How Long Is 68 Months

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How Long Is 68 Months

How Long Is 68 Months

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’m a long-time Jumia believer; In fact, I have mentioned many times that they will disrupt e-commerce in Africa. It’s not an easy road to profit, but I like to say “I told you so”. So last year I decided to put my money where my mouth was and bought some shares of Jumia. So far, it has been uneventful, except that JMIA lost almost half of its market capitalization this week.

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But fear not, because Jumia isn’t the only one feeling the heat. Markets are in the red this week, with everything from stocks to cryptos having a tough time. Some US stocks such as Peloton and Robinhood lost 80% and 60% respectively a year ago. Heavyweights like Apple and Tesla have fallen slightly in recent days. This led to a 10% drop in the NASDAQ tech sector index yesterday, meaning we are now seeing a price correction for at least a 10% drop in equity, crypto or stocks in over a year. At incredibly high prices.

As with everything since the Great Plague, it’s unclear how long this chaos will last. But meanwhile, crypto is taking serious hits and the social media bulls are keeping quiet. The decline is slowing and at this point there is no telling what lies below. In particular, the price of Bitcoin, currently around $38,000, fell to its lowest level since July 2021 amid reports that Russia is proposing to ban the cryptocurrency. Where does Bitcoin go from here? To the moon or $36,000? Many crypto experts and speculators will tell you that it can be both (how do experts get away with such nonsense?).

At this point, longtime newsletter readers should be skeptical. When did you start worrying about the price of NASDAQ or Bitcoin? The response to the general decline in share prices in the Nigerian stock market has been quite different. Share prices of Nigeria’s publicly traded companies hit 13-year highs. Such a strange feat considering the Buhari economy has brought the economy into recession for the past seven years. The market has recovered to its 2008 levels just before the Great Recession, when a three-day rally marked a major reversal. What is driving the recent Nigerian stock market rally amid a global sea of ​​red?

“Apart from the increase in the number of investable companies in the market, nothing good has happened,” said one leading market analyst I spoke to. All stock indices are making records, which means the market is recovering and returning to pre-recession levels, he said. . His argument is easy to follow: the Nigerian stock market has failed to force Nigeria’s most exciting companies to go public. New York Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange are the most favorable places.

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Initial public offerings (IPOs), where shares in interested companies are placed in the hands of individuals, are hard to come by in Nigeria. MTN Nigeria’s IPO was forced, BUA’s IPO was a debut and GSPECPLC generated very little excitement. In contrast, the US had 1,058 IPOs last year compared to Nigeria, which did not have a single IPO from MTN Nigeria in 2019. There is nothing exciting about this when Nigerian stocks are back on a roll. This moment is just a footnote in the history of the local stock market.

While we are on the topic of Nigeria and trade, how about a look at Nigeria’s commercial capital and its 17-year journey into light rail service?

Russian writer Leo Tolstoy once asked, “How much land does a person need?” he asked. This question came to mind recently when the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, said the state had procured two trains from Wisconsin for the Lagos Metro Rail Project. I tried to buy on Twitter but the problem is that it requires more than 280 characters. Ever since the Lagos rail project was launched 17 years ago, when Nigeria’s younger millennials were excited about Mars Riders and Care Bear cartoons, my critique has not been refuted.

How Long Is 68 Months

There is a small fact that Lagos State governors have a history of buying trains and spending huge sums on projects that are yet to materialize. In 2011, under Fashola’s administration, the state government announced the purchase of refurbished trains and cabins for the metro rail project, and Fahola said at the time that the 15-year-old trains would be perfect for Lagos. Where are the 15 year old Fashola trains? Your guess is as good as mine.

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A few years later, during the Ambode administration, the government spent over €100 million to run trains on a single railway, bringing the total cost of the unfinished project to about N100 billion. The current governor, Sanwo-Olu, continued this familiar pattern, promising to deliver the plan in 2020 and implement it by 2021 – he missed both deadlines. He now hopes to complete the project by the fourth quarter of 2022 in time for his re-election campaign. It seems somewhat exemplary considering that Fashola, who bought the train and delayed the completion of the metro train five times, failed to deliver it before he left.

TL;DR: Get on with your life and wait with bated breath for the metro rail project to be completed.

We’re talking about angel investors, or angels, so today’s signal might sound straight out of a Dan Brown novel. But there’s no devil here—angel investors are high-net-worth individuals who fund early-stage startups, often with their own money.

Todd Vernon classifies angel investors into four broad categories. Family Investor, Relationship Investor, Reputation Investor, Idea Investor. What all angels have in common is that they usually invest in small check sizes that they can afford to lose. And in recent years, Angels have dedicated their time, networks, support and strategies to helping founders launch their businesses.

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Some angels form syndicates to finance highly involved companies. As with any other investment, angels need to evaluate the platform, the amount of investment to be raised and the value of the company before the founder makes a decision.

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I have been following an interesting conversation this week about changing jobs in the Nigerian labor market. I thought it would be useful to have some data to follow the conversation, so take this quick survey and share it with your network.

How Long Is 68 Months

This isn’t a new post, but I really enjoyed looking at it recently: The Complicated Life and Death of Ken Saro-Viva

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The idea of ​​showing him the door is too bad: TikTok’s head of marketing was fired after a series of weird campaigns.

What am I thinking this Friday? Work, lots of things, weekends. If you have time to work this weekend, buy me a beer! Cats live long lives for their size. Generally, the longevity of an animal is proportional to its size (except for turtles, humans and a few).

Depending on breed, size, function, or both, rats live shorter lives, rabbits live longer, and dogs live 7-20 years. Cats aren’t much older than rabbits, but rabbits live 8 years, cats live an average of 12-14 years, and it’s not uncommon for cats to live into their teens or 20s.

The table below shows all the stages and their corresponding human ages. Understanding how old a cat is on the inside in these stages is not as clear on the outside as mentioned above, as the cat may turn gray or show no signs of diseases such as arthritis. .

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Cat Care International has launched a preventive health initiative called Cat Care for Life. This plan requires a health checkup based on your cat’s age and looks for any age-related changes your cat may experience.

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