How Much Does It Cost To Bird Proof Solar Panels

How Much Does It Cost To Bird Proof Solar Panels – If you have recently installed solar panels on the roof of your home or business, you know that solar panels do not come cheap, and are profitable. best of your resources means researching bird-proof solar panel options. Going solar is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint as well as lower your monthly energy bills, but they come with a hefty price tag. I recently installed solar panels on my house in Southern California, and now that they are installed, I want to get the most out of them, and I know sure you will too. One of the most annoying things that can happen to your panel is birds. Interestingly, solar powered bird fountains are very cute.

While I love birds as much as anyone, what I hate is when they land on my solar panel and defecate on them. This can cause problems with solar panels because it can infect them and cause algae and lichen to grow. This will not only reduce the beauty of the panels, but also reduce their performance and cost you money. Before we get into the details of the cost of bird proofing your solar panels and how much it will cost you, let’s first look at some of the factors that make bird sun baking problem.

How Much Does It Cost To Bird Proof Solar Panels

How Much Does It Cost To Bird Proof Solar Panels

As one of the biggest problems for anyone with solar panels, bird control can be very difficult if you don’t take the necessary precautions. But why do birds like to land and nest on solar panels? After years of research on this particular topic, the experts at Bird-B-Gone have identified three main reasons why solar panels are bird magnets.

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First, the solar panels provide a warm environment for the birds. Solar panels are dark to capture as much photovoltaic energy as possible, and this black color has a greater tendency to heat and retain its heat. Birds are always looking for a warm place to roost and build their nest, and solar panels are often ideal.

This leads to the second reason, housing. Like other animals in the world, birds need shelter to raise their young, rest, and avoid predators. Solar panels often have gaps large enough for birds to nest, providing protection for them. In addition to protection from predators, the shade of the solar panel during the hot summer is important for birds to maintain their body temperature and get out of the sun.

The last reason birds like solar panels is that it gives them an easy way to leave their home. Almost all the solar panels are built into the roof, giving the birds the best view and 360 degrees away from their nest if they become a target for predators. Ease of access is as important to birds as anything, and it is important that the nest is safe, secure and accessible. Now that we know the reasons why birds love solar panels, let’s move on to what you can do and how much it will cost to bird proof your solar panels. .

As with all problems, there are many ways to stop birds from using solar panels as their home, but we have found two of the best options, including a More limited to choose from. Help bird-proof your solar panels at a low cost. These solutions focus on cost-effectiveness, while being as effective as possible to protect the solar panels from birds.

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The first option you have is to cover the exposed area of ​​your porch with a birdcage. Birds with fleshy feet are sensitive to sharp spots, and setting up bird guides can make it difficult to find a nice perch. In addition, this batt reduces the empty space in your roof, leaving less space for birds to nest and live in.

Ceiling studs are very cheap and you can get 3 foot long ones for less than $15. For an average roof, the cost of bird proofing your solar panels is about $200 However, it is not the most attractive, and we will not criticize you at all if you do not want to have a ceiling on your roof. Don’t worry, there are many solutions.

Our next solution is a birdcage/wire mesh cage. Basically, the net sits on top of the solar panels and prevents the birds from landing and crawling under the panels. This is better to remove the bird ends because it prevents all the birds from entering the panel, although there is a trade-off in that it requires a lot of care again. They can break or break, require field repairs or allow access to panels without you knowing that something is wrong. I think it’s a better and more stable solution than bird tips, but it’s also more expensive.

How Much Does It Cost To Bird Proof Solar Panels

The third solution, although helpful, is an addition to one of the previous solutions. The solution to this problem is to add an example of the beast to your tent. As silly as it may seem, studies have shown that adding a variation of a predator like a bird to your roof can improve bird kills. These sculptures serve as cornfield fences and scare away birds. It may not work well on its own, but when combined with other distractions that confuse the bird, the butterfly can make a quick decision, a predatory form can be made the difference.

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Replica Predators are very cheap and only cost you $20-$30. This is, of course, the cheapest and easiest, but also the best option.

Among these options, we believe that choosing wire mesh is your best bet if you are looking to protect your solar panels from birds. Although they are a bit more expensive than bird guides, they are more attractive, safer for birds, and do a better job of keeping birds away from your solar panels. laughing. They successfully penetrated the bottom of the solar panel and made the landing site unnecessary.

Overall, if you are looking for ideas on bird-proof solar panels, there are two really good options: bird netting or mesh/wire netting. Although none of these options are perfect, mesh is better in our experience. It looks better, is safer for the bird (the product can hurt the bird’s legs) and works better. This is a great product and we think it’s worth the extra money we spent on it. As a home project, these two can be done without outside help, which will save you money, but if you want to hire a professional, the cost of your solar panel can reach at least $1,000. .

Depending on the block you choose, solar panels for birds cost between $200-$500. This price, of course, depends on the size of your roof and the solar panels. equal you have.

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Unfortunately, that’s why it’s important to bird proof your solar panels before they show up and start nesting in the cracks in your roof.

According to the article, the two best options for protecting solar panels from birds are bird spikes and wire mesh, which prevent birds from entering the solar panel. laugh and the roof. All bird companions should visit a veterinarian at least once a year. – check the birds. Just like dogs and cats need to be taken to the vet every year, birds need their own vet. A zoologist is someone who specializes in birds. Not all veterinarians are qualified to work with birds, so you may need to shop around to find one. In general, avian veterinarians are certified by the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV), but not all are the same – if the veterinarian has experience in treating birds, then the board’s certificate will not be relevant.

When looking for an avian veterinarian, you will most likely find a practice that specializes in “exotics.” Call ahead to see if the office has a veterinarian who specializes in birds. So here are some questions to ask:

How Much Does It Cost To Bird Proof Solar Panels

If possible, it is best to visit the office before bringing your bird. Is the office clean? Who has a bird in the waiting room? Are the staff friendly and helpful? For some people, the vet bed is as important as the experience.

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During a bird checkup, your bird will be weighed and a veterinarian will perform a physical examination. In most cases, the veterinarian will take cultures and draw blood to send to the laboratory to test for various diseases,

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