How Big Is 28 Inches

How Big Is 28 Inches - I bought a set for myself and then another set for my dad. There are some marks on the outside of the luggage bag after a trip. Everything else held up well and did its job. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking

I took these suitcases on a family vacation. They were beaten at the airport, in the van and at the hotel. When we got them home they were still in good condition. They were very easy to roll and the handles on both sides made it easy to load in and out of the van. They hold a lot and the two compartments make it easy to separate clean and dirty clothes. It also kept things very dry while sitting outside in heavy rain.

How Big Is 28 Inches

How Big Is 28 Inches

Great customer service! There was a problem with my order and I was very pleased with how they handled everything from the first call to resolving the issue. Big shout out to Maureen who went above and beyond in handling the issue. I really appreciate the work you have done.

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I am a little worried about the strength of the luggage when I received it. Im not sure if it will hold up, but I havent used it yet. The plastic feels a little cheap, but then again that was based on when I opened it. For the price I thought it would be much stronger. I have insurance, Im glad I did. I will post an updated review once I use them. I can say that I really like the size and that is one of the reasons I got this set.

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