How Long Is 800 000 Seconds

How Long Is 800 000 Seconds – We know that Senku counted the seconds to stay awake for thousands of years, but I saw a few new things that made me respect Senku even more. First, he didn’t just read. He was thinking at the same time that maybe he would keep his wits about him and not get caught in the seconds loop which would make him unable to do anything even after he came out of the rock. I would end up being a vegetable who couldn’t even read.

The anime clearly showed that when Senku was reading he was taken. His voice was weak and almost cracked. Senku really felt pain while counting even simple numbers.

How Long Is 800 000 Seconds

How Long Is 800 000 Seconds

It seems that every 800 seconds, Senku’s mind almost collapses and he tries to make Senku give up and pass out. If my math is correct, Senku had a period like this every nine or ten days, which results in about 40 breakdowns a year, making 148,720 in 3718 years. 148,720 – This is the number of times your body just wanted to give up and had to using the power to push away the feeling of sleep. I think we all feel exhausted and want to fall asleep. It’s really hard to stay awake at a time like this.

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But this is the time when my respect for Senku rises more than ever. Senku’s plan was to wake up in the spring because waking up in the winter without clothes, shelter, and food would be Game Over. From what I saw, many people thought that Senku just came out of the rock and it happened randomly in the spring of 3718. Oh no no no There is something deep here.

Senku actually tried to get off the rock 3718 times. Now let me explain what Senku’s routine was like every year apart from counting and almost sleeping every nine or ten days:

Senku had no choice but to try hard to get out of the rock because he did not know that an external substance like nitric acid was also needed. Every spring, Senku gave himself another reason to suffer. He counted, he thought, he had a breakdown in his mind every 9 or 10 days And he shouted in his head: “Get up!”. He did it 24/7 all summer. Yes, it ended with the frustration that hit him from time to time, which we see when he throws curses in between yelling at himself to get up. I would increase it every second, every minute, every hour, every day in summer.

Now comes the worst part. At the end of each spring, Senku had to stop trying to get out of the hold. Every year Senku had to try to wake up in spring and stop at the beginning of summer. He had to give up 3717 and continue counting for a whole year. I can imagine Senku doing well in a few years and moving on, but we’re talking 3717 losses. We know that Senku is progressive, but he has moments of weakness. While searching for water for revival alone, he tried several times and ended up holding a shelf with birds leaning forward in pain and a moment of doubt. This forced him to write E=mc2 to continue. We don’t know how many times Senku doubted each time he had to stop trying to pass. Galaxy S8 Funny 68 Years 816 Months Nothing Scares Me

When we see Senku yelling at himself, get up! it is already night and by the time it explodes it is already daytime. This shows how Senku was trying to get out of the rock for hours and as I said before doing this 24/7 all the springs. It started in the spring of 3718. Senku took 3717 losses due to this 1 victory.

After knowing what Senku actually went through, I can believe that he wanted to scream and cry after success, but his rational side made him quiet and calm. Senku rarely cries. We only saw her crying after learning about Byakuya’s death. Getting out of the rock would be another reason for Senku to cry and I was surprised that he controlled himself. Conclusion: Although Taiju thought of something good to stay awake as his love for Yuzuriha, Senku took a path full of pain and suffering that included not only counting crazy numbers but also mental breakdowns, keeping his mind and giving up thousands of times. Senku is really amazing and I have a lot of respect for him and admire his mental strength.

Dr. Stone Dr. Stone drst ishigami senku senku Senkuu 3718 years 3717 losses and 1 win Senku is crazy in a good way respect

How Long Is 800 000 Seconds

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How Long Is 800 000 Seconds

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How Long Is 800 000 Seconds

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