How Much Do Whelping Services Cost

How Much Do Whelping Services Cost – If your dog is about to give birth and shows signs that she may give birth, you need to provide her with a litter box so that she has a safe place to give birth. Dogs in labor are called “inside dogs” or “whelping”.

The litter box, or kennel as it is sometimes called, is where dogs deliver their puppies and raise them for the first six weeks of their lives.

How Much Do Whelping Services Cost

How Much Do Whelping Services Cost

All small boxes should have a bottom and four sides. The sides should be about 12 to 18 inches, with a lower opening in the front that makes it easier for the bitch to enter the box. Ideally, the box has an interior rail, called a pig rail, that runs around the four walls and is placed about four to six inches above the bottom of the box. This rail prevents the rabbit from accidentally poking a newborn puppy against the wall and getting it wet.

Whelping Box Disposable Dog Puppy Welping Boxes, All Sizes 24

The box must be large enough for the mother and puppies in all positions. It should be good enough for the mother to lie down and stretch out with room for the puppies. You can use the size of your dog’s crate as a guide. A dog that can lie down and stretch out in a 36″ or 42″ crate needs a smaller crate about 48″ on each side. Generally, about 12 inches should be added to the size. the crate they use and it may work for smaller. Check the dog breed chart for best size.

It is important for both mother and baby to stay warm, but not so warm that it can make them uncomfortable. You can keep the box at 85″ for the first two or three days and then adjust to keep the temperature at 75 to 80 degrees. You should adjust the temperature in your area. You too. Warmer climates don’t need Temperature helps because much like in colder climates and winter. Monitor the mother closely to be sure. If not comfortable, he will pant and leave the puppies, which means he may be overheated.

These boxes are expensive, but they are a good investment if you plan to be a professional breeder because they can be used many times.

In addition to buying new boxes, you have the option of looking for used boxes for sale. Some options you can look at are:

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Although not ideal, you can make your own litter box if you can’t afford a professional model. Here are some simple options to consider.

Keep in mind that none of these homemade options include an inner lining to protect the puppies from being dropped by their mothers. You must also line them with plenty of newspapers and towels for the female to use as nesting material.

If you are the DIY type and are interested in learning how to build a litter box for your dog, use these detailed printable plans for a litter box. The plan is printable and provides a complete list of supplies and easy step-by-step instructions.

How Much Do Whelping Services Cost

In addition to nesting boxes, there are other accessories that you can add to make mother and baby more comfortable and to make cleaning easier.

Whelping Box Dog Kennel Large Puppy Box Weaning Boxhigh

Now you have many options to place your dog and his litter. If you have any additional questions about pregnancy and pregnancy in general, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Whelping Service Ms. Beth adopted my dog, a litter in Georgia. I can’t believe how much time and effort he put into this garbage and all the other garbage he spewed out. Tom Atkinson – 2016

We recognize that dog owners may want to breed their rabbits, but don’t have the tools, time or experience to give their litter the best start we all want for our puppies. Dry Pond Retrievers and Kennels offer puppy sitting services for pre-approved litters each year. These litters will get the same good start that all Dry Pond Retriever puppies get from birth until they are in the hands of their new owners at 7 weeks of age.

Our shelter is located behind our house to provide the necessary care for breeding and raising litters. Our house has two separate buildings to accommodate the large amounts of waste each year. Both houses are for breeding and raising puppies. The puppy/rearing area provides a safe and calm environment for new mothers and puppies and the kennel area includes 4 climate controlled runs that can be converted into 2 separate breeding/litter areas with access to the outside breed, water on request for feeding. closets and sealed floors for easy cleaning and sanitization. In addition to the outdoor run, we have a large yard for mom and a special area for the puppies. Their focus is on cleanliness, safety and above all providing a wonderful home for the puppies before they go to their new homes. Our main goal is to provide a home-like atmosphere for your 4-legged family members while staying at Dry Pond Retrievers & Kennel.

Comment from Rhett Riddle: We could not be happier with our entire experience with Beth and her staff at Dry Pond Kennel. I run a large retriever training business and a large part of our training program revolves around litters and puppy development. We are so grateful for all the hard work, dedication and professionalism that Beth and her staff put into all the litters and heads of puppies that have gone through the dry pool program! Thank you so much for providing such a great service! Rhett Riddle

The Layman’s Guide To Whelping Puppies

Litzy’s family chose the full option plus 1 week. Litzy’s children were 1 week old when the family came to take them to be raised at home with their 4 daughters.

Litzy and her babies are adorable and the girls have so much fun playing with them and watching them grow. We can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of Litzy, raising her baby and giving a new mother and her baby the best possible start. Your house is beautiful and your advice and input during the preparation process was invaluable. We put so much time and energy into our retrievers, dogs and family members that it goes without saying that we want the best for them when raising new puppies. We are fans of Dry Pond Help Desk and appreciate all your communication, care and expertise.

Additional services and costs: Travel costs within a 20 mile radius and a 20 mile radius from the kennel.

How Much Do Whelping Services Cost

Veterinary assistance or good care during breeding, delivery or after delivery or health status of puppies or bitches.

Whelping Box Weaning Box Extra Large Dog/puppy Pen

Puppy pack with copy of applicable proof of dam and sire, title or registration of sire and dam, warranty for puppies

Current diet (takes 1 week to mix with Purina ProPlan SportAll Stages and switch to this diet)

Note from the Dakota Family: Beth and Dry Pond Kennels have been designated as my family’s breeding center. After talking with Beth, we quickly agreed that this would be the best place for Dakota Chocolate Labs to have their first litter. Beth communicated with us daily, even multiple times if we had questions. His knowledge and sweet spirit made this experience easy. Our Dakota is a challenge for her but Beth has worked hard to find a good balance. She was also able to sell all of our dogs and found some of the sweetest families who would love the puppies. We were able to meet the families and see where the puppies live so we can watch them grow. Thank you Dry Pond Kennels for a wonderful experience!! Lane & Brett Beddow

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