How Long Do Girl With Attitude Live

How Long Do Girl With Attitude Live – On International Women’s Day 2020, UN Women in Asia and the Pacific launched an online campaign to discuss the challenges and issues of the internet in the entertainment industry in collaboration with IKIGAI and Mu Studio, funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency. READ MORE

The media and entertainment industry use images to shame women and girls. They describe it as an object of their desire based on their physical appearance and sexuality. They create an image of a beautiful woman who is “pretty”, thin, voiceless and powerless.

How Long Do Girl With Attitude Live

How Long Do Girl With Attitude Live

These companies portray women and girls in non-traditional roles and less work. For example, popular movies often show more men than women in “important” jobs such as lawyers, professionals and doctors. They sexualize women, make them wear body clothes or appear naked.

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Women and girls who compare to these stereotypes experience anxiety about their appearance, feelings of shame, eating disorders, low self-esteem and depression. And other influencers in the media and entertainment industry are against it, victimizing these women and girls through cyberbullying and other forms of abuse. A 2015 report from the United Nations Network stated that nearly three-quarters of women on the Internet have experienced some form of online violence.

If nothing is done about the problem of barriers, women and girls will continue to suffer every day.

An international study of women in popular films, released in 2014 and supported by UN Women, documented the level of discrimination and stereotypes against women and girls.

Twenty years ago, 189 governments adopted the Beijing Platform for Action, an international framework for gender equality, which called on the media to avoid stereotypes that discriminate against women. Twenty years later, this study is a wake-up call that the global film industry still has a long way to go. With a strong influence in shaping the opinions of many audiences, the media is a powerful key to gender equality efforts. Passion comes through action. The company cannot wait another 20 years to make the right decision

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* “Girls” here is a reference to female idols. Profanity is used by the entertainment business and consumers in this area.

The creator awakens the people. Check out Jane’s video message on What’s Wrong with the Internet and the Entertainment Industry.

Jane Holloway is a gender equality activist who works as the director of social impact at Dragonfly360, a platform that inspires people to promote gender equality in Asia.

How Long Do Girl With Attitude Live

The non-girls campaign says that young people should be at the forefront of serious social events, harassment, and the use of Internet abuse encouraged by the entertainment industry. With funding from KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency), UN Women is creating a space where young people can talk about the issue of bullying and cyberbullying in the entertainment industry.

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In the video, two UN women, young Koreans and Thais discuss how to change social norms. A group of young Koreans talk about the problems and social impact of cyberbullying and K-pop cases. The Thai group shares their thoughts on the topic of youth contributions to stop cyberbullying in the entertainment industry.

Girls’ media, not including a photo exhibition created by two student groups in Bangkok: IKIGAI, including Music and Entertainment Business students from Silpakorn University, and Mu Studio, including Communication Studies students from Chulalongkorn University . This show aims to inform the public both in the entertainment industry, about the challenges affecting young actresses in Thailand. The show premiered at a photo booth in Bangkok last November.

Mother Nature designed and created human beings to be different in all aspects of genetics, race, personality and physical appearance. In any era, pop culture always defines the character of a person, the interests of certain people at that time. These ‘pop culture’ people unconsciously enter the public mind, putting the idea of ​​the ‘perfect woman’ should be thin, and its identification as a female myth in cultural literature. This idea is so popular that we often forget that a person’s worth does not depend only on their appearance. Vases are defined by their different shapes. In this image, the vases are used to represent the misunderstanding of human nature in the landscape. If we judge people based entirely on how they look rather than what is actually in them, we will look at them like we look at soups. Matter, life and non-life. Image: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

Hope is a basic human emotion where we want certain things to happen. Often, motivation is the main source of hope. On the one hand, human expectations have led to many wonderful stories, allowing ideas and creativity to grow and make our world a better place. But on the other hand, hope can be a double-edged sword if misused. Expectations, whether of others or of oneself, often lead to stress and self-control to meet the expectations of others. In the worst case, a person can lose his identity, he can become something to satisfy others. Image: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

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It seems that we use the word “Public Figure” for a special status of someone who has attracted people’s attention. Members often see themselves as someone who has sacrificed themselves for the constant attention of the media and others. This allows people to criticize them without limits. Their normal behavior is often a big deal because it is done by the so-called “public figure”. Since the truth is that they are not really “public” they are people, people, just like us, and it is not something for everyone to express their feelings and criticism. Image: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

Cyberbullying has gone hand in hand with the advancement of technology since the advent of social networks, greatly increasing its potential. There are many ways to deal with cyberbullying, one of the best ways is not to respond to the bullying itself. Often, bullying is only satisfying when the target reacts emotionally. This means that if we are careful and can choose not to react, we have already overcome the abuse. Image: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

Whether public or not, everyone has their own opportunities. A safe place where no one interferes. Respecting the rights of others is an important part of living together in society and attacking someone is a serious violation of human rights. Image: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

How Long Do Girl With Attitude Live

In the cyber world, harassment is serious and it is difficult to find the perpetrator. Most of the time, the justice system cannot solve these cases of abuse, which leads the person to deal with the problem alone even though he feels that the law protects him from the past. This raises the question of how often do the public respond to the pressures of punishment in the criminal justice system? Image: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

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Insults and negative criticism are always directed at the people, whether they are in front of them or behind their backs. Not all criticism is based on truth, and many times critics make their case without knowing the real reason. The most common cause of this problem is complacency. These practices are not only useless, but also harmful to those involved. Answering or telling the truth seems to be the most important thing, but in reality, not everyone has the option to speak their mind honestly. Occupation, profession or level of artistry usually prevents the victim from making meaningless responses. In some cases, the artists themselves can do nothing but smile and endure treatment as public protesters. Image: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

The idea that a good woman is as good as a folded sheet of paper is rooted in Thai society’s ideology that has been passed down from generation to generation, until today. While this idea still dominates many groups, we often forget that the value of a person cannot be determined by his purity and cleanliness according to society’s opinion. A person who does not fit into this traditional system does not mean that he is inferior to others. True worth shines through a person’s actions and behavior, rather than what they look like. Image: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

Ignorance is another reason why social problems still exist. One of the many things that cause these problems is that they don’t get direct results. This prevents anyone from understanding the true meaning of this word. Consent is one of the most overlooked social problems. If we open our eyes to see, open our ears to hear and speak our tongues, we can reduce the number of so-called “things” and increase the number of “humans” in society. Image: IKIGAI and Mu Studio

Everyone has their own physical differences. Diversity is the grace of humanity.

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