How Long Does Dried Beef Last

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A younger age never hurt anyone—unless we’re wobbly at the knees, talking about our foggy memories or our daily pain. Well, scratch that. Old age is suffering, time. But when it comes to foods like wine, cheese and red meat, age has the power to deepen the palate.

How Long Does Dried Beef Last

How Long Does Dried Beef Last

This is especially true of dry beef, which is known for its richer flavor and delicate texture and higher price than fresh. But what is it about dry aging that has such a magical effect on meat?

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While you may appreciate what a dry-aged steak does to your taste buds, the nuances of how it delivers such an experience may elude you. That’s why, with the help of foodies and chefs, we define exactly what dry beef is and how dry it is.

“A simple way to describe it is dry aging, in short, a controlled decomposition process,” says Kathy Flannery, butcher and COO of Flannery Beef. “You’re exposing the subprimals to oxygen, which allows the natural enzymes in the meat to work,” he said. “They are aerobic bacteria, so they need oxygen to survive. They become alive and begin to break down the molecules of meat.” This, in turn, changes the taste and texture of the cut.

The dry aging process looks like a room full of dead bodies. In the dry-aging process, the meat is hung in a humidity-controlled environment with unobstructed ventilation around the cut to expose all sides. “So there’s a nice mold that gets inside the steaks that slowly starts to go bad and increases the rate of evaporation,” says Chris Pandel, executive chef at Swift and Sons in Chicago. “You draw moisture from the meat over time. In this case, the fungus will extend its life and grow. It’s like mold on blue cheese—it’s good mold, not bad mold. “

Well, before that beef reaches your plate, all the muck is cut away, leaving you with “tender, sweet, delicious meat,” says Pandel. He describes the flavor of the dry meat as a nuttiness that doesn’t come across in a moist steak. Likewise, it will be tender and the mouth will be different.

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Moisture loss is one of the factors that alters the flavor of dried meat. “It focuses on the rest of the tissue,” says Harold McGee, nutrition scientist and author of The Keys to Good Cooking: A Guide to Making the Best of Your Food and Recipes. About 75 percent of meat consists of water. If you lose a few percent of the vapor … the rest is more concentrated, so the flavor is more concentrated.

For those in the know in the kitchen, Flannery compares the stock reduction process to a demi-glace. “You have this pot on your stove. The flavor of the liquid is stronger during wet evaporation. “As water evaporates with beef, the flavor of the meat increases,” he says.

But chemical changes also affect taste. “During aging, some flavor compounds and other molecules in meat undergo chemical changes that enhance flavor while others decrease,” said Joe Regenstein, a professor in the Department of Nutrition in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. .

How Long Does Dried Beef Last

Muscle cells are made up of many different substances, the most important of which are proteins that enable muscle contraction, and molecules such as glycogen, DNA, and RNA that facilitate this process. During dry aging, these large, tasteless molecules break down into smaller, sweeter parts, McGee explains.

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“All of these molecules are relatively large, and when they are broken down by enzyme activity, they form fragments that are more palatable than the original large molecules,” he said. “Some proteins are broken down into amino acids. They may be slightly bitter, flavored like MSG, and the DNA/RNA material may break down into other nutritional molecules, increasing MSG intake. Glycogen is broken down into sugar.

Dry aging also changes the texture of the meat. “It’s hard to bite because the inside of the meat is hard. By breaking down some of these proteins, the teeth can now move more easily through the meat, Regenstein said.

Unlike single steaks, all primals are dry but need a coating to protect the bone or fat to be good candidates for aging. This means less surface area to repair later. “Fillets don’t tend to age because there’s no bone or fat to protect them,” Flannery said. “Aging is a waste because every side of grilled meat in the air decays faster than the meat inside.” According to Pandel, the New York bone-in strip, or ribeye, is a good candidate for aging.

The best time to dry meat is a matter of personal taste. The sweet spot for Flannery is around 30-35 days. “For retail customers, we go 35 days, and for restaurant customers, we go 18 to 20,” he said. “In this restaurant industry, if diners aren’t familiar with dry-aged beef, their first reaction might be to think something’s wrong.”

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Pandel says he prefers 45-year-old meat. “You can say it’s old, but it’s not interesting,” he says. “We have moved forward. Opening a steakhouse is a personal choice. Some people like it very sweet, and some people like it very hard. “

The longer you go, the tastier it gets. “Dried meat has a special aroma and taste. “Funky is a good way to describe it,” he said. “Its rich taste lasts up to 30 days. If you go even further and go too far, say 60-90 days, you’ll have a blue cheese funk. It smells like blue cheese.”

By definition, dry spells come with a hefty price tag – but it’s not just a fancy name. “There is a reaction to high prices without fully understanding why dry meat is so expensive,” Flannery said. “We will not raise another 50 percent of the cost because we like it. It is a very expensive product to produce. “

How Long Does Dried Beef Last

Between removing bruises and increasing humidity, you can lose up to 50 percent of the primal’s original weight, Flannery explains. This means that if your butcher buys 10 pounds of meat, he may only have five pounds left to sell when it gets old, twice what he paid for it.

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Sometimes you’ll hear the words “moist-aged” used to describe a cut of meat. Wet aging refers to aging meat in a sealed plastic bag. “Meat is kept in a plastic bag that prevents evaporation for weeks or months, so you don’t lose the same water and you don’t get the same concentration,” McGee said.

“I’ll just say it: old age is stupid. Basically taking the word ‘aging’ out of the product without losing significant aging,” said Flannery. “Dry aging is so expensive that’s one of the reasons people push wet aging. There is no loss of image and no loss of moisture. But you have the coolness of old age.”

Wet aging doesn’t impart the same nutty flavor or mouthfeel as a dry steak. “You can’t fool an adult. You can’t slow down time. It’s a really special product,” Flannery said.

Many experts say you shouldn’t blow dry your hair at home, but what else do the experts say? However, they make a strong case for taste and safety. Dry aging is a controlled fermentation, Rene Redzepi and David Zilber from Noma have shown that it can be done at home, but with the necessary precautions and tools. The problem people have with dry-aging steak is that they don’t realize that the refrigerator at home isn’t really working for a number of reasons. You want your freezer to have a more consistent temperature and airflow than your home refrigerator provides. You also don’t want anything else in the fridge because over time the steak will start to absorb the flavors of the other foods in the old freezer. That way, by the time the steak has had time to undergo the enzymatic reaction that makes dry steak so delicious, it will have a dirty, stale flavor due to the fact that it has been sitting in the refrigerator. This does not mean that you should not dry your hair at home. The main thing is to find a dry freezer that eliminates all the above problems. And instead of taking individual cuts, with a large plate that allows

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