How Do You Drop Charges Against Someone In Florida

How Do You Drop Charges Against Someone In Florida – If you are the victim of a crime, you may wonder what happens if you decide you don’t want the crime to continue. Do you have the power to end the crimes? Can the public prosecutor withdraw the charges at the victim’s request?

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How Do You Drop Charges Against Someone In Florida

How Do You Drop Charges Against Someone In Florida

A victim cannot have the charges dropped simply by asking the prosecutor to do so. While it can’t hurt to let the prosecutor know how you feel, the prosecutor can’t dismiss the case without some reason.

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The public prosecutor can only drop the charges with the permission of the judge. A judge needs more than the victim’s wish to allow the accuser to drop the charges.

There are two main categories of prosecutor’s decisions not to prosecute the accused:

Charges have been filed, but there is not enough evidence to press charges. The prosecutor may believe he is being charged with a crime, but without sufficient reliable evidence, the prosecutor may ask the judge for permission to dismiss the case.

Sometimes the prosecutor may refuse to press charges, even if there is sufficient evidence to continue the case. There are far more crimes going on than prosecutors can bring to justice. Prosecutors often have to file their strongest and most compelling charges. For example, child abduction gets more resources from the prosecutor’s office than a jaywalking case.

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Even if there is sufficient evidence, the prosecutor may decide not to prosecute in situations such as these:

Sometimes the law in question is outdated because no one has enforced the law for years and it no longer makes sense to prevent or stop it.

Another reason our state laws limit the power of prosecutors to withdraw criminal charges is to protect victims. If the prosecutor had to drop the case because the victim asked, the perpetrators would threaten the victim to ask the prosecutor to do so. Taking that power away from the victims protects them from oppression by the accused.

How Do You Drop Charges Against Someone In Florida

Some victims believe that the dismissal of the charges will end retaliation against them by the accused. In the context of, for example, domestic violence or elder abuse, the victim may have a long-term relationship with the suspect because they have common children or the suspect is the guardian of the elder.

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In addition to these reasons, in some cases there are also many victims. If some victims want the prosecution to continue, dropping charges at another victim’s request would be unfair to others.

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DISCLAIMER: This post is intended to share my views, insights, and other general information on various aspects of criminal cases. It is not legal advice and is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice. You should consult a lawyer for legal advice on your personal situation and your case (Bangkok, June 4, 2018)—The Thai authorities must immediately drop the charges against the peaceful protesters who took part in the “People Go Network” march that took place fall in January, Fortify Rights and EnLaw Thai Foundation said today. On Tuesday, June 5, Thanyaburi’s Prosecutor in Pathum Thani district will decide whether the charges against the eight who planned the march will go ahead with the trial.

“Prosecuting protesters for peaceful protest is against Thailand’s international obligations,” said Amy Smith, executive director of Fortify Rights. “The Thai authorities should guarantee, not harass, the right of religious groups to come together.”

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On January 20, more than 100 members of the People Go Network – a network of groups of more than 100 people who support human rights and democratic values ​​gathered to participate in the “We Walk Friendship March” program at Thammasat University on Rangsit Campus in. Pathum Thani Province. The protesters planned to march *about *280 kilometers from Thammasat University to Khon Kaen Province* for *28 days* to draw attention to Thailand’s need for: 1) universal health care; (2) food safety and security; (3) consult the community in resource management; and (4) government intervention in the Constitution and election planning.

On January 20, 2018, 100 members of “People Go Network” took part in a peaceful “We Walk Friendship March” that began at Thammasat University at Rangsit Campus in Pathum Thani Province. More than 200 police officers tried to stop the protesters from leaving the school. ©Fortify Rights 2018

Although organizers notified Khlong Laung District Police of the January 17 march, as required by the Public Assembly Act of 2015, about 200 police officers blocked the protesters from continuing the march on January 20. About 150 protesters gathered peacefully in front of the demonstrators. the police, gave speeches and sang songs. More than a dozen protesters left the university and marched on, walking in groups of four, to Khon Kaen.

