How Do You Spell 28 In French

How Do You Spell 28 In French - French numbers are more complicated than 1-100 un, deux trois (one, two, three). While counting from 1-20 is very simple, numbers 60-100 are very complicated. Apply our helpful tips and learn how to count above one hundred.

To memorize 1-10, try to count in discrete or odd numbers. Another effective trick is to try counting backwards from ten to zero.

How Do You Spell 28 In French

How Do You Spell 28 In French

Many students are confused about the numbers quinze (fifteen) and zabti (sixteen). A fun mnemonic device for students to use: You can say Queens Says.

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Additionally, many numbers above 10 end in a -z sound, for example onze (eleven), douze (twelve) and treize (thirteen).

You may notice that these are teenages. This will help you distinguish these numbers from the higher numbers that we will look at below.

Numbers 20-59 are not very complicated. To say twenty, say vingt (pronounced vɛ̃), pronounced like the word wine, le vin!).

To say twenty-one, add et un or and one. Then, just add un, deux, trois, etc. for 22-29. with him This pattern works for all numbers up to 59.

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Many students find it difficult to distinguish between the teenage years and these higher numbers. A mnemonic device for remembering these higher numbers is, I have many aunts.

This is because the word aunt (New England or UK pronunciation) rhymes with these numbers, trente, quartente and cinquante.

To count 60-69, simply say soixante and then follow the same pattern as the numbers in the previous section covering 20-69. When you reach seventy, you should say soixante-dix, which translates to sixty ten.

How Do You Spell 28 In French

Then, for 71-79, you must add soixante (60) to the corresponding juvenile number (11-19). Thus, 77-1 is soixante-et-onze (61). seventy-two and soixante-douze (seventy-two).

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A useful tip to make it easier to say the numbers 60-79 is to find the word soixante first without considering the whole number.

If that number is 60-69 easy: add un, deux, trois, etc. If you are in the area of ​​70-79 then you can worry about adding a related teenager.

French numbers 80-99 are very complicated. This is because to say eighty, you have to say quatre-vinges, which means twenty-four.

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For the number eighty, the et disappears. So, 81 equals quatre-vingt-un, which literally means twenty-four. For 82-89, say quatre-vingt (4 x 20), then add un, deux, trois, etc. via neuf. Eight-five, for example quatre-vingt-cinq (4 x 20 + 5).

To say ninety, say quatre-vingt-dix, which equals four twenty ten. Then, for 91-99, add the corresponding teen number. For example ninety-five is quatre-vingt-quinze (4 x 20 + 15).

The same tip as in the previous section on 60-79 applies to 80-99. First search for the word quatre-vingt for any of the numbers 80-99. Then, worry about what to add.

How Do You Spell 28 In French

If you are in the 80-89 range just add un, deux, trois, etc. So if you are 90 or above then you need to add the corresponding teenage number.

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This is because these two countries have separate words for seventy, eighty and ninety: septente (70) and huitante (80) and nonante (90).

This counting system eliminates the need for mathematical calculations and greatly reduces the number of words needed to express the corresponding numbers.

Say hundred and thousand, say hundred and mile respectively. Do not add the word un to any of these numbers.

Thus, one hundred and one and one thousand and one are equivalent to one hundred and one and one thousand and one respectively. For hundreds more, add-s: two hundred equals deux cents.

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For thousands more, never damage. Hence, two thousand equals dukes mill. A million means one million and a billion means one million. Add these two together to make a higher number. So, two million is deux millions.

In France, decimal numbers are written with commas. The word for a comma is une virgule. Thus the decimal 1.5 is written 1, 5 and read as un vigrule cinq.

The word percent is written in two words in French: pour percent. So 50% would be cinvante pour cent.

How Do You Spell 28 In French

Simple numbers are counting numbers: first, second, third, etc. To form an ordinal number in French, add -ième to the number.

Printers’ Ode. Written For The Celebration Of The French Revolution, In The City Of Washington, October 28, 1830.

So, deuxième and troisième are second and third. The only major exception to this guideline is Premier and Premier First. Our page has a complete table of ordinal numbers and example sentences.

To form a fraction, add a prime number (un, deux, trois, etc.) to the common number. So the fraction 1/5 would be un cinquième.

Learning French numbers is essential to talking about math. The word plus in French is plus (say -s).

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When giving a telephone number, for example, the French do so in twos. In other words, a French telephone number would be written like this: and they would say it like this:

How Do You Spell 28 In French

(72, 20€). Yes, thats right, they use commas instead of decimal points between whole euros and cents.

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Pronounced at the end of a sentence or before a vowel. However, they are silent when followed by another word beginning with a consonant.

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How Do You Spell 28 In French

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How Do You Spell 28 In French

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