How Long Is 120 Feet

How Long Is 120 Feet – 13/01/16 Cnidarians are a large group of animals, and they all have one thing in common. There are jellies, corals and anemones. Cnidaria

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How Long Is 120 Feet

How Long Is 120 Feet

1 16/01/13 Cnidarians are a large group of animals that all have one thing in common. There are jellies, corals and anemones. Cnidaria 1

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01/13/16 Jellyfish or jelly… they are not fish Jellies are cnidarians: they have a soft body mainly made of water, and are usually surrounded by poisonous tentacles (they can be long or short), which they use to catch their prey. . sea ​​water Some jellies eat plankton while others eat fish. 2

13/01/16 It looks like it, but it’s not jelly! Here is a picture of the tentacles of something that looks like jelly, but is not actually jelly. It is a type of cnidarian, a siphonophore. Siphonophores are colonies of specialized organisms that work together. This siphonophore is called the Portuguese man-of-war because its floats resemble old ships. It’s a colony of organisms: 4 separate organisms work together…one acts as a float, one as a tentacle, one consumes four nutrients, and the latter acts as a reproductive organ. The man-of-war floats above the sea and hangs his tentacles below to attract curious fish. If a fish gets too close, the poison in the tentacles paralyzes the fish and then the siphonophore eats it. 3

4 16/01/13 Sea anemones Sea anemones are also cnidarians! They differ from gels because they stick to hard surfaces rather than floating in water. They have sticky tentacles around their mouths, which they use to grab prey. Sea anemones are omnivores: they will eat almost anything they can find in tentacles. 4

5 Corals 16/01/13 Corals are another member of the cnidarian family. They are grouped together with jellies and anemones because they have a similar life cycle. Corals are soft animals that live inside a hard skeleton that they make themselves. Corals feel hard to the touch, but if you look closely you can see the holes in the shells, which is where the soft-bodied animal lives. Corals form reefs, which are important habitats for fish and other animals. 5

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6 16/01/13 L- anemone R- jelly These two animals belong to the same family, because they have the same body plans, from top to bottom! 6

7 Life Cycle 01/16/13 Egg Cnidarians have different methods of reproduction, but most of them follow a basic pattern: it starts as a fertilized egg, then it becomes a type of plankton that eventually chooses a place to to settle, where it becomes a colony. The colony grows into a free-swimming jellyfish that then releases eggs and sperm. Medusa is a great platform for other classes, like jellies. 7

8 16/01/13 Budding Some cnidarians also reproduce in a very special way called budding. This means they can split the body into two identical copies! 8

How Long Is 120 Feet

01/16/13 Nematocyst (stinging cell) You may have heard that touching a jellyfish can cause a sting. These animals have special cells in their bodies that start when they touch to release a long spring with a small (but sharp) end. They use this technique to catch prey and avoid being eaten. 9

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10 01/16/13 MORE Jelly Cnidarians come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some interesting types of jelly! 10

11 Moon jellies 13/01/16 Moon jellies have short tentacles that they use to pull small plankton from the water. 11

13 This animal is a poor swimmer, however, and tends to rely on the currents of the ocean. 12

13 16/01/13 By the Wind Sailor This is another colony of living things. By-the-Wind Sailor’s curved sail catches the wind to move like a sailboat on water. The wind often leads to large groups. During the spring and early summer, groups are sometimes found stranded on Charleston’s beaches. 13

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14 16/01/13 Nomura’s jellyfish These are some of the largest jellyfish in the world: they live in Asia. They are often caught in fishing nets, which causes many problems for fishermen. 14

01/13/16 Sea Urtle Jellyfish This is a jelly that can sometimes be found here in Charleston! 15

16 01/16/13 Red Eye Jellyfish This jelly is also available in Charleston. It moves by closing and opening its lid, which releases water, and shoots it first. 16

How Long Is 120 Feet

01/16/13 Arctic Lion’s Mane Jelly The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish is the largest cnidarian in the world! It uses its tentacles to catch fish and even other jellies! Up to 120 meters long, 17 meters wide

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19 16/01/13 Green Anemone Anemone This anemone is green because it has a type of algae in its body that helps it get energy from the sun’s rays. It also feeds on pieces of algae and small animals that stick to its tentacles. So it’s an animal that grows plants inside it! These animals can be found in tidal pools in Charleston. 19

20 16/01/13 Anemone giving birth This anemone raises its children by itself, at the base of its tentacles. 20

13/01/16 Merten’s carpet sea anemone is a tropical anemone with a very different shape to the round anemones we have seen before. 22

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How Long Is 120 Feet

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How Long Is 120 Feet

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