How Much Does A Yard Of Black Dirt Weigh

How Much Does A Yard Of Black Dirt Weigh – A garden is a haven for growing grass, growing flowers and an area where the plot can enhance the appearance of one’s property. It’s right around your house…don’t wait for a yard like this! “Area” is a unit of measurement. 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet is a cubic yard. Imagine building a 3x3x3 wooden box. Filling the wooden box to the top will be one meter.

It is a universal unit of measurement. It measures the volume. Unlike a ton that measures weight. A yard weighs between 600-800 kilos (depending on the level of humidity). While a yard of stone weighs about 2,500 pounds (one and a quarter tons). Our soil/compost mix weighs about 1,800 pounds per yard because compost is much lighter than soil. A typical yard of soil will weigh between 2,200-2,400 pounds.

How Much Does A Yard Of Black Dirt Weigh

How Much Does A Yard Of Black Dirt Weigh

One cubic yard of material can be spread 3 inches deep to cover 100 square feet (10 × 10 foot area). This is a very helpful ratio when spreading mulch, as a depth of 3 inches is ideal. Knowing this allows you to have your own “mulch calculator”.

Heart And Sole: Deep In The Dirt Hiking Iowa’s Black Dirt Kingdom

The front of the house has a porch and needs mulch on both sides. The left side is about 4 meters to 20 meters (you walk and calculate because someone misplaced the tape measure again). So an area will be 80 square meters.

The other side of the porch is 4 meters by 10 meters. That’s another 40 square feet.

Finally, you walk into the planting spot in the backyard, notice the grass tickles your calf, and wonder why the landscaper left it so long.

The first planting bed had an odd shape because it was supposed to have a “natural look”. It starts out 2 meters wide and gradually grows to 8 meters wide, 5 full paces long (about 15 feet). It looks like a strange oval. You can calculate it because you are walking in several areas and if you try to measure every foot (even if you find a measuring tape), you still won’t have time because the kids have to be picked up from soccer practice soon.

Yard To You 1 Cubic Yard Black Mulch

So you determine that this area is 2 to 8 meters wide, with a length of about 15 meters. After focusing on geometry, remember that to determine the square footage of an oval, you must multiply the length times the width. Taking that result of 120, you can multiply by .8 for 96 square meters. Now you realize that’s a skinny oval and round it to 80 square feet.

Glancing at the other bed, you can honestly say it’s the same size as the one we just conquered.

So with a combined 120 square feet in the front yard and 3 planting beds of about 80 square feet each, we have a total of 360 square feet.

How Much Does A Yard Of Black Dirt Weigh

Since it is clear that a “cubic foot” will cover 100 square feet, we can safely say that we need about 3 and 1/2 meters. We asked that mulch charge us for shipping (they directly support their lovely fuel company) 4m seems to be a safe order.

My Big Dirt Bag

Now you make a mental note to order 4 yards of mulch and move on to the next part of your busy day. As you make your way down the overgrown grass toward the minivan, you fantasize about some good Samaritan spreading mulch for you. This may allow you to take a weekend to change.

Mulch is used for examples only. A yard of any material will cover about 100 square feet at a depth of 3 inches.

We made the video below for those who want to get a visual of mulch measurements and coverage.

At Grillo Services we produce and deliver bulk organic compost by truckload. Those of you who just need a little compost can check out The Little Compost Company; they produce and pack organic compost in quantities from 100 to fifty kilos. Shipping is done nationwide. Be sure to check it out if you want quality compost and need some. How much does it cost to ship soil, fill dirt or sand? $5 – $25 Filled Dirt per Yard $10 – $50 Per Yard Soil $15 – $50 Per Yard Sand

About Our Compost

The average cost of packing fill soil, topsoil, or sand is $150 to $600 per truckload for 10 to 15 yards, or $15 to $50 per yard. Installation and implementation add $200 to $400 to your cost. One yard of soil (9 to 14 wheels) is 55 square feet at 6″ deep. Get a free quote from a soil delivery service near you or see our cost guide below.

A truckload of soil, topsoil, or sand costs $150 to $600 for an average 10- to 15-foot shipment. Prices for soil range from $10 to $50 each way, fill dirt from $5 to $25 and sand from $15 to $50 each way, including shipping.

Bulk prices depend on quantity ordered, humidity, shipping rates and material quality. For smaller projects, bags of dirt fill or topsoil cost $2 to $6 per bag, while a 1-foot ball costs $10 to $30 when you haul it yourself.

How Much Does A Yard Of Black Dirt Weigh

Ground shipping charges range from $50 to $150 per trip, depending on volume, distance and difficulty of access. Some deliveries under 10 kilometers can be entered for free.

How To Mulch Your Yard

There are many types of soil available for starting new grass, planting or gardening, filling holes or promoting plant growth. You may need clean backfill dirt, clay, clay mix, sand, garden soil, or compost mix depending on your project. Check with a soil delivery service to purchase dirt or get sand and soil prices in your area.

How much dirt, soil or sand you need is usually measured in cubic meters and is the most important factor in determining your final delivery cost. When calculating dirt yards, add 5% to 10% to account for waste and spills.

To calculate the cubic yards of dirt needed, measure the length and width of your area in feet, and the desired depth in inches. Then enter this data into the calculator below to get an idea of ​​the total order.

A landscape soil covers 108 square feet at 3″ depth, and a new lawn soil covers 55 square feet at 6″ depth. For gardening, one yard of soil is 41 square feet at 8″ deep. It takes about 400 yards to cover 3 acres deep.

Black Dirt Beauty

The average commercial truck holds 8 to 12 cubic yards of dirt. A dump truck with a trailer, such as a side dump, belly dump, or tipped dump truck with a puppy trailer, holds 15 to 25 cubic yards of dirt. Each garbage truck is rated based on its cubic meter capacity.

The cost of solas soil ranges from $10 to $50 per yard depending on volume, moisture content, shipping rates and material quality. A 10- to 15-foot dump truck load of soil costs $150 to $500 for delivery, and a ½-foot ball costs $10 to $30 for pickup. For smaller projects, the cost of soil is $2 to $6 per bag or about $35 to $120 per yard.

Topsoil comes in many varieties with varying levels of organic content and can be sieved or sieved to provide additional benefits. Soil is an important factor that contributes to landscaping costs, such as soil installation and landscaping.

How Much Does A Yard Of Black Dirt Weigh

*Prices are only available in quantities over 10 meters or when purchased through a bulk supplier.

Lawn And Garden Top Dressing

Soil The top layer of soil found in the first 5 to 12 inches of the Earth’s surface is rich in minerals and nutrients. The soil is made up of various compositions of sand, silt, clay and appears black due to the high content of organic matter. The soil is used for building gardens, repairing lawns and improving drainage.

The best soil for planting or gardening has a clay texture, low water retention, is easy to work, and is a mixture of 7% to 27% clay, 28% to 50% silt, and less than 52% sand. Unless otherwise stated, the soil contains no fertilizers and may contain pesticides or other chemicals depending on the source.

Ground shipping charges range from $50 to $150 per trip, depending on volume, distance and difficulty of access (eg tight urban areas). Some quotes may include land and shipping in a price per cubic meter, while others may include it separately. Free shipping is available for distances under 10 miles.

Inexpensive protected soils cost $20 to $30 per yard when ordering shipments of 15 cubic yards or more, or $30 to $40 per yard for smaller quantities. Filtered soil increases water and nutrient retention, reduces erosion, improves drainage and aeration, and provides increased plant performance.

Black Bark Mulch

Protected soil is dirt excavated from the first foot of the earth’s surface, which is screened through a screen.

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