How It Ends Lyrics Lilhuddy

How It Ends Lyrics Lilhuddy – As the world around us evolves, LILHUDDY represents a new breed of rock star – and he’s not holding back.

“I’m not afraid to show who I am,” begins LILHUDDY. A bold statement for most young musicians but for Huddy, his moves are already being watched by a large audience.

How It Ends Lyrics Lilhuddy

How It Ends Lyrics Lilhuddy

Huddy, real name Chase Hudson, is a TikTok celebrity. He has more than 30 million followers on social media platforms and helped found Hype House in 2019 with YouTuber Thomas Petrou (who had 17-year-old Hudson sign the lease). This collaborative content factory is the base for 19 of TikTok’s biggest stars. United under one roof, it allows them all to lift each other to new heights.

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“It’s crazy,” he began on Zoom. “A lot of people have known me through social media for a long time, and now they see me as this musician. It looks different.” One that he hopes will satisfy his fans and himself.

Huddy’s first two songs, ’21st Century Vampire’ and ‘The Eulogy of You and Me’, are slabs of angsty pop-punk. The first is a statement of intent that sees Hudson as “a little punk boy who doesn’t feel bad, appearing on the scene just to tease”, and inspired the ‘The Eulogy of You and Me’, by Travis Barker”. by many of my high school relationships.” Hudson didn’t tell anyone about this troubling split and kept a lot of things bottled up, she explained. “Even though it was written about some people, I’m doing this song with high school nonsense. It feels like a release of tension.”

The new song ‘America’s Sweetheart’ is less anarchic. A heartbroken ballad, it sees Hudson softly singing “I get depressed when I hear your name” over a plucked acoustic guitar. “I gave people the headbanging way; now it’s something raw, sweet and romantic.”

The single is part of the first album. It’s over and coming this summer. “It’s going to change everything,” Hudson declared. He seems excited about the idea of ​​shocking people and he believes “it will move people.”

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“I can tell you that one song will not be like the next,” he says. Throughout the record, “there is something for everything.” The songs tell the story of all his relationships, and they are told out of order. “It’s like a guessing game for other people,” he explained, that people would be in the know fishing for details about his ex-girlfriend and fellow TikTok star Charli D’Amelio.

“The emotion behind all my music comes from a very real place,” Hudson continued before admitting that he is “a very vulnerable person that a lot of people don’t open up to. I feel like I can tell my story to tell through music. I feel like I can open up and all, and singing my heart out with the shit makes me feel good inside.”

Still, Hudson is afraid to release music. He really took his time, “perfecting my art before releasing it to the world.” Now, he puts three songs into a career he hopes will last a lifetime. “The response, love and support I received was heartwarming.”

How It Ends Lyrics Lilhuddy

Hudson, like the rest of the world, joined social media on a whim. “It looks like fun,” he explained, and within a few weeks, he had 1000 followers on (which switched to TikTok in 2017). He thought if he kept posting something might lead to it. “I always want to entertain. Growing up, I like to sing.” But like many thirteen-year-olds, he didn’t like his voice, so he found an audience with lip-syncing videos. He wasn’t serious at first, he was worried that his parents (two teachers) would stop him from pursuing an online career, but he quickly gathered a following.

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“Why are people contacting me? There’s something different about me that most people don’t really get. There’s something different about my creativity. I’m an emotional creature, I have so much to say, and I feel like people. but willing to listen.”

With his growing online fame making him the target of school bullies, struggling to keep up with the demands of sports, school and social media, Hudson can’t keep up with everything. “It was soft, and it depressed me,” she remembers. So he switched to an online school. “It’s healthier, but it’s also quieter.”

Over the next few years, Hudson became one of TikTok’s biggest stars, with The Hype House defining a new generation of influencers. Away from the camera lens, Hudson meets with producers, writers and voice coaches. “In the back of my mind, I always wanted to be a musician. I lost my voice a bit when I was going through puberty, and I didn’t really know how to sing but it helped in the studio.”

LILHUDDY is the same person as @lilhuddy, and Hudson explains: “I’m the same kid who knows people; the only thing different is where I put my time. I focus on music . I always think he’s the coolest musician. It’s not like actors, comedians or athletes. He’s always been into music.” The drive is going to be one “awakened in me in the last year.”

Lilhuddy’s Evolution From Tiktok Royalty To Rockstar

“It might be harder for some people to be honest when their lives are public, but I don’t mind”

In everything she does, Hudson’s top priority is to “always be as authentic as possible,” she says, but now she has a platform to tell her story and explore her more vulnerable side.

“People like to think they know me. People have eyes on me and they see me doing what I do, but like, nobody really hangs out with me. I’m more out on social media, but I’m also this. emotional boy. I feel all these feelings but don’t say shit”.

How It Ends Lyrics Lilhuddy

If he spends a lot of time alone, “I will think about it, start overthinking shit and beat myself up.” He chose to live with some close friends, so he wasn’t a “crazy bastard.” Even with millions of followers, he needs others, “I’ll be in a dark place.”

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“It can be harder for some people to be honest when their lives are made public, but I don’t care,” Chase said. “When I release music, I just want people to take something away from it or be encouraged by him. I don’t care if you want to judge me or hate me because I just write music about my life. You are going to say, You can’t; This is the story of my life.

“I want to bring the bastard to the end of the world. I want to tell the whole world about me”

As well as drawing inspiration from acts like Lil Peep and Travis Scott, Hudson’s music is part of the pop-punk revival of 2021. “When I was young, pop-punk was always more interesting than anything else,” a he explains. Growing up, he sometimes heard songs from Panic! At The Disco or All American Rejects on the radio, but his mother wouldn’t let him shout ‘Gives You Hell’ from the car. Hudson had to borrow her sister’s iPod Nano while she was busy with cheer practice. Secretly, she fell in love with Blink 182, Avril Lavigne and My Chemical Romance and their emotional lyrics. “Being able to connect with music on a deeper scale is something I really enjoy. This is one of the reasons I am where I am, because that is what makes me LIHUDDY.”

Now he wants to help “pass the torch from generation to generation. Maybe the kids haven’t heard the older stuff, but people like me, Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLUD. Now we’re the ones who talk with the youth.”

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“A lot of people are going through bad times right now. I want them to take away from my music a little bit of comfort. I want them to relate to it.” In the same way that those records with Blink, My Chem and Avril help Hudson feel understood, he wants his music to leave a “mark”.

“I think this album will help a lot of people understand me and see that more emotional, vulnerable side, which is my goal. I want people to feel connected to me.”

Pop-punk, like TikTok, is an aspirational platform. As we saw in the 90s and 00s with Green Day and Sum 41, you don’t need anything but hard work and some power chords to be one of the biggest bands going around. Hudson knows it’s not there yet, “but I think over time, when people start listening to what I’m saying, they’ll really get it. I don’t think I’m the artist biggest pop-punk in the world, right… I think I can get there if I work

How It Ends Lyrics Lilhuddy

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