How Can Kindness Reunite Our Country

How Can Kindness Reunite Our Country – “Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least expensive, and most underestimated agent of human change.” – Bob Carrie

Here are some great stories of local and non-local kindness that will restore your faith in humanity, no matter which political aisle you live on.

How Can Kindness Reunite Our Country

How Can Kindness Reunite Our Country

“I voted. I went straight to Caribou and was in a good mood. I found out my order had been paid for, so I paid for the car behind me. The waiter told me to pay in advance. QETALA said I TENTH CAR. Take it. If I don’t take anything else positive From this day forward, I at least know that there are still good people out there.”

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Stacy Smith of Wolf Mountain, Pennsylvania, brought her autistic son with her to vote. Thinking that I would have to wait in line, I was surprised that those in line let her and her son go ahead so they could vote without making them wait. Check out his grateful reaction.

I think these stories remind us that no matter what, good always wins. Kindness brings people together. It brings communities together.

Do you have a good story or experience you would like to share? If so, share it in the comments below. Philippine McDonald’s Chairman and Founder George T Young once again joins one of the country’s OPM icons, Jose Marie Chan, in an online video to share the light and happiness of the holiday season. . In the short clip, the two screen-first friends in McDonald’s Grandparents’ Day 2019 video give new meaning to virtual carols with their fun animated versions of the classic Pinoy Christmas setting.

The online video is part of McDonald’s Philippine “Share the Light” campaign that aims to spread happiness and kindness this season. Check out McDonald’s Facebook at to see the video.

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In the spirit of sharing light with those affected by the latest Hurricane Odette this holiday season, Yang and Chan have partnered for McDonald’s Kindness Kitchen, a program of the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). Providing food for frontline and marginalized communities. With the support of its partners, the Philippine Disaster Relief Fund (PDRF), Naval Reserve, Coca-Cola, Air Asia and Philippine Airlines, McDonald’s is deploying Mercy Kitchen to serve 20,000 meals in typhoon-affected communities.

Since its launch in March 2020, McDonald’s Kindness Kitchen has served more than 550,000 hot meals across the country. It continues to bring kindness to more and more communities with the support of corporate and individual donors.

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How Can Kindness Reunite Our Country

EMVP Digital is an online empire that is a source for nuggets of useful information and everyday entertainment in all its forms. He has produced for, RAWR Awards, RAWRMag, DailyPIPOL, and Broken Lion. These platforms have a high level of audience that varies monthly by age and gender. Couples torn apart by the pandemic gather for reunion. Couples discuss how travel restrictions kept them apart from oceans for months. Although they lobbied governments to allow them to see each other, some were forced to postpone weddings or even skip births.

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Thousands of couples have been separated due to travel restrictions linked to the pandemic. Some managed to be reunited, but many were still trying to find their way around. (Clockwise from top left: Johannes Mahel, Jose Blount, Korsey Kramble, Sean Donovan, Todd Allsopp, Sebastian Bendel, Marisa Daniela, Yoel Diaz-Kone, Razan Ibrahim, Aisha Chidpalka, Yahli Maoz, Gemma Gonzalez.) According to left: Johannes Mahel and Jorisa Blount; Corsi Crumble and Sean Donovan; Todd Allsopp and Sebastian Bendel; Marisa Daniela and Yoel Diaz Kone; Saira Camilla Yahli Maoz and Gemma Gonzalez Hide the Caption

Clockwise from top left: Johannes Mahel and Gorissa Blount; Corsi Crumble and Sean Donovan; Todd Allsopp and Sebastian Bendel; Marisa Daniela and Yoel Diaz Kone; Saira Camilla sweetens Moaz and Gemma Gonzalez

Thousands of couples have been separated due to travel restrictions linked to the pandemic. Some managed to be reunited, but many were still trying to find their way around. (Clockwise from top left: Johannes Mahel, Jose Blount, Korsi Krumble, Sean Donovan, Todd Allsopp, Sebastian Bendel, Marisa Daniela, Yoel Dias Kone, Rizan Ibrahim, Aisha Chidpalka, Yahli Maoz, Gemma Gonzalez.)

Razan Ibrahim understands separation. The web developer, who fled the war in Syria and is now taking refuge in the Netherlands, is in a long-term marriage to his wife, Indian-American math teacher Aisha Schedbelkar, due to the Trump administration’s ban on Syrians.

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“He quit his job to stay with me in Amsterdam this year,” she says. Then the epidemic began.

They became one of thousands of couples separated by coronavirus-related travel restrictions. Most of them are not married. In a number of countries, non-resident partners, who often visit them as tourists, are denied entry during the pandemic.

The United States restricts travel from Brazil, China, and much of Europe. The European Union has allowed visitors from dozens of countries, but most countries such as the United States – where the coronavirus is still on the rise – are banned.

How Can Kindness Reunite Our Country

Reunion is especially difficult for same-sex couples. “It’s easier for some countries to put us up as friends and not let us in,” said Robert Garrison, 42, a high school French teacher in Los Angeles. She usually spends every school holiday in France with her French partner for four years, but she is not now allowed into the country.

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Couples are now organizing on social media to urge governments to reunite, tweeting the hashtags #LoveIsNotTourism and #LoveInsential. The Facebook group “Love Is Not Tourism” has more than 15,000 members. American Maggie Foster, co-founder of another group called Couples Separated by Travel Bans, which has more than 8,000 members on the Facebook social network, said activists have lost faith in the US government.

“Our representatives don’t respond to our inquiries, and if they do, they just say, ‘I’m sorry, it’s all about Donald Trump,'” Foster said.

Some European lawmakers are interested in this. Countries such as Austria, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands now allow non-EU partners to enter on ‘preferred visas’.

I spoke to some of the couples around the world who are experiencing divorce during the pandemic.

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They met at a technology conference in Russia last year and exchanged numbers. A few weeks later, he said he was going to Tbilisi, Georgia, for another conference. And he’s like, ‘What if I join you there?’ “He wants to get on a plane to meet me in another country. What’s wrong with me?” Mahel says it was love at first sight. “Everyone knows him in my life. My family, my friends, my colleagues, my neighbors.” “I even talk about it with my dog.” Since I They met, they visited each other every two months and they video chat several times a day. He is being video interviewed. He applied for a K-1 visa (fiancé) to join She in the United States, where they plan to marry in December. The wedding has been postponed. Mahele is doing Currently building a house for the two of them in South Africa, where they are planning a second wedding.” What keeps me going is knowing, “We are not alone in this, and we are going to find some way to be together. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know when. But it is,” Blount says. It’s going on. It’s happening.”

They met last year at a club in Berlin and since then they chat every day and go back and forth between the US and Germany every few weeks. They met each other’s parents. They spent Christmas with the Allsup family and vowed to be reunited in March. Pandemic travel restrictions kept them separate for months. “By having to break up, we realized how committed we were to that relationship,” Allsup says. “I’m thankful that we live in an era where FaceTime exists because we at least get to see each other every day,” Bendel says. “I don’t think I can handle a normal cell phone.” They are now trying to make plans to meet in a third country that accepts Americans and Germans and is relatively cheap for long-term stays. “Could it be Mexico? Rwanda? I don’t care where I carry it,” Bendel says. Alsup hopes that they will be reunited in September, considering that Denmark has allowed him to have two concerts.

Daniela was 4 years old and Diaz Kone was 7 years old. He’s a Cuban American, and he and his family were visiting from the US “I’ve always known him from the other side of the street as Yoel,” she said.

How Can Kindness Reunite Our Country

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