How Long Do Girls With Attidue Live

How Long Do Girls With Attidue Live – On International Women’s Day 2020, UN Women in Asia and the Pacific launched an online campaign to discuss issues of suspicion and cyberbullying in the entertainment industry and in collaboration with IKIGAI and Mu Studio, funded from the Korea International Cooperation Agency. Read more

The media and entertainment industries bombard us with images that undermine society’s perception of women and girls. They describe it as an object related to physical and sexual characteristics. They create an image of the ideal woman who is “beautiful”, thin, voiceless and silent.

How Long Do Girls With Attidue Live

How Long Do Girls With Attidue Live

These industries feature women and girls in menial and menial roles. For example, popular movies show men instead of women in “real” jobs such as lawyers, teachers, and doctors. They label women as prostitutes, dress them in sexy clothes, or be naked.

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Women and girls who compare themselves with these thoughts and feelings can suffer from anxiety about their appearance, shame, eating disorders, low self-esteem and depression. And other people who are influenced by the media and entertainment industry, make these women and girls vulnerable to cyberbullying and other forms of harassment. A 2015 United Nations Broadband Commission report said that nearly three-quarters of women online have experienced some form of online violence.

If nothing is done about the problem of pregnancy, women and girls continue to suffer every day.

An international study of female characters in popular films, released in 2014 and partly supported by UN Women, documented significant discrimination and misrepresentation of women and girls.

Twenty years ago, 189 governments adopted the Beijing Platform for Action, the global roadmap for gender equality, which called on the media to avoid stereotyping women. Twenty years ago, this study awakened the fact that the international film industry still has a long way to go. Because of its powerful influence in shaping the opinions of a large public, the media are the main agents of the gender equality movement. The influence is responsible. The industry cannot afford to wait another 20 years to make the right decision

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* “This” here refers to female idols. The term is used disparagingly in the entertainment industry and consumers of this sector.

A campaigner to raise awareness. Watch Jane’s video message about bullying and cyberbullying issues in the entertainment industry.

Jane Holloway is a Gender Equality Consultant who works as the Social Impact Manager of Dragonfly360, a project that encourages people to promote gender equality in Asia.

How Long Do Girls With Attidue Live

The Girls Not Objects campaign calls for youth leadership to challenge social norms, prejudices and cyberbullying encouraged by the entertainment industry. With funding from KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency), UN Women will create a virtual space where young people can talk about the issues of suspicion and cyberbullying in the entertainment industry.

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In two UN Women videos, young Koreans and Thais talk about how they can change the social order. Korean youth media discuss the problem and social impact of cyberbullying and K-pop cases. Thai media share their thoughts on the topic of the contribution of young people to the end of harassment and cyberbullying in the entertainment industry.

The Girls, Not Objects project is a photo exhibition created by two student groups in Bangkok: IKIGAI, made up of Music and Entertainment Business students at Silpakorn University, and Mu Studio, made up of Communication Design students at Chulalongkorn University. The purpose of the show is to raise awareness among the public and the entertainment industry of how bad the accusation is against female entertainers and singers in Thailand. The exhibition was shown in a gallery in Bangkok in November.

Mother nature designs and shapes people to be different in all aspects from genetics, race, attitude and physical appearance. In any era, people’s characteristics are always defined by pop culture, by certain needs of people at that time. These “pap images” will unconsciously enter the minds of many, introducing the idea of ​​how thin the “perfect woman” is, and their features are similar to fictional female figures in literature. It is common to think that we have forgotten that human value is not dependent on the character of the person. In the context of this image, vases are used to represent people’s misconceptions about physical appearance. If we value people based on what they look like, instead of what’s inside them, we’ll treat them like we’re looking at bottles. They are objects, without life or soul. Photo: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

Hope is a human emotion that makes us want things to happen. In general, motivation is the main basis for hope. On the one hand, human hope has produced many wonderful stories, allowing new ideas and practices to flourish and make our world a better place. But on the other hand, hope can turn into a double-edged sword if it is misplaced. Expectation, whether from other people or through yourself, often creates pressure and stretches you to keep to conform to the expectations of others. At worst, people give up their identity and become objects to satisfy others. Photo: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

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It seems to use the term “Public Figure” as a special title for someone who has gained public attention. Society often sees them as people who sacrifice their normal lives for someone who is constantly watched by the media and other people. This allows people to criticize them without limits. His ordinary work is important because it is done by someone who is called a “common man”. The truth is that they are not “human” but human beings, human beings, like us, so they do not express their feelings and their criticisms. Photo: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

Cyberbullying has been developed with the advancement of technology since the advent of social networks, increasing its intensity. There are many ways to deal with Cyberbullying, one of the best ways is to not respond to the bullying. Often the bully is happy and the emotion is ignored. This means that if we can stay aware and choose not to react, we have already conquered bullying. Photo: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

Whether they are public or not, everyone has their space. It is a safe place without interference from outsiders. Respecting the personal space of others is an important part of living together in society and attacking someone is a serious violation of personal rights. Photo: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

How Long Do Girls With Attidue Live

In the Cyber​​ world, harassment is very dangerous and it is difficult to track down the culprit. Often times, the justice system is unable to solve these cases of bullying, leaving the victim to deal with the problem even if the law can protect them from what happened. This raises the question of how often and to what extent abuse should be recognized by the justice system? Photo: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

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Slander and negative criticism can happen to people in general all the time, both in front of them and behind them. Not all criticism is based on facts, critics often make their judgments without knowing the facts. The reason for these criticisms is that they often come out of personal preference. These actions are not only beneficial, but also harmful for the victims. Answer and show the truth is the most important thing, but the truth is that not everyone has to say his mind honestly. The role, responsibility or status of the perpetrator often prevents the victim from responding. In some cases, the artists could do nothing but smile and endure the treatment as public pin cushions. Photo: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

The idea that a good woman should be like a packed bowl has its roots in the ideology of Thai society passed down from generation to generation, until today. Since this idea still exists in many members of society, we forget that the value of a person cannot be determined by his innocence and innocence according to the general vision of society. A person who does not fit into this old frame does not mean that he is less of a person than others. True worth shines through character and actions rather than appearance. Photo: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

Ignorance is another reason why social problems persist. One of the many reasons that lead to these problems is that they do not have personal effects. This makes people not understand the real importance of this issue. Objectification is one of the most overlooked social issues of all time. If we can open our eyes and see, open our ears and hear and open our mouths to speak, we can reduce the number of so-called “things” and increase the number of “people” in society. Photo: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

Every person has physical differences. These differences are the beauty of humanity.

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