How Long To Ship From Florida To California

How Long To Ship From Florida To California – Kitesurfers Ken Ariel and Cindy Pooler bought a new Princess F50 during the shutdown to live in San Francisco. Just one little problem: the boat they bought was in San Remo, Italy…

Regular readers may remember that in December 2020 we wrote about the search for and eventual purchase of the Princess F50 that would become our new houseboat in San Francisco.

How Long To Ship From Florida To California

How Long To Ship From Florida To California

There were very few F50s for sale in the US at the time and since Europe had recently shut down and the dollar was rising in global forex markets, we got a great deal on a European stock boat. That left only one small problem, our new boat was in San Remo, Italy and we were 6,000 miles away in the US.

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It wasn’t until September 2021 that we were finally able to travel to Sanremo and take possession of our new Princess F50, which we call

In honor of the street where we live. Now we have to find a way to get our new houseboat to San Francisco.

Buying the best shipping company paid off. We ended up working with Peters & May’s Ft Lauderdale office. They provided excellent service and their prices were almost 50% lower than the competition.

The transport was to be done in two stages, first to Florida and then to Ensenada, Mexico. We decided to keep it

Container Ship In Port Of Miami Editorial Stock Image

For a few months in Florida where we can enjoy it with friends and family in the area and a cruise to the Bahamas.

Eventually, Octavia was named after the San Francisco street they lived on. Photos: Ariel Poller and Princess Italy

Princess Yachts Italia was responsible for transporting the yacht to Genoa and loading it onto a cargo ship. Unfortunately, bad weather delayed the cargo ship for almost two weeks. It was very frustrating because we had to postpone our trip to Florida several times. We follow the ship’s progress through maritime traffic.

How Long To Ship From Florida To California

We were finally given a firm date and traveled to Ft Lauderdale to pick her up. To our surprise, when we showed up at the wharf, we were told to board the cargo ship and prepare our boat while it was still at the wharf.

Odyssey Of The Seas

And they stayed to go and walk inside the big ship. We had to go down three flights of stairs in a very narrow vertical staircase and finally found it. Preparing the boat only requires turning on all the battery switches.

Then we went to the upper deck of the ship and waited for the crane to be raised

From the hold, take it to the side of the cargo ship and lower it halfway so we can jump in the ship and the rest of the way down to the water and be on our way.

Finding a good marina in Miami was a challenge. Most of the marinas are on the intracoastal and although they look very close to the ocean on the charts, the bridges and no-sail areas mean it takes a good hour to get anywhere we can kitesurf.

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After repeated calls to various marinas in the idyllic Key Biscayne area, we lucked into a beautiful getaway in the lovely town of Coconut Grove. We had direct access to the best area for kite flying and wing flying, and a great setting close to two yacht clubs, good restaurants and a supermarket.

The highlight of our time in Florida was two trips to the Bahamas. Over Thanksgiving we went on a scuba diving course with our three kids at Chubb Cay. We were careful to sail in the Gulf Stream on days with little wind, so we were able to average 26 knots in close seas.

The 70-mile stretch between Bimini and the Barry Islands was surreal, sailing in a pristine turquoise pool only 10 feet deep. It was impossible to go that fast in such shallow water but we trusted the charts and soon got comfortable.

How Long To Ship From Florida To California

We spent most nights in marinas, but also spent some magical nights at anchor. In February we went with some friends to Abaco, looking for some swell that we could surf.

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We can’t anchor with surf spots, but Abaco is so narrow that it only takes a 5 minute blast on our Williams Jet Tinder and a 10 minute walk to the beach with surfable waves. Beautiful water made for some surfing.

We saw lots of sharks in the Bahamas, including a school of reef sharks that swam with us while we were diving. However, we learned to be careful inside the marina as the sharks come to feed on the fishing boats.

At the Chub Kai dock a frantic man came running and yelled at me to get out of the water. The shark I had seen earlier and assumed was a Mellow Reef shark was actually an aggressive bull shark. It was a close call!

Williams’ offering proved invaluable in reaching isolated surf spots such as Tahiti Beach at Elbow Cay, Bahamas.

The Busiest Port In The U.s.

While in Coconut Grove we also took several day trips to an anchorage in Key Biscayne. There is a wonderful seafood restaurant, Boater’s Grill, accessible by volunteers, and some great places to get your fill of wings. We also entertained friends and family in our slip right on the flybridge.

We experienced some teething problems with the boat in Florida. Fortunately, we can fix all this with the support of the respective dealers and under warranty. The most serious problem we had was the hydraulic tender platform getting stuck in the down position on a nearby anchor on Sunday afternoon.

It was necessary to gradually return to the skid and wait the next day for the technicians to come to replace a broken sensor. There is no better way to identify a system on a boat than to repair it after it fails.

How Long To Ship From Florida To California

Through the Panama Canal to another cargo ship bound for Ensenada, on the west coast of Mexico, where we picked it up two weeks later. There was no swell we could surf, so we decided to go to San Diego that same day.

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After two hours of bureaucracy at customs, we were on our way. The seas were calm but the air temperature was unusually cold, so we took advantage of the Musto brand jackets left on board by Princess Italia.

We may not have been able to surf, but we soon discovered that our swim was perfect for the local dolphins. They seem to really enjoy surfing it, reminding us of Wing Fowler surfing after cargo ships enter San Francisco Bay.

Near San Diego, the US Coast Guard asked us to stop so they could join in with their offer. They were very kind and welcomed us to America after checking our documents.

We stayed at the very nice Southwest YC in San Diego. We spent the next day washing the boat, getting supplies and dealing with some minor maintenance issues.

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The next day we went to San Onifer. We heard it was a popular spot for foil surfing. Unfortunately the break was very crowded with regular surfers and the weather was unseasonably gray and cold so we decided to continue on to Newport Beach.

There were no yacht clubs but the town marina had a very good slip. We docked with a hard front to enjoy the beautiful harbor, but our 50 foot shore power cable couldn’t reach the electrical outlet.

Fortunately, there was a West Marine store nearby, so I started bidding and started there to buy a 25-foot extension. The most unique aspect of Newport Beach is the myriad of electric boats of all shapes and sizes cruising the harbor at 3 knots, filled with revelers enjoying drinks, food and music.

How Long To Ship From Florida To California

Our friends from Topanga joined us in Newport Beach. They are also surfers so the next day we went to Point Dome in Malibu.

Cruising From Florida

We anchored right next to the break and had a fun SUP foiling session there. After a late lunch, we drove to Marina del Rey, where we stayed at the slip of Luis and Marian, a lovely couple we had met in Newport Beach, who kindly offered us their slip.

Santa Barbara was our next destination. There were a limited number of City Marina guests available on a first-come, first-served basis, so we arrived early to secure it.

A large local sea lion made an interesting docking maneuver as it would not allow Sandy to jump overboard to secure our lines. Finally, it gave itself and we were able to dive.

Filling the fuel tank was also a bit difficult as the pumps were broken so we had to refuel straight from the truck.

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