How He Feels About Me Tarot

How He Feels About Me Tarot – How to Read the Tarot Cards with Michelle Tea: A Life Tool Even if you can read the tarot, you may be intimidated by the cards or wonder if they’re too cool to learn. Tarot reader and writer Michelle Chai walks through each card in the tarot deck, sharing reading tips and ways to incorporate tarot into your self-care practice.

The two cards are taken from the Ryder-Waite-Smith Tarot. Michelle Chai recommends that beginners start with a three-card reading. Photo illustration by Becky Harlan / Hide caption

How He Feels About Me Tarot

How He Feels About Me Tarot

The two cards are taken from the Ryder-Waite-Smith Tarot. Michelle Chai recommends that beginners start with a three-card reading.

Pulling Daily Tarot Cards: A Full Guide

Growing up, my family often relied on tarot when making difficult decisions—we pulled out cards to discuss my brother’s divorce or whether I should drop out of school.

I didn’t always listen to the reading, but the rituals gave me space to speak and express my own answers to the questions the cards were given. Years later, I, along with others, returned to the practice of staying grounded during this period of indecision and overwhelm.

According to tarot reader and author Michelle Chee, some people mistakenly predict the future when it’s really about self-reflection. “If you’re someone who wants to integrate more spirituality into your life or take a slightly more philosophical approach to life, this is a great tool to pick up even a daily card.”

Dating back to mid-15th-century European playing cards, modern tarot has rules and structures that are often inaccessible to newcomers: even if you’ve read them before, the cards can be intimidating or confusing. You’re cool enough to pretend you’re a witch or a witch.

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This is another common misconception about tarot, says Theo. “Tarot is incredibly welcoming to a new baby. If I can learn it, really anyone can,” she says. “It’s about getting comfortable with the pictures, learning them by heart and understanding how the cards talk to each other, so when you create a series of cards, you understand how they flow into the story.”

In Modern Tarot: Connecting to Your Higher Self Through the Wisdom of the Cards, Theo walks through each card in the tarot deck, sharing reading tips and ways to incorporate tarot into your self-care practice. Here’s a beginner’s guide to the tarot with its tips and resources.

Especially for people who can’t penetrate the tarot, Chai says the first step is “to think that the tarot is welcoming you, and I think the best way to do that is to pick a deck that resonates with you,” she says. “You think to yourself, ‘Oh, I’m fascinated by these images;

How He Feels About Me Tarot

Although most standard decks come with 78 cards, each set is assigned different names and artwork. The pictures in the deck will also inform your readings: your knowledge of different flowers can guide your interpretation of the flower deck. Your deck will likely come with an instruction book that explains each card that is unique to the set.

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If you want to start from the basics, Tea suggests getting the classic Ryder-Waite-Smith, which was his (and my) first deck. Some of Theo’s Favorites:

Each of the minor cards corresponds to a card in the Ryder-Wight-Smith tarot deck: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Photo illustration by Becky Harlan / Hide caption

Each of the minor cards corresponds to a card in the Ryder-Wight-Smith tarot deck: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.

A standard tarot deck has 78 cards divided into two groups, 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. The major arc represents major life events, while the minor arc looks at the lines and speaks to our daily lives, although much of this, of course, varies with the reader.

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The most important arcana consists of archetypal cards such as the Sun, the Magician, and the Lovers. They are often considered zero (stupid) and 22 (worldly). “When significant cards appear in readings, they usually speak to a very important moment,” Chai explains, “like a high point in our life or an important reading opportunity that is a very effective lesson for us.”

A small deck is divided into four elements, similar to traditional playing cards – numbers one through ten, followed by the face cards. Elements are represented by symbols, Theo breaks down here:

As for studying, it’s “100% about learning the deck and getting to know it,” says Chai. No one else needs to read the whole thing for practice. First, familiarize yourself with the deck of your choice, the names and images of the cards. Then read the manual and give yourself readings. This could be daily reading or drawing a weekly intention card. It’s hard to memorize the cards all at once, so try to get into the habit of holding your deck and studying a card or two each day.

How He Feels About Me Tarot

For more insight, try not to ask big picture questions that talk about the length of the year or your overall mood.

When The Mystical Goes Mainstream: How Tarot Became A Self Care Phenomenon

“If you’re really anxious and want the tarot to calm you down, that’s not really what tarot does,” Chai says. “Tarot is not here to tell you everything is going to be okay, but if you’re having a hard time, tarot can help you do that.”

You can definitely rely on cards. “Is everything going to be okay?” Instead of asking such a dirty question. you can ask him “What actions can I take?” you can upgrade to

Tarot also says “Should I quit my job?” Can answer yes or no to such questions. Or everyday questions like “How should I talk to my roommates about sharing chores?” If you don’t agree with the cards, that’s okay too. As Theo says, “Tarot is a tool for being active in your life and moving confidently into your destiny.”

Come read, there are no rules about setting intentions and participation. According to Chai, what makes tarot such a powerful spiritual practice is that you have to figure out a lot for yourself, learn first, then revise and personalize the reading.

Tarot Cards Don’t Predict The Future. But Reading Them Might Help You Figure Yours Out

Don’t forget to consider the weight of the cards and cut the deck in the most convenient way. A deck can be placed in one hand while simultaneously drawing a section of cards in the opposite hand; split the cards into two files and animate them; or add to a large pile on the floor. Your state of mind is most important: focus on the question at hand.

There are many different ways to give tarot readings – the most important thing is to find what works for you and who you are reading for. Theo recommends that beginners start with a three-card reading. Each of the three cards you create can be assigned a different role: past/present/future, nature/cause/solution of your problem, situation/action/result, etc. Maybe take the time to go through different scenarios with your cards to see if there is one order that speaks to you.

You may have heard of reversed cards meaning reversal. How to read them is a divisive topic among tarot readers. Theo says he doesn’t believe in reverse.

How He Feels About Me Tarot

“They turn a happy card into a sad card because I don’t care about returning the cards? I don’t like it,” he says. “But if you’re interested in inversion, you can try it. You can watch it and see why people like it.”

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Like most tarot, it’s about what you want to ask and bring up in the reading.

The name of the tarot deck featured in this story has been updated from Ryder-Wight to Ryder-Wight-Smith to reflect contributions from artist Pamela Coleman Smith.

The podcast portion of this story was produced by Clara Marie Schneider with engineering assistance from Stuart Rushfield.

We would love to hear from you. If your life is going well, leave us a voicemail on the Tarot for many stages of our lives, including our emotionally charged love lives. It can give us insight into other people’s thoughts and actions, and how they think about you.

How To Read Tarot Cards: Beginner’s Guide With Tips From Pros

Remember that sometimes these feelings are unconscious and people don’t realize how they feel. Love is…complicated.

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How He Feels About Me Tarot

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