How Much Does Jaw Surgery Cost In Turkey

How Much Does Jaw Surgery Cost In Turkey – A double chin is one of the most common aesthetic problems associated with the overall aesthetic appearance of the face and neck for both men and women. Double chin aesthetic by Vassar liposuction, also known as submental lipo, is a double chin enhancement. If you have a double chin and fat in the neck area, this problem can be solved with a Vaser liposuction procedure to give the best possible results. This type of facial cosmetic procedure should result in a more youthful appearance, features and a defined profile. The neck should be defined from the jawline, there is a sharp transition from the shoulders to the head, you should get rid of the appearance of your double chin.

The best candidates for double chin liposuction are those who want an aesthetically pleasing neck area. They may also notice that excess fat reduces the shape of their cheeks. A weak jaw due to a double chin. A double chin affects both men and women, with different effects for each gender. For men, a strong and defined jawline is a universal characteristic of masculinity, so weakness in this area can make the face feminize. For women, a weak jaw can create an undefined facial appearance and a sexy neck. Because of these, everyone can be a perfect candidate for double chin problems!

How Much Does Jaw Surgery Cost In Turkey

How Much Does Jaw Surgery Cost In Turkey

During double chin liposuction, general anesthesia will be used. The surgeon makes a small incision under your double chin and removes all the excess fat in this area through liposuction. When the double chin contour is achieved, the incision will be closed.

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You may be able to go home the same day after the double chin liposuction procedure. One day after your surgery, you will be able to return to your regular routine. If you have stitches, they will be removed 1 week after the operation, and there will be no scar.

If you want to get rid of your double chin and want a sexier neck, please contact Quartz Clinic for a consultation with one of our doctors. Our team will answer your questions. You can call or whatsapp via +905442684433 Trari A.

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How Much Does Jaw Surgery Cost In Turkey

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Turkey has always attracted tourists from all over the world. With its paradisiacal landscapes, its cultural diversity and its rich history, the cradle of the Ottoman Empire is a dream destination for those who want to escape.

Over the years, the country has experienced a tremendous growth in the field of medicine and especially in aesthetic medicine. Indeed, Turkish doctors of various specialties have gained international fame for the quality of their care, but especially thanks to the progress made in their respective fields.

Due to this fact, Turkey has become a preferred destination for people wishing to undergo cosmetic surgery or any other type of surgical treatment. Patients come from all over the world and are warmly welcomed by attendants to facilitate communication during their stay.

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In addition to providing excellent quality care, Turkish clinics and hospitals offer the best prices for interventions. These are the main reasons that have pushed patients from more than 80 countries to come and get treatment in Turkey.

In addition to attendants, our partner clinics in Turkey have interpreters to ensure good communication and understanding between doctors and patients. This allows hospital staff to respond to requests from patients speaking different foreign languages ​​such as Arabic, French, English or even Russian.

With Turkey Santi, we put at your disposal the services of the best partner clinics and hospitals to treat you in Turkey. Our clinics are selected according to their skills and seriousness throughout Turkey. You can securely send a medical file in French, English or Arabic to selected clinics automatically through our platform, consult their descriptions, photos, doctors’ CVs and even our customer reviews.

How Much Does Jaw Surgery Cost In Turkey

Thanks to our multilingual staff, you can express your worries and concerns to the doctors, whether in Arabic, French, English or even Russian.

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Turkey Santi also allows you to have free consultations with our doctors through our site and benefit from personalized referrals without commitment. We take care of your first appointment with the clinic you choose in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir or Antalya.

Majority of our partner clinics have already received several prestigious international accreditations in medicine such as JCI. It is an indisputable guarantee of trust for Turkish Health to offer the best care and treatments to our customers.

You can attend to receive world-class support and care. Experienced specialist doctors and an attentive clinical staff provide you with an exceptional care experience.

In addition, our clinics have the latest technologies in various fields of medicine. Be it cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology or dental care, you get the best care delivered with state-of-the-art technology.

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With the rapid development of medical tourism, Turkey has a great competitiveness in terms of price and quality. To avoid unpleasant surprises and to choose a hospital that offers poor quality care, Turquie santé is with you to guarantee you a successful medical trip at the lowest prices.

Patients usually come to Turkey to undergo beauty or plastic treatments. This is due to the growth that the country has experienced in this field, thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as plastic and aesthetic surgery specialists.

Indeed, our partner clinics in Turkey offer the services of the best plastic surgeons such as Dr. Bulent Sihantimur. With over 21 years of experience, Dr. Sihantimur is the pioneer of many innovative methods such as cobweb lift or organic hair transplant. He has also received many awards and honors in his field, such as the best plastic surgeon in the world.

How Much Does Jaw Surgery Cost In Turkey

Eye clinics in Turkey are internationally recognized for the quality of their care. In addition, Turkish ophthalmologists enjoy a worldwide reputation due to their experience in Turkey and abroad.

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Turkish Health works with the best hospitals in Turkey specializing in the treatment of eye diseases. This is the case of Dünyagöz Hospital Group.

Dünyagöz has a chain of eye clinics in Turkey, but also in other countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Azerbaijan. He is the first to practice bionic eye implantation in the country. With clinics in the four corners of Turkey such as Istanbul or Antalya, Dunyagoz Clinic offers the best care and treatment for various eye diseases with the best technologies such as the latest lasers (LASIK, femtosecond laser…) are

Treatments offered by our partner clinics range from simple vision correction to the most critical surgeries. Among these treatments and grafts we find:

Clinics with our staff in Istanbul offer different types of dental care. This can range from teeth whitening to the placement of veneers or dental implants. These dental treatments and interventions are charged at the lowest prices by the best dentists and orthodontists in the country.

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Patients choose our dental clinics, like ESNAN Clinic in Istanbul, because they have excellent results and the certainty of a perfect smile. This is possible because of the numerous reviews of satisfied patients available on our site.

Turkey has won the trust of patients from different countries for the quality of care provided by its clinics, but also for the prices they offer. Turkey Health has received more than two patients

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