How Many Miles Is Bermuda From New York

How Many Miles Is Bermuda From New York – Over the past century, many ships, small boats and airplanes have disappeared in the famous Bermuda Triangle, or what some call the Devil’s Triangle. The boundaries of the triangle include the Florida Straits, the Bahamas, and the entire Caribbean island region from the eastern Atlantic to the Azores. As early as the voyages of Christopher Columbus, he noted strange compass bearings in the area.

The area got its name when Vincent Gaddis coined the term “Bermuda Triangle” in an Argosy magazine story about the disappearance of Flight 19. Many theorists have tried to explain why this region is one of the most traveled shipping routes in the world. Unusual disappearances have occurred within its borders.

How Many Miles Is Bermuda From New York

How Many Miles Is Bermuda From New York

Albert Einstein noted that the curvature of space also bends light. Some theorists believe that “time” as a force of nature can be distorted by your location. The Bermuda Triangle is a place where the fabric of time on Earth is so thin that travelers can slip through it and emerge on the other side of an entirely different time.

Things To Know About The Bermuda Triangle Of Kentucky

This theory was reinforced in 1970 when Floridian pilot Bru Gernon Jr., his father, and friend Chuck Lafayette spotted a strange elliptical cloud about 500 feet above sea level, later dubbed the electron fog, while flying over Bimini Island in the Bahamas. .

“After entering the cloud we saw a strange spectacle. It became dark and black without rain, and the visibility was about 4-5 miles. There was no lightning, unusually bright a white light lit up the whole area. As we crawled, the brightness increased, so we turned 135 degrees to the left and left the cloud. We headed south…[…] The remarkable thing is that we We weren’t 90 miles from Miami. We were farther from Miami than we should have been.

Why this theory doesn’t work: No theory has been able to disprove what Bruce saw, but there is an interesting and detailed analysis that explains the science behind Bruce Gernon’s flight. The report attributes their experiment to Sunspot 84 (which scientists observe by counting sunspots) and magnetospheric disruptions and energy flux transfers (which occur when magnetic flux occurs) to the 706 km/s large solar wind. lays Portal. An opening in the Earth’s magnetosphere allows more energy particles to flow from the Sun into the atmosphere, causing not only the malfunction of his compass, but also the warping of the fabric of space that he witnesses.

Some Bermuda Triangle theorists have hypothesized the existence of a mysterious third dimension created by unknown entities. UFO enthusiasts claim that the triangle is a “stargate” used by extraterrestrials for intergalactic travel.

Inside The Myths And Mysteries Of Bermuda Triangle Disappearances

Many believed that this UFO may have brought Flight 19 into the portal. The weather was clear that day and an experienced pilot (Lt. Charles Carroll Taylor) controlled the flight. Suddenly Taylor radioed, “We’re getting into white water, nothing looks right. We don’t know where we are, the water is green, not white.” A Navy Board of Inquiry said the planes “went to Mars.”

Why this theory does not add up: Lt. Taylor, who was piloting the plane, did not know the area and was actually 50 km away. He was lost three times during World War II and had to shoot down his planes twice.

Some believe that the legendary lost continent of Atlantis once lay beneath the Bermuda Triangle. American mystic Edgar Cayce claimed to have the ability to answer questions about Atlantis and between 1924 and 1944 recorded numerous “readings” about the lost city. Off the coast of the Bahamas is the last piece of sunken Atlantis, he said. He also mentions an island called Bimini in one of his psychic readings. There are traces of energy crystals that were once used to fuel the city. These electromagnetic forces can interfere with aircraft and ship electronic systems and are said to be lost.

How Many Miles Is Bermuda From New York

In 1968, proponents of the Atlantis theory, underwater diver J. Manson Valentine found a series of stones forming a road on the seabed, thereby proving the existence of Atlantis. I wish they would take pictures…

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Why this theory doesn’t add up: For many reasons, but Valentine actually witnessed an underwater rock formation called Bimini Road near North Bimini Island in the Bahamas. The submerged rock formation known as Bimini Road on Bimini Island in the Bahamas is by some definitions a triangle. However, geologists believe that this structure is of natural origin.

A long time ago, a cargo ship carrying thousands of barrels of beans and lentils spilled deep into the seabed of the Bermuda Triangle, and the area became a constant gas, and hapless ships and planes smelled it every time they approached. This is No. But it has been proven that there are pockets of methane gas beneath the ocean floor, called hydrates, which can explode under extreme internal pressure or in underwater landslides or seismic waves.

Some theorists suggest that pockets of this concentrated methane gas lie deep within the surface of the Bermuda Triangle. Occasional methane eruptions have released large amounts of accumulated methane in the region, causing ships to lose their buoyancy and sink. If enough flammable gas bubbles to the surface and rise into the air, it can shut down an aircraft engine or ignite from an engine spark.

Why it’s not included in the theory: US Geological Survey scientists have found large deposits of underwater hydrates around the world, but do not believe that there has been a significant amount of gas hydrates in the Bermuda Triangle for the past 15,000 years.

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The Bermuda Triangle area is one of only two places on Earth (the other being the Devil’s Sea off the coast of Japan, which has a similar mystery attached to it) where true north and magnetic north can cause questionable compass readings. Some theorists believe that the comet fell to Earth 11,000 years ago and fell to the ocean floor of the Bermuda Triangle. It is believed that this comet may have strange electromagnetic properties that could interfere with compasses and other navigational instruments.

Why this theory doesn’t work: Compasses have natural magnetic differences relative to the magnetic poles, a fact that navigators have known for centuries. Magnetic (compass) north and geographic (true) north are the same for only a small number of locations, such as, as of 2000, only locations in the United States from Wisconsin to the Gulf of Mexico. But the public may be clueless and may think there is something mysterious about a compass naturally “shifting” over an area as large as a triangle.

Other theories for the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle include pirates and government investigations. Most of the explanations today involve human error, poor weather conditions, and inconsistent traffic conditions. But who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory! Please note that we may need to reroute this route to Portland, Maine, depending on the COVID situation at the Canadian borders. We will monitor the developments and make a decision in May.

How Many Miles Is Bermuda From New York

N beautiful St. George, one of the most popular landfalls in the Atlantic Ocean for ferries to Bermuda, the Caribbean and Europe. We’ll set up Icebear for rough weather for a day or two, then head north for the 750 mile crossing to Canada.

How Long Does It Take To Sail Across The Atlantic?

This route became our trans-Atlantic route to Ireland. After a short break from Lunenburg, we continue north and east to Newfoundland, where we board a ferry and retrace our route through Arcturus, our first crossing since 2011.

The crew joins us on the eastern side of the island in beautiful St. George’s next to Town Cut, where we follow a narrow causeway to the sea. After a day of preparing the boat and crew, we head north along the reefs and point the bow towards Nova Scotia. It’s a 750-mile, open-ocean passage, all the way through the deep Atlantic, and with the remnants of the Gulf Stream, we move along the coast from the warm Atlantic water to the cold water supplied by the Labrador Current. we will negotiate.

Anchored in a beautiful harbor and only a 2 minute boat ride to the public pier. Halifax Airport is about an hour away

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