How Many Major Record Labels Are There Apex

How Many Major Record Labels Are There Apex – There are 13 frontline record labels operating in the United States, including the Nashville Channel. One of those labels, Sony’s Epic Records, was owned by a woman – Sylvia Rhone. One of them, Warner’s Atlantic Records, was owned by a woman, Julie Greenwald. Everything else, literally everything else is ruled by men. (“Front line” in this sense refers to the core brand of a large group of corporate labels, rather than print or sub-labels.)

The largest record label in the world, Universal Music Group, currently does not have a single woman leading US frontline labels, including Interscope Geffen A&M, Republic Records, Def Jam and Capitol Music Group.

How Many Major Record Labels Are There Apex

How Many Major Record Labels Are There Apex

In the UK it is a concern. Universal Music UK really has the best record in Blighty at this point, hiring a female brand manager (Rebecca Allen at Decca) and a female co-president (Jo Charrington at Capitol). UMG’s two biggest rivals, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group, don’t have a single woman among their first British brand presidents who owned historic brands like Columbia, RCA, Parlophone, Atlantic and Warner Bros. to check.

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A brief summary of the 26 most prominent brands in the United States and the United Kingdom (all owned by Universal, Sony or Warner) shows that only four female executives are active or collaborating, or only 15%. Successful female operators are rightly celebrated and routinely in the “Women In Music” industry, hitting both sides of the pond – but in record label territory, they certainly don’t end up in the middle of the corporate seat often enough.

An interesting case was highlighted earlier this month with the release of the official gender pay gap statistics from Universal, Warner and Sony in the UK. This data is made public by these companies on an annual basis and reflects the gender equality status of their UK companies as of April 5 of the previous year (in this case April 5, 2018).

The statistics fell as expected. The average gender pay gap between the three companies (i.e. the average difference in earnings of female employees compared to men) was 29.6%. Sony Music UK had the lowest average mark at 20.9%, with Universal Music UK at 29.1% and Warner Music UK at 38.7%.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest drivers of the problematic median pay gap have emerged at these companies. The Gender Pay Gap Report provides an overview of the proportion of men and women who work in four different pay scales (“quarters”) at each company. Of Universal’s highest-paid “quarters,” 73% of employees are male. At Warner 70% are men; At Sony 60% are men.

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While the average salary of men compared to women in all three groups is slightly better than the 2017 equivalent, you can understand why some people have expressed their disdain for inequality. Any “embarrassing” show.

Universal, Sony and Warner have all pledged to make significant changes in the coming years to reduce their gender pay gap and recognize that they need to do more to promote women’s talent.

Morna Cook, Senior Director of Human Resources at Universal Music UK, did not stand up to this fact. “[Our] overall pay gap is largely due to the fact that we have fewer women than men in senior positions, which is something we are committed to,” she said in the company’s annual report. Solve”. We already have some senior female executives and will continue to expand that through coaching and personal mentoring to support the development of all our future leaders.

How Many Major Record Labels Are There Apex

One obstacle to the growing proliferation of male and female executives at the top of major record labels is systemic: most brand executives still graduate in the world of signature and talent development. Known in the industry as “A&R”. For example, the industry remains gender neutral at all levels, with fewer women in other core record label departments such as marketing, advertising, PR and brand partnerships.

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Universal’s Cook notes, “[Our] title figures are influenced by the bonuses paid to senior A&R employees, a part of the music business that still includes more men than women. To address that, we are actively recruiting more female A&R staff to help our A&R team more clearly reflect the 50:50 gender segregation on our front lines.

It would be a layoff to go unnoticed by a few older women who work in the big record industry. For example, the Los Angeles-based Capitol Band includes a management team that includes the President of Motown Records (Ethiopia Hate Marim), Distributor/Service Director Caroline (Jacqueline Saturn), and CMG Operations Chief Michelle Jubelirer. All three are considered potential future leaders of the world record business. Meanwhile, Warner Music UK notes in its Gender Pay Gap report that it hired seven VP-level executives and above last year (April 17 to April 18), most of them women.

When the record industry needs inspiration in its quest to get more women into top positions, it could be worse than looking closer to home. Copy company with artist (artist); Publishers work with songwriters (composers). And looking at the music publishing world, the blog separates the healthier male and female executives from their most influential positions.

Jody Gerson, President and CEO of Universal Music Group (UMPG), the multi-billion dollar annual publishing group. She got the job in 2015, when she became the first woman ever to be named president of a major multinational music company (in an industry dating back more than a century).

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One of Universal’s largest publishing companies, Warner/Chappell of the Warner Music Group, has hired (and promoted) Carianne Marshall, Honorary Co-Chair and Global COO, to partner with A&R veteran Guy Moot. At the company.

On the other hand, the two largest music publishers in the world are now owned by female executives. It is clear that talented women can reach the most influential positions in modern music companies. But if those same companies want to avoid more embarrassing and inconvenient statistics that show future wage differentials between companies, they’ll have to make more room at the top.

Serving the global industry with information, analysis and employment since 2015. He writes a weekly column for “Rolling Stone”. Whether you are a newbie or an old expert, one thing we can agree on is that the new talent is the blood of the music industry.

How Many Major Record Labels Are There Apex

Another thing we can all agree on is that it is very difficult to achieve long-term business success as an artist. Even big brands often fail to get artists off the ground, and most modern artists will never have to invest the professional support and money upfront that they will get from a good deal. .

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So modern recorders are left to try and be the label of publishers, broadcasters and often personal music producers.

HOME is there to solve that problem. Our mission is to provide a supportive community for artist development and music production.

We can’t make it easy for you to succeed, but we can make it easier for you to understand what the steps to success look like.

As a HOME member, you are surrounded by others at all levels of career growth, and most enjoy sharing their experiences and providing support.

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It’s in everyone’s interest in the music industry to encourage the development and entry of new artists… but we don’t care about putting enough energy and resources into the training process.

As people continue to buy recordings, tapes and CDs, those labels have a surplus of generated revenue that they can invest in new artists.

Artists get signed and often make lucrative claims without existing fans. Then came digital music.

How Many Major Record Labels Are There Apex

Check out this brief timeline to get a basic understanding of the crises and developments the music industry has gone through (and probably continues to go through).

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If everyone is going to download music for free, the label will have to look for a new business model. Along the way, most independent labels have collapsed or been bought and merged into specialties.

Data now drives investment from most record labels, and digital marketing has made it possible to go straight to your fans if you have the budget and knowledge to do that business.

But first, let’s recognize that publishers, management companies, and producers have been heavily involved in artist development. Again, we all basically understand that it needs to be done, and most of us are eager to find it. Find a new artist.

HOME is designed to be accessible to independent artists while collaborating with the rest of the development ecosystem such as record labels, publishers, artist management, agencies and most importantly producers.

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If you want to achieve something big, you need a team. Not all artists will look the same, but at HOME

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