How Do I Protect My Ev Charging Cable From Theft

How Do I Protect My Ev Charging Cable From Theft – As electric vehicles become more common on our roads, there is also a greater demand for cables. With every driver carrying multiple cables for various reasons, the demand for charging cables is increasing. However, with a price tag of up to £250, each cable is expensive in itself, and this creates an unpleasant opportunity for theft. The following guide will advise you on how to protect your EV charging cable from thieves when charging at home and when using a public charger.

There is no clear reason why the EV cable. Most people who want a cable will be able to afford an electric car and don’t have to buy devices at low prices on the black market. However, with thrift stores accepting all types of goods and online markets providing a platform to sell stolen items as ‘second hand’, the cable can offer smaller payment packages to people who take advantage.

How Do I Protect My Ev Charging Cable From Theft

How Do I Protect My Ev Charging Cable From Theft

Also, cable theft by other EV owners is unlikely but not impossible. Like the story of the lost phone charger, some EV drivers may see an opportunity to steal a cable to have a spare without paying.

Electric Car Charging Cables Explained

EVs are considered a symbol of wealth in many cases and can sometimes be viewed with disdain. Unfortunately, some people take pride in damaging your property. This may be more common in areas where crime is high.

With more EVs on our roads, competition for limited EV charging stations is increasing, especially in areas where infrastructure is being developed. Some EV drivers may arrive and find that there is nowhere. Sometimes this can create an incentive to disconnect other vehicles and be chargers in the process. That said, if the length of the cable is limited, this situation will be procedurally difficult and very rare.

To combat this theft, there are several ways to protect EV charging cables and they are often very simple:

You can choose where the EV charging station is installed in your area and it is always recommended to install the device inside your garage. This way, you can choose to charge your vehicle in a lock-up garage or off-street garage. With the garage door locked, the chargers will not be visible to potential thieves and access to the property will be as difficult as accessing your home. In addition, having a place in the garage to store EV equipment when not in use will increase safety when you are away from home. However, we understand that not everyone has access to a garage at home and therefore this is not always an option.

Protecting Electronics In Ev Charging Devices

A charging cable lock can be purchased to fit multiple cables and is inexpensive. The lock fits over the adapter and cable handle and allows you to lock the cable while charging. It is not accessible to others and can be removed when it is ready to be charged. Additionally, the key is very small and can be plugged into a storage charger when not in use.

Another potential EV ‘hack’ is to use a simple lock to secure your cables. This can be done by wrapping a cable around one of the vehicle’s tires and connecting the two ends with a wrench. Others used large pads to connect EV cables to public charging stations. Obviously this is not fool proof but many times having a padlock is enough to deter thieves.

Most homes are already equipped with some form of security alarm. If you charge your vehicle on the road, sometimes at night, it is a good idea to install a CCTV camera. This will prevent potential thieves from trying to steal the cable but will also provide evidence that the cable was stolen.

How Do I Protect My Ev Charging Cable From Theft

Another option for home CCTV is to install cameras on the front and rear of the vehicle. It should have a parking mode option that will prevent the vehicle’s battery from discharging while in use. Parking mode will allow the camera to wait until any movement is detected, at which point the camera will turn on and record the event. However, because dash cameras are often small, they may not be visible and will not be a deterrent. He testified to the theft but later. Additionally, there were cases where unplugging the charging cable was not enough to get the camera out of standby mode and footage was not recorded.

Safe Charging With The E Lock

Another solution, especially is to park on or above the charging cable. Doing this on bare wire will damage it over time but you can buy a quality wire protector that covers the wire and allows you to run without damage. If the vehicle is placed on a rope, it will be very difficult for a thief to gain access.

Most vehicles have a locking system which means the charger cannot be removed while charging. This means that it is often very difficult to charge when connected to the car. However, some EVs, such as the Nissan Leaf, do not have the effective safety measures and many protection solutions that Leaf owners have experienced.

However, some vehicles with security systems, such as Tesla models, are vulnerable to sophisticated crime. There are efforts to develop a way to overcome the locking system in the charging cable. Another tactic that criminals use is to call the tolling company and tell them that their car won’t be unlocked. They can hack the device to find the code that indicates the charging station needs to be locked and then simply remove the cable once it’s removed by the charging company.

Incidents like this are becoming more common as the number of EVs on the road increases and more people see the potential. Manufacturers like Tesla, however, encourage owners to report these thefts and work on future security solutions.

Ev Charger Wars! Anger And Death Threats As Frustrated Owners Unplug Electric Cars

Although theft remains rare in the UK, there is awareness of electric vehicles and charging stations. As the number of EVs on our roads increases, the opportunities and incentives for theft will increase. Moving forward, it will become more important to protect your EV and its accessories.

If you have an EV or are considering going electric and want to know more, get in touch. A member of our technical team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Currently, there are approximately 400,000 electric cars and 750,000 hybrid vehicles on the road. Also, after 2030, all new cars will be electric.

This increase in electric vehicles will lead to theft. The cost can now exceed $10 million annually to replace catalytic converters, another favorite of thieves.

How Do I Protect My Ev Charging Cable From Theft

Many scrap and recycling businesses are also seeing questions about electric car chargers – often, how much they will cost. The scrap value of the material in the cable can be around £50. Also, used chargers sell for around £200.

Ac Charging Cable

Mike Thompson, Chief Operating Officer at Training Options, said: “While there are no official figures on the theft of electric car chargers, it is a growing crime. So much so that the British Defense Association has said that insurance premiums could rise.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy for thieves to get hold of a charging cable, especially when it’s charged. Software experts have highlighted some EV chargers have cyber security flaws, meaning they can be accessed remotely to unlock the charging station.

“Obviously, this is not good news for electric car owners. However, there are additional steps EV owners can take to protect their electric car chargers from being targeted. These include removing the charger from the car at night, installing a dash cam and using the key.

Even if you can’t call it home, it’s a great way to deter thieves. In addition, installing an electric charging station on your property provides additional protection from prying eyes. Choose a charger in the garage or away from the street view if you can. This will give you more security and peace of mind.

Blaupunkt A3p32at2 Electric Vehicle Charging Cable User Manual

Pads are one of the ways to prevent theft, and they work on cables. In addition, many electric cars have a loop to protect the key while charging. In some cases, and depending on the wheels you have, you can turn the cable around the wheel and put a padlock on the cable.

Just because some cables are stolen from the boots when they are not in use, does not mean that you should use them. Instead, choose a secure box to store the cord when not in use to make it difficult for opportunists.

The boot is the easiest place to store the charger. However, it is also very clear and original

How Do I Protect My Ev Charging Cable From Theft

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