How I Came To Like My Male Friend Manwha

How I Came To Like My Male Friend Manwha - How I Loved My Boyfriend You are reading the manga How I Loved My Boyfriend genre Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Full Color, Josei, Love and Romance, Manhwa, Adult, Romance, Shoujo, Smut, Webtoons,, manhwa at

Hae Seong waits in front of his childhood friend Ji Woon to go swimming together. He couldnt bear to wait outside because the weather was so hot. So she walks in but happens to see Ji Woons big deal. Has it been since that day? Something flashed before Haeseongs eyes… Haeseong finally broke up with his lover and fell asleep. This is a lover… Licking?! Far from love and closer to friendship! Love begins with another desire

How I Came To Like My Male Friend Manwha

How I Came To Like My Male Friend Manwha

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