How Do You Beat Level 21 On B Cubed

How Do You Beat Level 21 On B Cubed – The Mikayan-Gurevich MiG-21 (Russian: Mikoyan и Gurevich MiГ-21; NATO reporting name: Fishbed) is a supersonic jet fighter and interceptor aircraft developed by the Soviet Mikayan-Gurevich Design Bureau. Its nickname: “balalaika” because its shape resembles the stringed instrument of the same name; “Ołówek”, in Polish “pcil”, due to the shape of the fuselage,

About 60 countries on four continents have flown the MiG-21, and it is still in service with many countries six decades after its first flight. It set aviation records by becoming the most-produced supersonic fighter in aviation history, the most-produced fighter since the Korean War, and, previously, the longest production of any fighter (currently surpassed by both the F-15 McDonnell Douglas. Eagle and the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon).

How Do You Beat Level 21 On B Cubed

How Do You Beat Level 21 On B Cubed

The MiG-21 fighter is the continuation of the Soviet fighter jets, starting with the MiG-15 and MiG-17 and the supersonic MiG-19. A number of experimental Soviet Mach 2 designs were based on nose intakes like the Su-7 or tail deltas, of which the MiG-21 was the most successful.

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Development of what would become the MiG-21 began in the early 1950s, when in 1954 the Mikayan design office completed preliminary research on the prototype, designated E-1. This program was quickly updated when it was determined that the machine that placed The plan does not have enough energy; The rebuild resulted in a second E-2 prototype. Both these and other prototypes have arrow-shaped wings. The E-4 was the first prototype with a triangular wing to appear in production. It made its first flight on June 16, 1955, and made its first appearance at the Soviet Aviation Day display at Moscow’s Tushin Airport in July 1956.

In the West, due to the lack of available information, the first part of the MiG-21 is often confused with similar Soviet fighters of the era. In one example, Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft 1960-1961 listed the “fishpot” as a Sukhoi project and used the example of the Su-9 “Fishpot”.

The MiG-21 was the first aircraft of the Soviet Union to successfully combine strategic and interceptor characteristics. in one plane. It is a light fighter that reaches a speed of Mach 2 with a relatively low power turbojet afterburner engine and is therefore comparable to the American Lockheed F-104 Starfighter and the Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter and the French Dassault Mirage III.

Its basic form was used for many other Soviet designs; Delta-winged aircraft include the Su-9 fighter-interceptor and the MiG bureau’s E-150 fast prototype, while the successful Su-7 front-line fighter and Mikayan’s experimental I-75 interceptor incorporated a fuselage shape similar to the swept wing. However, the shock features and the front air intake model did not find widespread use outside the Soviet Union and ultimately proved to be of limited development, mainly due to the limited space for the radar.

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Like many aircraft designed as interceptors, the MiG-21 has a short range. This results in poor positioning of the internal fuel tank in front of the center of gravity. spoon. As internal fuel is consumed, the center of gravity shifts beyond acceptable parameters. This made the aircraft unstable at the point where it was difficult to control, resulting in a clean flight time of only 45 minutes. This can be counteracted to some extent by moving the fuel in the outer tank closer to the center of gravity. The Chinese version had a slightly revised internal fuel tank design (as did the second Soviet version) and included a larger external fuel tank to deal with this problem.

In addition, when more than half of the fuel has been used up, the tight maneuvering prevents fuel from entering the engine

So it shuts down during flight. This increased the risk of tank explosions (the sides of the MiG-21 were pressurized with air from the engine’s compressor), a problem inherited from the MiG-15, MiG-17 and MiG-19.

How Do You Beat Level 21 On B Cubed

The short service life and low fuel capacity of the MiG-21F, PF, PFM, S/SM, and M/MF variants—although each variant had a larger fuel capacity than its predecessor—led to the development of the MT and SMT variants. . They have an increased range of 250 km (155 miles) compared to the MiG-21SM, but at the cost of degrading all other performance indicators, such as a low operating ceiling and a short time to altitude.

