Best Friends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste

Best Friends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste – Friends help make life more meaningful. It provides social and emotional support, alleviates feelings of loneliness and helps you feel happier and more satisfied with life.

Staying social can extend your life and reduce your risk of mental and physical health problems, including depression and high blood pressure.

Best Friends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste

Best Friends Shouldn't Know How You Taste

Toxic friendships can take many forms, but they often consume you psychologically and have a way of bringing you down rather than making you better.

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Wondering how to spot a toxic friendship? Don’t know how to deal with the situation or how it could affect you? We’re here to help with 25 tips on how to recognize and deal with friends who cause more harm than good.

Everyone has good days and bad days. Good on a bad day isn’t always easy, even with your loved ones. So how do you tell the difference between a truly toxic friend and someone who is just having a bad day?

A good friend who is having a bad day may seem offended or distant, but when things improve, they will most likely apologize.

On the other hand, toxic friends tend to follow a pattern that never really dies. Even though they realize you make them feel bad, they don’t show much remorse or inclination to change.

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Friends often joke with each other, and a little good-natured teasing doesn’t mean your friendship is toxic, especially when you’re laughing.

If your friend regularly puts you down and makes you feel miserable, your friendship probably isn’t healthy, even if they use more subtle denial tactics or direct insults.

You confidently said something to a friend and the next day your entire social circle knows the details.

Best Friends Shouldn't Know How You Taste

Anyone can shut up and say things they shouldn’t. Toxic friends may seem like they like to spread secrets, even when you want their personal information to be private.

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When you call them out on their behavior, they ignore your annoyance or arrogantly say “sorry”.

Instead of taking the time to consider their point of view, they say, “I’m sorry you feel that way,” or follow up the apology with a defensive “but.”

Unpredictability alone does not mean someone is toxic, but caution is in order if their response may cause harm or create feelings of annoyance.

No one is completely predictable, but it’s reasonable to expect that someone you trust will express their feelings in mostly safe and healthy ways.

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They might get extremely angry and yell at you over little things like forgetting to turn off the TV or not returning the jacket they borrowed. Then for the next minute they acted as if nothing had happened.

Generally speaking, spending time with a close friend should make you feel good. Maybe spending time with a certain friend can make you nervous or upset.

You may not even have a good explanation as to why, but when you break up with them, you feel a great sense of disappointment and look forward to spending time with them.

Best Friends Shouldn't Know How You Taste

If you notice this uncomfortable feeling, consider examining your friendship for other signs that things aren’t quite right.

Signs That You Have Toxic Friends

Do you have a friend who likes to show that you’re not good enough compared to his other friends? Maybe your apartment is smaller than X’s, so hanging out with you isn’t as much fun. Or if you dress more like a Y, you’ll be cooler.

People have their own characteristics and differences, and a good friend will notice that. They do not compare you to others or imply that you are somehow less than another person. They certainly don’t use peer pressure to get you to do things you’d rather not do.

Have you ever had a fair weather companion? They step in when they are doing well or when they need something, but

Some friends can go on for an hour about their latest problems. When the broadcast ends, “How are you?” They will give you a coin. before quickly bringing the conversation back to himself.

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True friends just don’t take it. They also offer empathy for your concerns, good, bad or anything in between. try to change you

A true friend understands that people have different personalities and will accept you as your own. If you want advice on something you want to change, they can offer support and encouragement, but they’ll probably expect you to ask rather than tell you what to do.

Let’s say you have trouble with social situations and want to get better at meeting new people. A good friend might suggest you come to another game night so they can introduce you to a few friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

Best Friends Shouldn't Know How You Taste

Toxic friendships can have a pretty significant impact on overall well-being—and not a positive one. Spending time with people who don’t care about your feelings can eventually affect your feelings.

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If you notice any of the following symptoms after spending time with a friend, you may want to consider reevaluating the friendship.

A toxic friendship can leave you ignored instead. You reach out to plan, but stay out of group activities and your messages go unanswered (unless they need something from you, of course).

They don’t seem to want to spend time with you and the friendship doesn’t satisfy or feel like a friendship at all.

Stress reduction is an important benefit of a strong friendship. You may not always feel 100 percent better when you see your friends, but you will probably notice some improvement.

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A toxic friend can contribute to this, far from reducing stress. For example, they may say or do things that upset you when you spend time together.

Even when you’re not with them, you may spend a lot of time thinking about negative interactions that made you feel nervous, frustrated, or even downright awful.

True friends offer support when you need it. Of course, this support is not always tangible. At the very least, friendship usually involves listening with empathy and offering validation for anxiety and pain.

Best Friends Shouldn't Know How You Taste

In a toxic friendship, you never feel that support or compassion. You feel minimized when they never respond to your messages or requests for help, are defensive about your problems, or completely ignore them.

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When someone constantly puts you down and treats you badly, you can begin to accept that behavior and stop expecting anything better.

Once you begin to believe their disdain and doubt your own strengths and abilities, your self-esteem can begin to decline.

When they attack you, you can believe that you deserve it. You may choose to never offer support because you ask for help so often. So when they need something, you try to make up for it by stepping in.

You might even be grateful that they spent all their time with you because, after all, they pointed out many of your flaws.

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People who act in toxic ways often use manipulation to get what they want. Manipulation often leaves the impression that something is not quite right, even if you can’t pinpoint what it is.

You may feel like you never know the right thing to say or do. They may slyly dig at you or openly mock you, which can make you doubt what they are saying.

Their reactions (or overreactions) can destabilize you even more. Sometimes they laugh at something, sometimes they scream. Not knowing which one is coming can be so confusing that you’re not sure how to proceed except to be extremely careful.

Best Friends Shouldn't Know How You Taste

When you start doubting yourself, you can consider yourself a bad friend. Even if you don’t start doubting yourself, you may find it difficult to trust others. You may be surprised that everyone sees you as flawed, boring, or supportive, and as a result, you may start to avoid people.

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This can prevent you from seeking support from people who truly care about you, leaving you even more isolated and alone.

You have two main options. Maybe you should try talking to your boyfriend first. They don’t realize how annoying their behavior is. If you want to save a friendship, this might be a good first choice. Another option is to end the friendship.

If they are self-centered without overt malice, talking to them about the impact of their behavior can improve the situation.

Use “I” statements and other productive communication methods to initiate dialogue. Be open about how their behavior makes you feel and consider setting boundaries for future interactions.

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For example: “I feel hurt when I hear negative comments about my hair or clothes. Please don’t make fun of my style choices in the future.’

If your friendship isn’t bringing anything positive to you and your conversations with them haven’t helped, maybe it’s time to end it. The same goes for friendships that fall into the realm of abuse.

You can tell someone how their actions affect you, but you can’t change them. They have to do it themselves and not everyone is willing to put in the effort.

Best Friends Shouldn't Know How You Taste

They may temporarily promise to treat you better and change. But if they start putting you down again or reverting to other toxic behavior patterns, you better move on.

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If you spend a lot of time wishing your boyfriend would treat you better, why not take a break from him for a while and see what has changed?

Time away from friendships can help you resolve issues.

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