How Long Does Armor All Last On Shutters

How Long Does Armor All Last On Shutters – In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina killed 1,518 people and caused more than $89 billion in damage, mostly in New Orleans, Louisiana.

This massive storm event is the costliest hurricane ever to hit the United States and has caused many residents of hurricane-prone areas to re-examine the protective measures they use to protect their homes.

How Long Does Armor All Last On Shutters

How Long Does Armor All Last On Shutters

There are many products available to protect your home from strong winds and heavy rain.

How Are Hurricane Shutters Deployed?

Hurricane windows are one such option and are an excellent solution for hurricane protection that is affordable, It offers a flexible and effective solution.

Some building codes even specify protective measures. Compilation of various code requirements related to hurricane cables in the southern United States; Maybe you can help.

This article answers some frequently asked questions about hurricane window screens and how they differ from other hurricane protection options. So read on to know more.

Before writing specific questions and answers on hurricane window screens, let’s talk briefly about what can happen if adequate hurricane protection measures are not taken.

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Hurricanes are very intense tropical storms that form in the Atlantic Ocean, mainly from June to November each year.

Warmer ocean temperatures push moist air into the storm and strengthen the low pressure system below, increasing its strength. Although the hurricane has lost its strength, it continues to move across the country, bringing strong winds and heavy rain to the areas it passes through.

Strong winds lift objects from the ground and throw them into the air at high speeds. If these items crash into your home. They are especially prone to damage if you hit a window, which is the most vulnerable part of the building.

How Long Does Armor All Last On Shutters

A broken window can let in wind and rain, causing significant damage to the building and its contents.

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Once the building envelope is breached, the wind can suddenly increase the internal pressure and blow the roof off the walls, destroying the house.

A wind damping inspection can help lower your home insurance premium. You can get more information and other tips for reducing insurance premiums: Read our article on the subject here. This is Florida focused, but there are many tips that homeowners in other states can use.

A hurricane window is a very versatile and versatile way to protect your home from the destructive forces of a hurricane. It shows an effective and economical method. In addition, They do not block the view, unlike fixed windows that can control the appearance of the house.

Hurricane window screens are made of strong materials such as geotextile fabric, which is made by weaving polypropylene monofilament. Sometimes they are made of Kevlar, which is known to withstand the speed of a bullet to stop flying objects during hurricanes.

Rooflite+ Solar Roller Shutters For Roof Windows

The screens are flexible and light, so they are easy to use and store after a storm. When the storm came Screens are installed over windows or other structures that require protection. .

Hurricane windows are held in place in one of several ways. Pass-through system at the low-tech end of the collection; or relatively labor intensive; Manual options are a push-through system or buckles and straps.

More expensive and high-tech options include roll-ups that are permanently installed above the window or can be rolled down with the push of a button or even from a smartphone or Alexa device.

How Long Does Armor All Last On Shutters

These features make hurricane windows a very convenient option that can serve many purposes other than hurricane protection.

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For example, You can roll down the screens for privacy or shade from the sun; Due to the transparency of the geotextile materials, you can still see outside.

Hurricane windows can be designed to fit any structure. Unlike doorways that are only suitable for rectangular openings, Hurricane screens can be “measured” to archways, pockets, balconies, carports and any irregular shape you may find in old, historic buildings.

Hurricane windows are tested to the same standards as hurricane shutters and impact windows. Strict building codes for hurricane-prone areas ensure that homes are protected from the worst impacts imaginable.

Compliance testing of hurricane protection products such as window screens involves firing a 2″ x 4″ piece of wood from a special cannon at 34 miles per hour into the center of the screen.

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Hurricane screens that meet these standards keep wind and rain out of your home and prevent damage.

Although hurricane windows are an effective protection, homeowners should be aware that they are not hurricane-proof. If a strong storm blows strongly for a long time, the best modern protection methods may not be enough to protect your home.

However, like all hurricane protection measures, hurricane shelters provide the same level of storm protection while offering an improved aesthetic appearance and other benefits such as use as daily sun protection.

How Long Does Armor All Last On Shutters

According to, installing hurricane protection measures on a typical home ranges from at least $2,000 to $8,000. The average is around $4,700. In the survey, 26 respondents shared the costs of their projects.

Hurricane Armor Gallery

The final price depends on the number and size of windows in your home and other openings that need protection. So these figures can only be used as a rough guide to possible costs, but they help to get an idea.

Hurricane window screens vary in price depending on the type you install and the complexity of the installation process.

They usually cost about $20 to $30 per square foot when the engine is running. It has additional features like UV controls and insect repellants. However, motorcycle screens usually add about $600 to the installation cost. This varies from location to location and installation company.

Many people find this extra cost worth it because it saves them having to manually move screens up and down. Instead, they can be scrolled up or down with the press of a button. Some systems allow remote operation via smartphone or smart speaker.

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Hurricane fabrics and nets are made of similar or stronger woven material such as polypropylene or Kevlar. The difference between the two is how they are installed in your home.

A hurricane window screen rolls down over a window like a hatch or hurricane door. When the upper part of the sieve is completely rolled up, the sieve stays in place with the winding mechanism and the sides stay firmly in place with the help of rails.

On the other hand, the Hurricane fabric is placed over a window or other opening and fixed to the edges of the fabric manually with straps or clips.

How Long Does Armor All Last On Shutters

The most popular fastening systems for hurricane clothing are strap and buckle systems or grommet and wing systems.

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In addition to these basic fastening methods, some manufacturers have their own fastening systems, such as the Hurricane Fabric LLC Clip, designed after taking inspiration from the world of yacht manufacturing.

One of the main functions of hurricane windows is to keep the wind out of your home during a hurricane.

If a flying piece of wood breaks through an unprotected window, it can damage the building envelope and prevent ventilation. The hole increases the internal air pressure, raising the ceiling and collapsing the walls.

Hurricane window screens are designed. As a first line of defense; Hurricane fabric repels flying objects and prevents them from breaking the window.

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However, because the fabric is flexible, if the fabric is installed too close to the window, a direct hit by a flying object can break the window.

Although the windows were broken. The hurricane fabric stays in place and prevents sudden wind and pressure build-up inside the building. This stability protects the house from the worst hurricane damage and prevents the roof from coming off.

Hurricane window screens and woven polypropylene fabrics are slightly perforated, with approximately 5% of the structure open to allow light to pass through.

How Long Does Armor All Last On Shutters

However, this dirt does not pass through rain and wind; This protects your home from storms and is still visible from the outside.

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Visibility is great because it’s great not being able to see what’s going on outside. This is a common experience for those who use triple sheets for protection without feeling trapped in a storm.

Some hurricane fabric and screens are approved for use in Florida’s Miami-Dade and Broward counties, which have some of the strongest and best building codes in the country, if not the world.

One such example fits the Astroguard Hurricane Fabric.

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