How Big Is Tom Daley’s Penis

How Big Is Tom Daley’s Penis – Interviews with British athletes confirm what we all know: boys look and compare, and the bigger the better.

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How Big Is Tom Daley’s Penis

How Big Is Tom Daley's Penis

Does dick size really matter in sports? In short, the answer is yes. The bigger the better, but if it’s too big there will be doubts that you can use it.

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My PhD research took me on a journey to gain insights into embodiment and masculinity in sport. As a podiatrist I did my research journey with a focus on understanding the experiences of athletes and their footwear. My work yielded some interesting findings about shoes and sneakers and I called it Podolinguistics. However, for men to think about their shoes and feet in sports, I needed to break down the role of embodiment (how men connect with their bodies and experience life through their bodies). This yielded some significant findings, related to muscle volume and more specifically penis size. This work is published in my first book, Jocratia: Masculinities and Queer Sport, which is peer-reviewed under the editorial arm of the Journal of Sport and Society.

As a podiatrist specializing in the sociology of sport, I never thought I would spend so much time discussing penis size, the role of the penis, and how penis size can shape a sports team’s understanding of masculinity.

After ethical approval, the study included interviews with eight athletes; Four self-identified homosexual men and four self-identified heterosexual men. Participants were recruited from professional and semi-professional sports clubs across London, and a one-hour semi-structured interview was conducted at the University of East London.

The athletes included in this study are three soccer players (all heterosexual); 1 soccer and rugby player (heterosexual); 1 physical trainer (homosexual); 1 bodybuilder (gay); 1 squash and tennis player (gay) and former professional gymnast (gay).

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Data were analyzed using interpretive phenomenological analysis (IPA), developed by Jonathan Smith in 1995. The methodology requires only a small number of participants due to the intensive analytic process. The analysis of these interviews took more than a year. (See more about the methodology below).

The study suggested that men look at each other’s penises, as a measure of how big or small they are, and compare themselves to the rest of the team or the men in the locker room. The activity of testing each other occurred without relevance to sexuality and type of sport; All the participants declared that they looked at each other’s dicks in the locker room.

This knowledge of who has a big dick and who doesn’t within a homosocial setting has helped single athletic men move up a social hierarchy of importance. Those with the largest penis were admired and revered by their teammates as a symbol of masculinity. These “big” people have become the focus of camaraderie and team building in their sports settings. The rooster has become a focal point where you can joke around, create nicknames and enjoy the basics of being a man. Two nicknames mentioned include “slinger” and “the biggest dick in Scottish basketball”.

How Big Is Tom Daley's Penis

It was particularly interesting to note that two of the gay athletes felt a change in being more self-aware than other straight athletes, while the straight athletes did not have the same inhibitions. The bodybuilder suggested that if gay athletes are looking, they’re probably not just checking out their size, but maybe expecting something more. He then suggested that by switching with straight athletes, there is no sexual tension, so it doesn’t matter. Controversially, he also added that he thought it was “unfair to switch in front of straight athletes, in case they feel uncomfortable.” It was interesting that this “gay watching” became a more complex situation than that experienced by heterosexual athletes, changing habits in their locker room.

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This stare and/or fear of being stared at has become very interesting in the shower, where some straight jocks have suggested “smacking your dick a little” so you don’t look too small in community showers. The half-erect penis in the shower became another kind of joke, with jokes about the fact that “one of the other jocks might have turned you on.” Gay athletes did not report this as something they would do; They suggested that there was an attempt to act heteronormatively to de-emphasize queer behavior, and a boner was not a good way to do it.

Many of the athletes noted the fact that if they had a teammate with a big dick, name calling and name calling followed them out of the locker room and into their social lives. It was noticed that on a night out with their groups or teammates, the talk and jokes followed them to pubs and clubs. For example, one athlete began, “If Schlager was talking to a girl, we’d all jump on him and let her know he had a huge penis,” promoting him as an idol of male athletic prowess. The rugby player who told this particular story seemed to imply that the women weren’t really impressed by this nonsense; “Often they would just roll their eyes,” he said. Significantly, this was not a one-time experience and most athletes participated in such activities outside of the locker room environment.

It was interesting to note that a rugby player talked about another athlete who had a really huge penis; He felt that the only reason he was still on the team was because he had a “huge dick” and, in fact, “wasn’t that good at rugby”. It was interesting to get a sense of the fact that a large penis in the rugby environment was actually more important than athletic ability, simply because it strengthened team unity.

In my thesis I argue that a large penis is now an essential component of hegemonic masculinity, and must be seen as a new principle of masculine capital; taking into account the meaning it has on the social hierarchy in the sports field. I called it rooster supremacy.

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There is a downside to being a big penis. If it was too big, other athletes sometimes doubted that you could use it sexually or that anyone would let you use it on them. There was an understanding that as an athlete you have to be sexually active; It added significantly to masculine capital and the attributes associated with a hegemonic sporting man. A big dick couldn’t just be a symbol of masculinity, it had to be used in the sexual context. Highly delusional athletes knew that they had to be sexually active to maintain their position in a male sporting environment. If you couldn’t deflect that potential reputation, you’d be labeled the “40-year-old virgin” who stays home and watches TV. So having a big penis comes with expected duties and responsibilities.

It’s important to note that people with small penises were often seen as fans of the big guys, but not in a homophobic or demeaning way. It was also noted that those fat athletes generally had small penises. Fatter athletes were considered hegemonic negatives in this scenario, as was their small penis. These athletes were placed at the bottom of this social hierarchy; It was suggested that they would probably have to work harder to be part of the team.

Taking all this into consideration, all the athletes discussed this fact that the fear of exposing their penis for the first time in the locker room is evident. Those with the biggest dicks and balls were always seen as the safest. However, by the time he was able to gauge his standing with the rest of his teammates, it was a stressful experience for everyone, regardless of penis size, sexuality, or sport.

How Big Is Tom Daley's Penis

Cock politics is a contentious sport, or cococracy as I like to call it. Some athletes may not like to think that it exists; Some may wholeheartedly embrace the idea and recognize its truth in their own experiences. Penis politics, this new vision of cococracy in sports, is an interesting and fascinating facet of the sociology of all male sports environments. So, to conclude, my work suggests that penis size does matter in sports, regardless of sexuality, sporting discipline, and age.

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Dr Chris Morris-Roberts is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton, UK. He has worked in higher education for nearly 10 years, focusing on teaching psychology and the sociology of health. Since he completed his doctorate nearly a year ago, Chris has been developing his research and publishing career ever since. Last year he published Jockocracy: Queering Masculinity and Sport, focusing on work drawn from his doctoral thesis. This publication and an article in PodiatryNow, UK, on ​​podolinguistics and athletes generated a huge amount of international interest. Chris is currently working on developing the sociological framework of podolinguistics.

Methodology: Finally, reference will be made to the volume

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