How Did Tim Ferrick Die

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His death was announced on social media by his team, who said they were “totally devastated” by the loss of their friend and colleague on April 13. The cause of death was not revealed.

How Did Tim Ferrick Die

How Did Tim Ferrick Die

Ferek, who is believed to be in his 30s, first joined the club in 2009 as a touring member before leaving in 2010. He then joined in 2012 and has played on all of the band’s albums since then, most recently in 2020.

Tim Ferrick, Gavin’s Choreographer, Has Died At The Age Of 34

Dance Gavin Dance is a rock band formed in Sacramento in 2005. They have released nine albums since their inception and their current members are Tillian Pearson, John Mays, Will Swan, Andrew Wells and Matthew Mingus.

They were scheduled to begin their Swanfest tour in Sacramento on April 23, before playing more US shows and touring the UK and Europe this fall.

Many fans commented on the announcement of Ferek’s death, with one writing: “This is so heartbreaking as a fan, you can’t imagine what you’re going through.” Rest easy, Tim, thanks for all the music. “

Another wrote: “Tim has never been a standout on stage, but he had such a presence you can’t help but notice. A unique voice sets him apart from the best bass players of all time. It’s a truly sad day for DGD fans around the world. RIP Tim .”

Tim Feerick, Dance Gavin Dance Bassist, Died Unexpectedly

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How Did Tim Ferrick Die

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Dance Gavin Dance Bassist Cause Of Death, How Did Dance Gavin Dance Bassist Die?

Please refresh the page or go to another page on the site to log in automatically. Please refresh your browser to log in. Another global death has been confirmed, after experimental rock band Dance Gavin Dance announced that bassist Tim Ferrick had passed away on Wednesday. .

So far, the cause of death of Ferik, 34, is unknown, but fans of the band quickly paid tribute to the singer.

“We are deeply saddened to share the news that our friend and bassist, Tim Ferrick, passed away last night. Please respect the privacy of our and Tim’s family as we deal with this tragic and unexpected loss,” the band wrote. on social media.

“We will share more updates about Swanfest and our upcoming tour schedule as soon as we get it,” the group said in a statement.

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Ferik joined Dance Gavin Dance in 2009, five years after the band’s formation, has been the first tour and since 2013 an official member.

Playing six Dance Gavin Dance albums, the guitarist has been a longtime resident of Folsom and lives in San Carlos.

The band is headlining Swanfest, a one-day music festival scheduled for April 23 at Heart Health Park in Sacramento, and it will be their first performance as part of a 19-date tour across the United States.

How Did Tim Ferrick Die

Dance Gavin Dance is a mixture of genres such as punk, screamo and jazz fusion, and has sold over a million albums. His most recent albums are live albums “Tree City Sessions (2016) and Tree City Sessions 2 (2020) and on Spotify his music has over a billion plays.

Remembering Tim Feerick Of Dance Gavin Dance In Sacramento

Celebrity Kanye West’s online behavior is so shocking at the Grammys, he fell off the awards list “We are deeply saddened to share the news of the passing of our friend and bassist, Tim Ferrick, last night,” the band announced on Thursday. “Please respect our privacy and that of Tim’s family as we deal with this tragic and unexpected loss.”

On Monday, the band members said in an Instagram post that after “many internal discussions with our team, and most importantly with Tim’s family,” they will perform at Swanfest and tour “in respect and devotion to Tim.” Announcing the band’s upcoming album. The band said it will be performing again later this week.

The band also revealed that they had previously planned to meet Feerick for a photo shoot and practice prior to Swanfest’s performance, in addition to their tour.

“A key aspect of this decision comes from knowing who Tim was as a person and what he wanted,” the group wrote. It will open in Sacramento, California, on Saturday, according to the band’s website.

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The group added, “Music is our therapy, and we, like the rest of the members, wish to be together at this time and sing to our audience on stage the songs he helped compose.”

Sergio Medina, a close friend of the group, will act as a substitute bass player in the group’s upcoming shows, according to the group. The band is organizing a Swanfest memorial dedicated to Feerick, and the festival itself will be dedicated to Feerick’s memory.

The song concluded, “While this is a great tragedy for everyone who loved and respected Tim, he would have loved to have everyone go out, be together and enjoy the music.” Ferek, who died on the night of April 13-14, the band revealed in a statement.

How Did Tim Ferrick Die

She has retained membership in the group for the past decade after joining in 2009 and leaving the following year. He returned to the post-hardcore band in 2012, replacing guitarist Eric Lodge.

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“We are deeply saddened to share the news of the passing of our friend and bassist, Tim Ferrick, last night,” said Gavin Dance on Thursday (April 14).

“We ask that you respect our privacy and that of Tim’s family as we deal with this tragic and unexpected loss,” they added.

In response to the subsequent support from fans, Dance Gavin Dance singer Tillian Pearson responded, “Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me so much. It really helps. The pain is unbearable but it’s better when someone wants to share it.”

Gavin Dance did not say the cause of Verrick’s death or his age on Thursday. As for their upcoming tour dates, they said they will share updates “as soon as they become available.” They should start a tour of the United States. Memphis Mayfire this month.

Dance Gavin Dance

Check out the team’s statement below. Below, watch some of Feerick’s Dance Gavin Dance videos he shared on YouTube. He sends his condolences to Ferik’s family, friends and fans.

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