How Do You Drop Charges Against Someone In Florida

The administrative court issued a ruling to the police on January 26, prohibiting the police from obstructing the “We Walk Friendship March” and ordering the police to enforce and regulate traffic until the end of the march on February 17. The Supreme Administrative Court. reaffirmed the ruling on February 15, declaring that the decree was appropriate to “maintain the right to freedom of peaceful assembly as a fundamental part of democratic government.” , especially under the current military administration,” said Mr. Surachai Trongngam, Secretary General of EnLaw Thai Foundation (Environmental Litigation and Advocacy for the Wants), a Thai non-profit organization that supports communities in exercising their right to health and environmental protection. with one of the lawyers representing the protesters.

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Despite this decision, the organizers of this march are still accused of the role they played in organizing this demonstration. On January 23, 2018, the commander of Anti-Aircraft Battalion IV Lieutenant Colonel Phusit Khlaihiran charged the eight organizers of the People Go Network march with alleged violations of Article 12 of the National Peace and Council Order (NCPO) No. 2558, which prohibits political gatherings of more than five people. The eight organizers – Mr. Lertsak Kumkongsak, Mr. Nimit Tienudom, Mrs. Nutchanart Thanthong, mr. Jumnong Nupan, Mr. Somchai Grajanseang, Mrs. Sangsiri Teemanka, Mr. Anusorn Unno and Mr. Ubon Yuwa – faces up to six months in prison and/or a Thai Baht 10,000 (US$333) fine.

On January 31, 2018, the Khlong Laung district police arrested and charged eight organizers with violating the law under Section 12 of NCPO Order No. shirts with the slogan, “Every one of your signatures counts, help the NCPO.” The organizers also gave a speech on January 20, 2018, criticizing the leadership of the military government. The organizers denied the charges and the police let them go that day.

Sangsiri Teemaka, a long-time human rights activist and one of eight organizers accused, told Fortify Rights:

Our people, our networks do not have the ability to speak or tell the government about the laws of the country that have affected our daily lives. Many people are confused and insecure. According to the Constitution, we have the right and freedom of expression. We have the right to freedom of movement.

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In addition to the organizers of this march, the Thai authorities have also arrested protesters and supporters of this march. For example, on February 6, 2018, Lieutenant Adul Chaisriha of the Khun Jom Tham military camp in Payao province indicted 11 members of the Northern Peasants Federation of Thailand (NPFT) – a community organization that promotes farms and plantations. water rights – and three students, including a 16-year-old boy, who is the son of an NPFT member. This complaint concerns a violation under Article 12 of NCPO Order No. 3/2558 of a peaceful solidarity march held on Feb. 5 in Ban Doi Thewada, Phu Sang District, Payao Province, to support the We Walk protesters. That evening, police and army officers arrested and detained 11 of the 12 protesters in the Phu Sang district police station.

On February 6, Phusang District Police announced 10 out of 11 protesters, including Ms. Saeng Sobbong, Mr. Wanlop Pundee, Mr. Prayoon Yamongkol, Ms. Nom Karanoi, Mr. Nun Jatunam, Mr. Chern Daengmanee, Mr. Boonyuen Saengkaew, Mr. Somchai Koowattanasakul, Mrs. Gunthima Mongkoldee, and Mr. Worasathit Buadaeng, for criminal charges under Section 12 of NCPO Order No. 3/2558. That same day, the Chiang Kam provincial court released the 10 protesters on bail for 5,000 Thai Baht (US$166) each. On March 6, 2018, a court official told protesters that police had revoked orders to detain people before the trial and dropped charges against them. The case is pending investigation by the Chiang Kham Provincial Prosecutor.

Lamsai County Administration Police in Ayutthaya District have also arrested and questioned four People Go members without a lawyer present.

How Do You Drop Charges Against Someone In Florida

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