How Did Tommy Highers Die

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How Did Tommy Highers Die

How Did Tommy Highers Die

Now we wonder how Thomas Highers died. Now, we can not expect much from the family of Thomas Highers, because they are not in the right mood to describe the death of Thomas Highers. We assure you that we will add practical details as we are told that the death of Thomas Highers brings sadness to the family of Thomas Highers and we hope that the mourning and mourning will end soon. We assure you that we will regularly update all information about the death of Thomas Highers as details become known. His sudden death is a sad event for all his friends and family. Please add to your prayers that the family of Thomas Highers will be given more courage to bear the loss of Thomas Highers.

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Our team is now working hard to find out the cause of death of Thomas Highers. At present we have no information about the death of Thomas Highers. But we assure you that we will give you practical information when we receive the information. The family and friends of Thomas Highers are deeply saddened and pray for peace. Currently, there are not many reports about the cause of death of Thomas Highers in terms of news or statements.

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That’s what Raymond Highers described when a judge sentenced him and his brother Tommy Highers to life in prison without parole for a murder they didn’t commit.

It took 26 years for him to be released, to adapt to life on the outside after more than a quarter of a century in prison.

Man Testifies In 1987 Detroit Murder Case

Raymond and Tommy Highers join Stateside to talk about the journey that began on Detroit’s east side in 1987.

The main thing is that you cannot understand. You are innocent and you never thought the justice system would bring you down like this. It’s just incomprehensible.

Ray is 19 years old and works part-time for his stepfather as a carpenter in Flat Rock. One Friday night, he went to Detroit to hang out with friends. They stopped to buy a bag of weed from Robert Karey, known as “The Old Man Bob.”

How Did Tommy Highers Die

When he got to his house on the east side of town, there were police cars everywhere. Thinking Bob was being towed, he left.

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Little did they know that before the evening many things would happen that would change their lives forever.

A car full of kids from Grosse Point Shores came to Old Man Bob’s house to buy weed too. The two men got out of the car near the back door of Bob’s house. According to Raymond, when they reached the back door, four men jumped over the fence with guns and told the two teenagers to leave. As they were leaving, someone shot and killed Bob.

Every day [in prison] is holy hell … knowing that you are innocent and still there, but you have to adapt to your situation in order to survive in order to maintain cleanliness. Answer: The biggest thing is that I always have hope and I know that one day we will leave Sing. God will not let us die in prison for something we did not do.

Nearby witnesses saw the two teenagers go up the back door, heard gunshots, and saw the two boys run down the street. He was supposed to be the shooter.

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“It was an extraterrestrial experience, especially for innocent people who were there and then sentenced to natural life in the country without the possibility of release,” Raymond said. “It’s just not true. It’s just an out-of-body experience. It’s over.”

“The important thing is that you cannot understand.” You are innocent and you never thought the justice system would make you fall like this. “It’s just incomprehensible.”

“I was numb, I heard the bell,” Tommy said. “It’s like just looking around our whole family and we don’t know what’s going on. Everyone is crying and emotional and here are two children left to live for something they didn’t. Done. It’s just devastating for all of us.”

How Did Tommy Highers Die

Both were sent to prison, but at least a small chain of money was thrown away. With the support of relatives and religious beliefs, there is hope.

Murder Charges Dismissed Against Michigan Brothers

“Every day is pure hell,” Raymond said. “Holy hell, know you’re innocent and you’re still there, but you have to adapt to your situation in order to live in order to keep your sanity. get out of there that God will not let us die in prison for what we did not do. And of course is with me. So I feel positive. It’s only through God’s grace that he gives us that kind of attitude to keep going and not. be crazy or do funny things. In [prison].”

They escaped from trouble behind the arrest, but the five-year sentence was changed. Family members cannot now be held in the same prison.

“It’s like trying again,” Tommy said. “Because there is a brother there, you don’t have to ask if you are honest or not, don’t ask if you are sincere, just know that you are not guilty. “It was a difficult time in the beginning, you have to adapt without him.”

You both try to find a way out. He met and became close to prison staff, he called whenever he could, trying to find someone who could help him get out of prison.

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Coincidentally, attorney Kevin Zieleniewski stumbled upon a Facebook post by his ex-wife Mary Evans, a high school classmate of Highers. Both were correspondents and, unfortunately, Zieleniewski knew someone at the crime scene in 1987. His friend was one of the two men who approached Old Man Bob’s back door.

“It’s like being reborn at 47,” Raymond said. And then push forward. It’s over, it’s over. Looking forward to [going] tomorrow.

Recently, Public Law No. 843 was implemented, which provides for the convicted person ($50,000 per year) for the time spent in prison. However, the pardon was before the act was legally signed. Both could receive $1.25 million for their time in prison.

How Did Tommy Highers Die

Listen to the full interview above to hear how he adapted to life outside and how his life could change if he received financial compensation.

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Thomas Highers is back.

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