How Big Is 30×40 Inches

How Big Is 30×40 Inches – Pink, purple, cherry, moon and gold shimmer on this canvas wall art creates a street scene lit by swinging beams, structured strobe lights and a planet-like mass.

With windows, skyscrapers and long, endless tower blocks stretching into the distance, it’s immersive, making you feel part of the scale.

How Big Is 30×40 Inches

How Big Is 30x40 Inches

Zoom in, fill your empty wall with large wall art and watch the city shimmer seductively before your eyes.

X40 Picture Frame Black Wood 30×40 Frame 30 X 40 Frames Acrylic Glass 30 X 40 Inch

Improve your everyday thinking. Express yourself with unique wall art that matches your visions.

Handcrafted from 100% real pine wood – a high quality, durable canvas that will last a lifetime. Made from FSC-certified sustainable forests.

Premium printing Flawless colors, vibrancy and details. Each canvas is inspected before dispatch to ensure it meets the highest standards.

Love it or your money back 100% customer satisfaction or money back guarantee. It is essential that you are satisfied with your purchase!

X40” Poster Printing

Original Art and Design The Dope Art is owned and operated by a small team of professionals led by artist Jesse Johnson. We are located on the west coast of Portland, OR. (USA) and are available to customers daily as we work to grow and develop the brand and our unique and inspiring Dope Art collection.

SIZE OPTIONS Small: 12 x 16 inches | Medium: 18 x 24 inches | Large: 30 x 40 inches | Field: 40 x 60 inches

Small: 30 x 40 cm | Center: 46 x 61 cm | Large: 76 x 102 cm | Size: 102 x 152 cm

How Big Is 30x40 Inches

Printed by our manufacturing partners in the USA (6 locations), CANADA, ITALY OR AUSTRALIA, the location closest to you. Delivery time

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