, with host Gonez saying he attended the event but failed to notice the number of security guards present.

“If you can share the name of the business, we can stop you from supporting irresponsible people. “I don’t want to put my money into a brand like this in black or white,” said one fan.

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“The sound problems started even before the wire went down. I arrived at 2:30-3pm and the mic was just coming on. “We haven’t heard the full performance of many of the artists,” said another.

Another client also disputed Hines’ claims that his business group, Kingston Group Inc, has organized successful events in the past.

“I went to a festival in Woodbine where Mavado and Alkaline were. It was the same result. The event was flawless, artists almost did not come out due to lack of proper security. Just catch the loss and get people their money back fast! “

How Much Does Popcaan Charge For A Show

“Very disappointed in Dwayne Hinds’ response to the chaos,” wrote one fan. “He did not take responsibility and blamed the supporters. They should not want all his future events. Moreover, he had the audacity to criticize Popcaan for making it appear that he was responsible for his international success. It doesn’t taste very good. He did not help the situation. “…

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The promoter says patrons will “get paid” by attending more Kingston Group Inc events in the future.

“We would like to celebrate our success in implementing this event. We want to apologize that we were not able to deliver the festival to the standards of success that we wanted, but the success is that you stood with us in Toronto, waiting until the last minute for all the technical aspects and everything. “You’re right there with your cell phone lights on to make sure Popcaan has the biggest audience he’s ever had in North America,” Hines said. A Jamaican deejay, singer and songwriter from the Parish of St.

In 2008, Popcaan joined Vybz Kartel’s Gaza Music Empire. In 2010, he released his international hit “Clarks” with Kartel, an ode to the famous shoe brand.

In 2013, Popcaan signed to Mixpak Records and released his debut album, Where We Come From. In 2016 Popcaan signed a deal with Canadian rapper Drake’s label OVO Sound and Warner Records. Popcaan’s international hits include “The Man Only He Wants” (2011), “Everything Good” (2014), “Ova Dweet” (2016), “El Chapo” (2017) and “Family” (2017). Popcaan made his acting debut in Intt 2: The Come Up (2018).

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Popcaan has collaborated with a number of international artists, notably Drake, Jamie xx, Pusha T, Giggs, Matoma, Wale, Gorillaz and Davido.

In 2007, Popcaan went to Vybz Kartel for a local jam called “My Scheme”, where Kartel recruited a young deejay from his group Portmore Empire, they became producers and promoter. In addition to showing Popcaan the ropes of the music scene, Kartel took him to big shows like Sting and Reggae Sumfest.

Popcaan started making music for Adidjaheim Productions and in-house producer NotNice, the first person to give him creative vocals. He got off to a strong start with “Gal Wine” on the Gal Farm Riddim, “Clarks” featuring Vybz Kartel, Popcaan and Gaza Slim and other early hits including “It Nuh Work So,” “Jah Jah Protect Me,” “Gangsta”. City”, “Dream”, “Gangsta City Part Two” and “Hot Grabba”.

How Much Does Popcaan Charge For A Show

In 2011, Popcaan won the Best Music and Tertainmt (EME) Award for Best Artist and Collaboration of the Year for “Clarks”,

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