How Did Alissa Carlson Lose Weight

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When Gretchen Carlson — former Fox News host and Miss America 1989 — took over as president of the Miss America Organization earlier this year, she promised the 2019 pageant would join the empowerment movement and become “open, transparent and inclusive.” Judging the contestants based on their talking points and social impact initiatives rather than their clothes and looks. And in Sunday’s final pageant, it appeared that Miss America 2.0 was indeed the (slightly) less competitive pageant that Carlson was aiming for.

How Did Alissa Carlson Lose Weight

How Did Alissa Carlson Lose Weight

Thanks to sweeping changes announced this summer, which included the removal of the swimsuit and evening gown divisions, as well as a major rebrand, this year’s event was markedly different from any other in the pageant’s 97-year history.

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Viral highlights? Miss Michigan, Emily Sioma, was introduced not with an overview of her college and degree, but by calling attention to the ongoing water crisis in Flint. “From the state with 84 percent of the US’s fresh water, but none for its residents to drink, I am Miss Michigan Emily Cioma,” she said.

“from the state with 84 percent of U.S. fresh water but none for its inhabitants to drink, I miss Michigan Emili Sioma” — the new pageant #missamerica2019 did not come to play — alex rees (@maybealexislost) September 10, 2018

According to the Daily Beast, Sunday night’s pageant, which aired live on ABC, was “50 percent less offensive than the average pageant, with 100 percent more pants.” There were heartfelt calls from contestants on everything from diversity to the importance of investigative journalism, women in STEM and adaptive wheelchair sports, while the opening script drew on words like “sisters,” “future leaders” and ” the empowered”.

But despite reports of turmoil behind the scenes — as well as a very public rift between Carlson and the most recent Miss America, Cara Mund — Miss America 2.0 could provide a potential model for what pageants could be like in future. .

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Because women have always been judged heavily on their appearance, beauty pageants have been around the world for millennia. When Miss America debuted in 1921, it was to draw more crowds to the Atlantic City boardwalk, and the public cheered for their favorite contestant, who garnered 50 percent of the vote.

In the early days of the pageant, non-white women were not allowed to enter the pageant. Although the rule that “contestants must be healthy and white” was abolished in 1950, the first black contestant did not participate until 1970, and the first black winner was Vanessa Williams in 1984. It was the first time a winner received threats death and hate mail, and also the first time a contestant was forced to quit after nude photos (which she was told would never appear in print) were revealed. with racial overtones.

Meanwhile, America’s second most prestigious pageant, Miss USA, was co-owned by Donald Trump between 1996 and 2015, during which the future president acted like entering Miss Teen USA’s dressing room while the contestants were changing and they boasted. . Trump, who remains preoccupied with the women’s appearance crisis, continued to attack Alicia Machado, Miss Universe Venezuela, for gaining weight during the 2016 election.

How Did Alissa Carlson Lose Weight

It’s no surprise that the Miss America Organization is desperately trying to shed its sexist past. Last December, emails surfaced between CEO Sam Haskell and head writer Lewis Friedman in which contestants were referred to as “cunta” and called “pieces of trash” and “majestic,” among other misogynistic comments.

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When Gretchen Carlson, who became an outspoken #MeToo advocate after settling a sexual-harassment lawsuit against former Fox CEO Roger Ailes, took over as head of the agency and appointed several more women to its board, the intent was to change the competition. in a. which focused less on the contestants’ appearance and attire and more on the social issues they star.

But in doing so, another little scandal erupted: In the weeks leading up to this year’s Miss America 2018 pageant, Cara Mund said in a public Facebook post that the organization had “systematically silenced me, diminished me, marginalized me, and basically erased me . “In my role as Miss America in subtle and not-so-subtle ways on a daily basis.” She accused the organization of favoring Carlson over her and of using passive-aggressive tactics to downplay her situation.

Last week, a banner reading “Gretchen sucks” was placed on the Miss America statue in Atlantic City, and several posters mocking Carlson with the words “So Fake” were posted from nearby traffic lights.

Despite the drama, however, it appears that this year’s contestants have largely stuck to the mission of Miss America 2.0. Instead of the traditional evening dress, women were free to wear clothes that made them feel confident and express their personal style. (Read: lots of jumpsuits).

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Even the contest’s revamped branding resembles that of a socially conscious startup—the hero image on its website is a cinematic image of a woman in a yellow skirt dancing in Converse sneakers, while the font is, of course, a delightful sans. serif.

But aside from Sioma’s bold statement about the Flint water crisis, most of the contestants who made it to Sunday’s finals stuck with less obvious political issues to win — the environment, youth empowerment and support for people with disabilities. vision problems. , for example.

However, a few nights ago, politics were present in the foreground. During the preliminary round of the pageant Friday night, Miss West Virginia Madeline Collins said, “Donald Trump is the biggest issue facing our country. Unfortunately, he has caused great division in our country and until we believe in him and the choices he is making for our country, we cannot come together.”

How Did Alissa Carlson Lose Weight

And on Thursday, when Emily McPhail (Miss Virginia) was asked how the NFL should respond to its players kneeling during the national anthem, she said the protests were “absolutely about police brutality” and that “kneeling during of the national anthem is absolutely. right, you have to stand up for what you believe in and make the right decision that’s right for you.”

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This, perhaps, could indicate the changes that are coming in the beauty pageant world. And unlike the vast majority of Miss America winners, this year the judges chose a non-white contestant, New Yorker Nia Imani Franklin, who chose arts education for youth as her social outreach initiative.

The goal of Miss America 2.0 is to make pageants more like serious job interviews. But to be clear, the Miss America pageant has always been a job interview—it determines the woman who will represent the organization next year in speaking and travel engagements. Just being hot and likable can no longer be the only requirement.

As much as this year’s pageant was a step into the future, it’s still hard to imagine a queer Miss America (although 2016 featured the pageant’s first openly gay contestant) who is capable of being restricted, who is fat or transgender or gender. non-compliant. It’s even hard to imagine a winner whose personal style is a little odd, who doesn’t have perfect hair, not to mention one who takes a stand on a controversial political issue.

These are ingredients that make up the Miss America recipe, and while there are plenty of pageants that aim to subvert the norm – drag and queer subcultures have their own versions. There’s even an event to crown the “smallest penis in Brooklyn”—anyone hoping for a truly disruptive Miss America probably shouldn’t bother holding their breath for Miss America 3.0.

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How Did Alissa Carlson Lose Weight

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