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A hydrofoil, although excellent for rapidly increasing altitude, means that any form of turning results in a rapid loss of speed. However, the light load of the aircraft may mean that a climb speed of 235 m/s (46,250 ft/min) is possible with the fighter MiG-21bis,

Not far from the performance of the F-16A later. A special feature of the Tumansky R-25 MiG-21 jet engine is the addition of a second fuel pump during the afterburning stage. Enabling Emergency Power Rating (EPR in India) the engine’s performance enhancement allows the engine to develop 97.4 kilonewtons (21,896 pounds) of thrust at altitudes below 2,000 meters (6,600 feet). ) height. The engine speed will increase by 2.5% and thus the compression ratio will increase as the temperature of the exhaust gas increases. The operational limit is 2 minutes for both practice and actual military, because further use causes the genie to overheat. Fuel consumption has increased by 50% compared to the figure at full throttle. This temporary power consumption gives the MiG-21bis a better thrust-to-weight ratio of 1:1 and a rate of climb of 254 meters/second, equivalent to the F-16’s close combat capability. The use of WEP thrust is limited to 2 minutes to reduce the load by 750 (250 + 250 + 250) Genie flight hours, as each second of the afterburner counts as a few minutes of normal power operation due to the extreme heat load. With WEP’s involvement, the P-25 MiG-21bis produced a massive 10-12 meter blowtorch – with six or seven shiny diamond-shaped “dampers” visible inside. The Russians gave a state of emergency called the ‘Diamond regime’ which was never used in India.

With experienced pilots and capable rockets, it can deliver results that Good fight with modern fighters. Its G limit has been increased from +7Gs in the initial variant to +8.5Gs in the latest version.

It was replaced by the new MiG-23 and MiG-27 with variable geometry for ground support. However, it was only with the MiG-29 that the Soviet Union would eventually replace the MiG-21 as a maneuverable air fighter to combat America’s new type of air dominance.

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The MiG-21 was widely exported and continues to be used. The aircraft’s simple handling, engines, weapons and aircraft are typical of Soviet-era military development. The use of tail feathers with triangular wings contributes to stability and control in the most turns of the flight, increasing the safety of less skilled pilots; In that, it has raised the competitiveness of exports to developing countries with training programs. which is limited and has a limited group of pilots. Despite being technologically inferior to the advanced fighters it often faces, its low production and maintenance costs have made the country a favorite buyer of Eastern Bloc military equipment. Several Russian, Israeli and Romanian companies have begun offering MiG-21 operators upgrade packages designed to bring the aircraft up to modern standards, with aeronautical and armament upgrades.

A total of 10,645 aircraft were built in the Soviet Union. They are produced in three factories: AZ 30

And TAZ 31 (1,678 aircraft) in Tbilisi. As a rule, Gorky built a single-seater plane for the Soviet Army. Moscow produced only one seat for export, and Tbilisi produced two seats both for export and in the USSR, although there were exceptions. The MiG-21R and MiG-21bis for export and for the USSR were built in Gorky, the single 17-seat aircraft was built in Tbilisi (MiG-21 and MiG-21F), the first MiG-21MF was built in Moscow and Gorky, and the MiG-21U was built both in Moscow and Tbilisi.

How Do You Beat Level 21 On B Cubed

83 MiG-21F; 513 MiG-21F-13; 525 MiG-21PF; 233 MiG-21PFL; 944 MiG-21PFS/PFM; 448 MiG-21Rs; 145 MiG-21S/SN; 349 MiG-21SM; 281 MiG-21SMT; 2013 MiG-21bis; 231 MiG-21MF

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MiG-21U (all export units); MiG-21PF (all export units); MiG-21FL (all units not manufactured by HAL); MiG-21M (all); 15 MiG-21MT (Total)

17 MiG-21 and MiG-21F; 181 production MiG-21U 66–400 and 66–600 (1962–1966); 347 MiG-21US (1966–1970); 1133 MiG-21UM (1971)

A total of 194 MiG-21F-13s were built under license in Czechoslovakia, and the Indian company Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. Built 657 MiG-21FL, MiG-21M and MiG-21bis (including 225 Bis).

Due to serial production, the aircraft is very cheap: MiG-21MF, for example, is cheaper than BMP-1.

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MiG-21 has three wings. The angle of sagittality along the leading edge is 57° with the TSAGI S-12 wing. The angle of incidence is 0°, and the dihedral angle is −2°. Ailerons with an area of ​​1.18 m are located at the rear edge

The fuselage is semi-monocoque with an elliptical profile and a maximum width of 1.24 m (4 ft 1 in). The flow of air into the gin is controlled by the inlet cone in the air intake. In the early MiG-21 model, the cone has three positions. For speeds up to Mach 1.5, the cone is fully retracted to the maximum aft position. For speeds from 1.5 to 1.9 Mach, the cone moves to the middle position. For speeds above Mach 1.9, the cone moves to its maximum forward position. Later

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