Dfm Toolworks/how To

Dfm Toolworks/how To – Thanks to my good friend Matthew Justice, I’ve been using card scrapers for a long time now to shape and adjust handles.

Also, using a card scraper allows you to remove a more controlled amount of material from the pen so you can spot your mistakes before they become a problem, while using a razor or drawing knife can cause the pen to dig too deep and its removal. too much material.

Dfm Toolworks/how To

Dfm Toolworks/how To

Removing a lot of material is perfectly normal in the early stages of shaping a pen, but when you get to the final touches, you’ll need something more precise.

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This is a set of 3 card scrapers (sometimes called cabinet scrapers) so you have the right scraper you need when you need it.

Sometimes you will need to sharpen your scrapers to get the most out of them, but this is not a difficult task at all and the second video below will tell you a bit about it.

You should be able to use them right away as they are already very sharp, but they will need regular sharpening to continue getting the best performance out of them.

I was able to use them on the weekend and they did the job well! They are not too aggressive towards the wood and just need to be sanded a bit to finish the handle.

A2 Steel Dowel Plate

Dfm toolworks dowel plate

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