How Long Was 49 Weeks Ago

How Long Was 49 Weeks Ago – I’m feeling like a soft flibbertigibbet these days, so think of this as a short attention span sample. Here are a few small and big things about my broken mind.

At an election meeting with some climate organizations, a few weeks ago, I played the role of the green grouch. There has been a suggestion that our next federal election will be about justice and fairness and compassion. I wish it were, but spend too much time reading Facebook comments (don’t!) to believe that voters will be motivated by justice. And with a few weeks to go, and the rise of populism, I’m afraid I’m right.

How Long Was 49 Weeks Ago

How Long Was 49 Weeks Ago

Last week I heard Felicia Wong on the Ezra Klein show. He summarizes Joe Biden’s plan for America as follows: We want a

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The economy is very good. So simple. But do these words translate into something people can vote for? I’m not sure. I have thought about our current electoral thinking here in Canada as

. When people feel threatened, they tighten and strengthen their abs, even if, when they feel free, they care more about the cleanest things and low carbon and low carb. It’s just that you can’t pay attention to these things when your heart feels vulnerable. And with COVID, housing inefficiencies, and a host of other fears competing for the upper hand, have been hammered home. It is a practical defense.

The key is to remember that even when the weather is the main polling issue (and it is, according to current polls!) it isn’t!

Voting issue. Focusing too much on climate concerns will lead to more disappointment on election day. And, not because people don’t care, but because bread is something you need faster and more seriously than building restoration. This means that we need to design a world where people can get their bread and greens.

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More people are worried about the weather than they are. More people want to do something than don’t want to. And this trend grows by the millisecond. That’s why climate news headlines that don’t emphasize these levels are false. To know, this

As a journalistic source, you can say that disrespect should be the main goal, and that a headline that highlights the negative or the positive would be correct in the case of this data. But if the goal of journalism is to share relevant information, the relevant information here is that the overwhelming preference for climate action grows with each poll. That’s why highlighting a persistent but unchanging minority view seems like bad journalism. Regarding the weather, it is our duty to call it when we see it because the principles that define it are very powerful.

In the most famous example in behavioral science, the Petrified Wood Principle, Robert Cialdini showed how promoting bad behavior encourages people to behave that way. He told the people that there are too many people who took wealth from the destroyed forest and were encouraged

How Long Was 49 Weeks Ago

People steal wood. Despite the fact that this is not a common method and many people do not steal. In other words, highlighting something increases its general power. That’s why insisting that some people don’t care about climate change is just silly.

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(The funny thing is that a few tweets were all it took for the Globe to rewrite its headline!!)

Very good. It says that the term climate concern is amorphous and too white. Climate anxiety in this context is sad, where for many people, especially those who are at the forefront of climate impacts in other parts of the world, climate anxiety is rage.

Experts in a variety of fields, from science communication to the effects of climate change on health, say the term misses the complexity of the situation. By painting the psychological experience of climate change in such broad terms, it excludes stigmatized voices. Instead, they call for a dynamic discussion of climate change and mental health, one that focuses on the experiences of white and wealthy communities. “It’s basically colonialism,” Barnwell said. “By feeling sorry for others, we miss what is happening politically in the world in different communities.”

I like the new vocabulary proposed by Australian professor Glenn Albrecht in his upcoming book. Words like “earthfury”, the deep anger felt at the destruction wrought by industrial and technological society. Albrecht also coined solastalgia, a term I’ve long loved, which describes the feeling of love and sorrow we feel in the face of changing weather.

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4. I don’t really have four, but the lists will come in three or five, so here’s a doodle of an unfinished watermelon.

Hi, I tell my brother-in-law that his fancy artisan meat from a Montreal butcher has yet to reflect the social cost of carbon. Why?

). Like Chopin, charcoal convos require a gentle touch, a romantic atmosphere and hours of practice. When we gather to talk about the climate, there is an added benefit: freedom. In air cafes from all over the world, people chat, drink and drink. Yes

How Long Was 49 Weeks Ago

Kilmer said she was surprised by how happy she felt at the end of the first climate coffee she attended. “Even though I cried tears, I was in touch with strong emotions, there was a sense of relief that I could share with someone,” he said.

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Indeed. We are afraid to speak. But talking opens up a lot. And it makes us better speakers. This is the impetus for two efforts that I hope are worth your time:

Our climate partnership course is now open for registration. An online adventure for women involved in Ontario (although no one will be held accountable!). We promise a fun series of discussions and creative exercises to help you gain confidence and find a climate community. You can register as an individual or as a group.

Will organize online training to help talk about the weather! Our Climate Action Facilitator training will help you develop your skills as a team leader and community climate leader. During the training, you will join a small group of 6-12 participants to learn about the psychology of climate change and behavior change. Practice team facilitation skills and learn to manage your own

What’s going on? Are they fixed or broken? Do you have a weather neologism? Do I have a good or bad weather phone? As always, let me know!

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I got a lot of feedback. Turns out being a cruel judge has a little to do with it, ha. Such wisdom, thank you thank you! Love this bit of behavioral science about how we aren’t the best judges of judging other people. Thank you Nathan!

As for what people really hate about preaching, I thought this piece was pretty amazing – we found out that religious people (obviously like climate activists?) tend to think that non-religious people hate public prayer and are grateful. to be talked about their religion or invited to pray together, when in fact it is completely the opposite… At least, we are not the first group that had an unpopular message that we think will save everyone. Maybe we own the strangeness of worship, maybe with the abundance of “prayer” in the margins?

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How Long Was 49 Weeks Ago

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How Long Was 49 Weeks Ago

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