Giovanni Rana Tagliatelle How To Cook From Frozen

Giovanni Rana Tagliatelle How To Cook From Frozen – Lisa Friedman is the Executive Director of Lifestyle at The Kitchen. He never met a piece of cheese or washi tape he didn’t like. She lives in upstate New York with her husband and their child, Millie.

You’ve been making pasta since college or high school or even earlier, right? You probably have a million (or at least a dozen) pasta dishes in your repertoire that you can make without even thinking about it. But what if you make a big mistake this time?

Giovanni Rana Tagliatelle How To Cook From Frozen

Giovanni Rana Tagliatelle How To Cook From Frozen

I got to go to Italy to meet Giovanni Rana (you might recognize his face from his pasta packaging found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store) to see how sausages, er, pastas are made.

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Through a translator, I asked him to tell me the biggest mistake Americans make when cooking pasta at home. The translator did not complete the question before preparing the answer.

“Ninety percent of the time, the mistake is letting the pasta cook too long,” he says. “Everything else — how much sauce, what goes in the sauce, for example — is personal preference. A lot of people don’t trust the time on the package.”

Obviously, the thicker the pasta, the more time it needs in the pot, but it’s not

“Don’t have long conversations or go to work while cooking pasta,” she adds. Just wait. Just sit there and wait. “You have to do very little for the pasta to turn out well.”

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Later that day, during a factory tour, Giovanni’s son Gian Luca said the company has a fresh noodle in the US market that is 6/10 millimeter thick and cooks in about a minute. (That’s fast — even for fresh pasta, it cooks faster than dry!) ​​But Americans thought the time was too short, and the product didn’t work in the States.

Home cooks would throw pasta into boiling water and then run to the laundromat to throw it in the load, only to find their pasta overcooked when they left. In short, the Giovanni Rana pasta offerings on American store shelves are now cooked in as little as two minutes! Usually, when my wife and I run into Costco (as we did last Sunday), it’s not uncommon to see something interesting. Throw it on the shelf and in the cart as an emergency purchase.

However, this is not the case with this particular product. Instead, I saw it in the monthly flyer we get as part of our subscription and thought it looked good, so I purposefully looked for it while shopping. And after seeing that it was only $6.99 (regularly $9.99), I decided to buy it for dinner. After eating it last night, I have to say I’m happy with the decision.

Giovanni Rana Tagliatelle How To Cook From Frozen

I’m always a little skeptical when it comes to prepackaged meals like this (found in the fridge section). Most offer relatively decent comfort, but very few offer quality. It is one of the few that offers both.

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When I first saw the package, I wasn’t sure if it was as convenient as I expected because, at least from the picture, it looked complicated to make. However, this was not the case. Inside the main package were three separate packages, one for the pasta, one for the sauce and one for the meat. All I have to do to make this meal is open those packets and combine them. After that, I had to heat up dinner in the microwave. In total it took me about 10 minutes.

The quality really surprised me. I wouldn’t say it was as good as homemade. But, I think it’s better than what I’ve had at some chain restaurants (and it’s considerably less expensive). The sauce had a good flavor and there was plenty of cooked chicken, more than I expected.

I also found the product to provide a decent amount. My wife and I had enough to have seconds each and we still had enough left over for dinner. The fact that I was able to get two meals out of it only added to what I already thought was great value.

As a result, while I’m not sure it’s a product I’ll buy regularly (at least at full price), I’d definitely consider buying it and making it for dinner. If you have a chance to try it, I recommend it.

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Giovanni Rana Tagliatelle How To Cook From Frozen

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Giovanni Rana Ravioli Porcini Mushroom Fresh Filled Pasta

I found this product in the refrigerated section next to other fresh pasta. Item number 1182348.

Fresh tagliatelle pasta, creamy mushroom sauce and spicy white chicken all come together in Rana Pasta

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