How Does The Addicted Joke Go

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The Wall Street Journal recently profiled a man named Daigo who spent the equivalent of $70,000 on items and playable heroes in the mobile RPG Fate/Grand Order.

How Does The Addicted Joke Go

How Does The Addicted Joke Go

This is an astonishing number, more than many enthusiasts will spend on their passion in a lifetime. Stories of exorbitant accounts are fairly common in the world of loot box (or gacha) games, where developers use a web of design strategies to extract thousands of dollars from superfans who, as Daigo explains, are so emotionally attached to the rare characters that get locked up. . that they do not set a limit for consumption.

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This might seem like abusive behavior on the part of the developers, and you’d think that these strategies to get the most money out of players would be hidden, or at least rationalized in a way that makes it sound fun and not dystopian capitalism. But the game doesn’t just benefit from these strategies – it makes the players ridiculous to buy into.

. But that is hardly the point. Fans want to fight alongside and flirt with the important characters from the beloved Fate series, not the perfectly capable couch-warmers giving away the game for free.

The game knows that a certain highly profitable subset of users will spin that gacha hundreds of times – at around $20 for bundles of 10 spins – until they hit the jackpot and the lady King Artoria appears before them. Of course, there is very little chance of winning the best grades. But the most dedicated players don’t care, or they see the game as worth the investment. Such is their love.

Earn that love money. It spins and squeezes it until cash starts pouring out. The game’s odds are brutal, the prizes are high and the payouts are stingy. None of this has stopped him from topping the earnings charts in his native Japan, even among competitors who hand out free premium currency like candy.

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This is extremely unethical game design and more than that, a slightly mean thing to do to your fans. But many games do it all; why highlight this one?

Is that the game’s marketing has a vicious caricature of dedicated players. She is a sloppy, lustful, game-addicted little monster.

The artist Riyo curses poor Gudako with a very special personality in the comics: the raw id and worst impulses of a gacha addict. The subsequent understanding with Manga! Comics are only technically “educational”, instead focusing on Gudako alternately berating, threatening, and sexually harassing her servants (the same heroes players roll the gacha to recruit) while ignoring the game itself and fighting for her next hit from the gacha.

How Does The Addicted Joke Go

Has never been afraid to poke fun at himself, and his fans love a meta joke. “Riyo Gudako” quickly became popular enough to replace the original non-character in the minds of many players.

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Sequels far past the point that the “tutorial” facade has fallen by the wayside. Gudako even has an action figure based on Riyo’s interpretation, meant to be displayed on a shelf overlooking an actual fan’s own plastic collection of servants.

Stage show. The organizers keep her in character by having her kick her opponents, actively resist her handlers and at one point go to the food court. The game’s biggest users are sure to be in the crowd at events like this, watching a masquerading caricature of themselves run across the stage – and laughing at it.

Although Gudako is monstrous, she is the players’ monster. She shares their despair and excitement, and she describes her relationship with the gacha as a hell from which she cannot escape. Most importantly, this pure id creature, like her clients, is driven by an unstoppable thirst for rare anime girls.

The cruel genius of it is that it’s not funded by a pay-to-win scheme as much as it is by raw fandom and love of character. When you add insurmountable slot odds to the mix, that love can be exploited very easily.

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Players took such a beating trying to get the hot new character Jeanne D’Arc Alter that Redditors were able to compile a collection of sad posts from players who spent hundreds of dollars hoping to recruit the corrupt Jeanne, only to to get nothing to get and rather to feel. corrupt themselves.

Its obscenely low drop rates (Jeanne was advertised with “drop rate up”, neglecting to mention that the increased rate is still a fraction of a percent) means that not only are casual or unused players unlikely to get what they want have. , but that even $200 or $300 spent on the game is no guarantee at all. (Try this simulator to get an idea.)

To maximize his special attack. You start to see how players wrapped up in the game can spend so much money and how brutal the systems really are.

How Does The Addicted Joke Go

Most players are not Daigo, the lucky stock trader, with pockets deeper than the developer’s wildest dreams. They spent more than they wanted, they didn’t even get

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Jeanne and they regret. Many of them may be addicted and spend money they cannot afford. A poster that confused even Fate/Grand Order regulars talks about spinning the gacha until their credit card gets declined.

The game forced them to despair because they are not a cartoon character whose antics are played for laughs. This kind of unquestioning fandom is destructive, though

As players look up from their 10th gacha spin and still haven’t won Astolfo or Gilgamesh, they see dumb Gudako – simultaneously surfing waves of premium currency like Scrooge McDuck and complaining that she never took one of the best servants – and that mirror is a laugh and a comfort… even if it is from the source of their suffering. They know best.

So what does Gudako and her popularity teach us about the gacha, and thus the loot box mechanic?

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First, that it is, inevitably and by design, a pit of despair. Players call it “gacha hell” for a reason. To experience it for yourself, watch this woman (via her popular virtual alter-ego Kizuna Ai) blow hundreds of dollars in premium currency and sink into guilt and depression when she doesn’t get a specific variant card from her beloved Nico.

The nature of the beast already; if anything, they know best. Whether it’s due to addiction, extreme fandom, or sheer contempt for money, they still give in to the odds and keep going.

Is it their fault? Partially, yes, but the game specifically targets and exploits their vulnerability, and the compulsive design makes them play as Daigo all day and night. Sometimes people argue that more information about these systems should be shared with players, but

How Does The Addicted Joke Go

Shows that all the education in the world will not stop abuse. Companies are willing to capitalize on people’s compulsive nature, mocking them in marketing as they do so.

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Jokes often whisper truth, and parodies reflect the world they create. If a game developer builds a system that

Puts up numbers that will make a large portion of his players miserable, then of course Gudako shows up.

Perhaps the most brilliant move is that he realized that this would create little Gudakos all over the world, and therefore chose to sell her back to them.

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How Does The Addicted Joke Go

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