Cameroonian Artists

Cameroonian Artists – Every Cameroonian music fan has a favorite singer or rapper who tops their list every year whether they’re a leader or not. However, some artists always prove to be tougher than your favorites in terms of consistency, body of work, concerts, endorsement deals, social influence, streaming numbers and hit songs.

2020 has been a pivotal year for Cameroonian artists and the entertainment scene. The spread of the Corona virus brought the entire universe to a standstill for a year. However, Cameroonian artistes have taken advantage of this and gifted our speakers with amazing singles, mind-blowing EPS and a slew of productions that have made it to our Top 10 Cameroonian Artistes (Musicians) 2020 list.

Cameroonian Artists

Cameroonian Artists

If a song doesn’t set a club on fire, it mends broken hearts, others fall in love with men and women, and, like Cameron’s famous line, expresses love for music: “Na Yeh her song lowered my school fees. “.

Some Cameroonian Artists Tagged Naira Marley Bad Influence Got His Valentine’s Day Show Cancelled.

Below are the top 10 Cameroonian artists (musicians) of 2020. We have additional advantages such as singles, projects (albums, EPs), nominations, performances, awards, influences, collaborations.

After an explosive 2019, 2020 begins by blessing our TV screens with the official video for “Calypso” featuring Mekhni, the Cameronian singer who first presented his double album “Heart” Magasco. gave

. He took advantage of the Covid-19 and lockdown period to treat fans to acoustic versions of some of the album’s most impressive tracks.

Weight Lady Ponce and Bucots. Magasco also has an amazing hook with Ach4Life rapper MiNk’s single no cam.

Cameroon Album 2020 Best

Sokoto Soundtrack also won Best Album at the 2020 Green Light Awards, Best Urban Artist at the MUMA Awards and the Ministry of Arts and Culture’s Order of Merit. He also participated in the #EndAnglophoneCrisis protest in Yaounde on 24 October 2020 after the Kamba massacre. It sits comfortably in our 10th place.

After the end of 2019, Goffman Fishhead enters 2020 with the official video for his single “Holla Holla”. This song was another song that kept us entertained during the lockdown. The singer took a break from music videos and bolstered her discography with her debut single, I’m Cameron. Surprisingly, the EP did well for the singer, who was well rounded that year. Tracks worth noting:

The singer completes his year of blessing his fans’ TV screens with the official video for ‘Njoh’ featuring the legendary Longo Longo and Sabir. He received two nominations at MUMA2020 for Best Actor, Best Male Artist, Best Urban Artist, Best Album/EP and Best Collaboration. Green Light Awards EP/Album.

Cameroonian Artists

Arguably, his biggest trophy is his daughter Ivana Lattimore. Phish’s songs, consistency, and widely acclaimed debut EP landed him on this list.

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With just one hit and one music video, singer Whitty Minstrel has become our top Cameroonian artist of 2020. No one saw it coming. Witty started 2020 with the club’s banner ‘Proud’. It’s NSO Tribe’s most popular song and song, and he could wrap it up in front of the world. It was followed by the official music video for the song, directed by Dr. Nick Stephens, and the critical reception of the song prompted Whitty to make another film with heavyweights such as Magasco and Mr. Liu. Other Cameroonian artistes such as Kamini, Vernio Tina, Owo and Gasha have already joined forces to produce explosive pieces.

The Witty Minstrel toured the speakers and TV screens with “Proud.” He won Best Artist of 2020 at the CAMACA Awards, and was named Best Traditional Artist at MUMA2020.

From a small community in the capital of Cameroon, a young singer Happy D’Efolan burst forth and recorded the song “Tchapeu Tchapeu” which is one of the biggest songs of 2020. The single made it to our top 10 list, but the singer was instrumental in bringing the new ‘Mbole’ genre far and wide. It was nominated for “Tune de Fin De L’annee” at the Balafon Music Awards. Happy has had an amazing year and we’re sure fans will be happy to see him at number seven on this list.

Charlotte Dipanda would have been ranked 9th on this list, but her 2 hit singles “Quand Tu N’es Pas Là and Curur Cage” featured Cinguila, but the popularity of both songs put her at 6th.

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The list includes her nominations for Best Female Artist Central Africa at AFRIMMA 2020 and two City Woman James Award nominations for Best Female Artist and Best Female Vocal.

When it comes to artists taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic, instability and lockdowns to entertain their fans, LOCKO is number one. The singer entered the 2020 Top Singer Même Même Choses. It was followed by his Locked series, which aired weekly from April 19 to May 17. LOCKO showed us his acting skills in the short film “Au Marriage de ma Go” and closed 2020 with the official video of “Au Marriage de ma”. go”.

He was nominated for the 2020 Urban James Award for Best Male Artist for Song of the Year with the single Hein Hein Hein. At the Balafon Music Awards, he won the awards for “Male Vocal of the Year, Best Video and Album of the Year”. LOCKO is number 5 on our list.

Cameroonian Artists

Alpha Better Records entered 2020 with a sequel to the popular Anita story, where Anita married senior General Slate. The success of their collaboration on Beyoncé’s album Lion continued in 2019 with the release of the official video for “Water” featuring Queen B and Pharrell Williams. The singer/producer then joined Guinean singer Soul Bangs using the African version of “Wamos” from their debut album.

Some Cameroonian Artists And Their Partners/girlfriends /boyfriends

The African representative promoted quality brands such as K44 and Madiba mineral water with Union Camerounaise de Brasseries (UCB), Cameroon’s largest brand ambassador.

Salat has been nominated for the 2020 Ofrema Award in the Best Producer category. He also received 4 Balafon Music Award nominations for these projects.

At the Music Awards, Salat received 4 nominations including Best Song, Best African Artist, Best Songwriter and Best Male Artist. This placed him in fourth place.

Aveiro Djess wouldn’t have made it to this list if it wasn’t for their amazing performance on their hit song “Le Niyama”. In the first quarter of 2020, a month after the outbreak of Covid-19, Aveiro collaborated with singer Lucky +2.

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. He then made another statement after paying tribute to Ivorian legend Arafat Dij. Saving the best for last, the Jess Gang leader has released ‘Le Niyama’, one of the biggest songs of the last quarter of 2020. Lee Nyama was released across Africa and received massive reception, making it one of the biggest Cameroonian songs of 2020.

The song’s success earned it 2 awards: Tube des fêtes de fin de l’Année at the Balafon Music Awards and Song of the Year at the 2020 MUMA Awards.

No one saw it coming, 2020 started with a collaboration with singer Nabila on “Amour et Espoir”, which didn’t really take off, and Darina continued her work despite covid-19, lockdown and the slow pace of things. Don’t stop trying. In the second half of 2020, the singer blew away his fellow YouTubers when he dropped his hit single “Laisse Moi T’aimer”. According to YouTube statistics, the song is the most watched music video of 2020 in Cameroon, with over 28 million views.

Cameroonian Artists

The song became Cameron’s wedding song. If the guest DJ hadn’t played this particular song at any wedding they were invited to, there would be no music. The song was recognized for winning 3 categories at the Balafon Music Awards

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The chapter kicks off 2020 with an acoustic version of his hit single ‘Bollo C’est Bollo’, his life, career and success in Big Dream Entertainment and a new era as an Indian artist. He then followed it up in the first quarter of 2020 with his first mass-produced single, “Moon Pala Pala”.

The series’ producer secured a multi-million franc endorsement deal with the financial services company Courier. “After his experience with Presidente du Rapublique, he pulled off an alphabet rap song with ease.

Sometime in 2020, Ko-c has already established himself as the hottest artist of 2020

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