Andy Stanley How To Persevere In Tough Times

Andy Stanley How To Persevere In Tough Times – When life offers no good choices and no perfect answers, what are you left with? And more importantly, how do you proceed?

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Andy Stanley How To Persevere In Tough Times

Andy Stanley How To Persevere In Tough Times

So, as you know, it’s human nature to avoid things we don’t like, right? It starts at a young age, doesn’t it? It’s human nature to avoid things we don’t like: vegetables, exercise, people who only eat vegetables, people who exercise all the time, people who dress like they eat vegetables and exercise all the time, whatever. And sometimes it doesn’t hurt us to avoid things we don’t like, and sometimes it can hurt us to avoid things we don’t like. In the category of avoiding things we don’t like, they won’t hurt us, I was talking to Sandra last night. And one of the things we avoid that doesn’t harm us is horror movies. And I don’t know why, but we don’t even like horror movies. In fact, we decided last night that the last horror movie we saw, and some of you won’t even think it was a horror movie, to tell you where we are, was The Sixth Sense. Remember the movie from 1999?

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And I remember we watched the movie, and we were so freaked out, we cut a lot of the movie, and we fast-forwarded a lot of the movie, when we got to the end, we didn’t know what actually happened. serious

Now, again, there are lots of things, if you don’t like them, you can avoid them and it won’t hurt you. But there are some things you don’t like and if you avoid them they can hurt you.

Now this will surprise some of you and please don’t judge me too harshly, but there are statements in the Bible that I particularly like. And today I have to talk about one. I would say that I want to talk about one, but the truth is that I have to talk about one. And the reason I need to talk about one is because this particular statement answers a very important question. And that is an important question for everyone. The problem is, I don’t like the answer. And if you don’t like the answer to this question, remember this for the next few minutes, this is not my answer, this is not me talking, this is someone else. I’m just a messenger. Don’t shoot the pianist. I am delivering the message.

Now, the question the author will answer is a question we are all asking. Again, it’s the answer that’s troubling, but the question is, “What do we do when there’s nothing we can do? What do we do when there’s nothing to do? When there’s everything and we don’t particularly like what it is.” For some of you, you’ve lost income, you’ve lost your job, you’ve been laid off. For some of you, you have lost an opportunity that will never come back. You were going to retire and you have to postpone it. In fact, you’re not sure if you’ll ever stop.

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You don’t like what’s happening right now because you’re alone. And then you go on Facebook or Instagram, and it seems like everyone else in the world has someone, but you don’t have anyone. Or maybe you prefer to be alone. But isn’t it true that we have all, in recent weeks, faced our evil selves? That in ourselves that we weren’t sure about? That in us that shames us, but have we faced it?

And we can’t wait for things to go back to normal or… Well, we can’t wait for things to go back to normal. And I’ll tell you who can sympathize with you. well ben is homeschooling for the first time and during a break in the homeschooling process ben wrote a little note and i want to share ben’s note with you. Here is what Ben writes. Ben, homework, 16.03.2020, here’s what he says: “It’s not going well. This is stressing mom. It’s really confusing mom.” Then he says, “We took a break so mom could figure it out. And I’m telling you it’s not going well.”

You can connect it. Maybe it’s not particularly good for homework, but it’s not good either. Maybe it went well for the first few days or weeks, but you get tired of it. And then Jacob, the brother of Jesus, comes with advice or instructions, which I honestly find too passive and insensitive. And the reason I think it’s inappropriate is because James doesn’t know what’s going on in my life. And James doesn’t know what’s going on in your life. That James will give us advice without hearing our stories and that’s always a bad idea. It’s like when you read in the New Testament, where Jesus says, “Do not worry about tomorrow. Don’t worry about tomorrow.” And you want to raise your hand and say, “Hey, wait a minute, I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen in my life tomorrow. And then you’re going to say, “Don’t worry about tomorrow.” It seems very sensitive to make these general, sweeping statements, “Don’t worry about tomorrow.” And what James is going to tell us, well. , falls into the same category.

Andy Stanley How To Persevere In Tough Times

While I may not like what James says, and you may not like what James says, we would be fools not to take his instructions seriously. And here’s why. This is Santiago, Jesus’ brother. And more specifically, this is James who was the leader of the church in Jerusalem in the first century. This is Jacob who believed that his brother was his Lord, because he saw his brother crucified and then he saw his brother after he rose from the dead. And this is James, the brother of Jesus, who led the church in Jerusalem, get this, for about 30 years.

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For me, street cred is related to what happened in those 30 years. During those 30 years, remember, the church in Jerusalem was primarily Jewish. They were considered blasphemers, they were excluded from society, they were excluded from the temple, they were poor, they did not accept temples and things were very difficult for this group of people. And that was the group responsible for driving James.

Therefore, for 30 years, Santiago carries this weight and sees the difficulties and trials that these followers of Jesus face every day; it’s basically James, and that gives it credibility, James was surrounded and he was in charge of a society that was really in crisis. And with all that’s going on, here’s what he told other followers of Jesus in the first century to do, and here’s what they’re telling you, and here’s what he told me. James chapter 1, here is what it says: “James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ,” it is amazing that all these years later, James called his brother his Lord. Now, what he says next, if you grew up in the church, is quite familiar, and I’ve taken this verse and reversed the order so that we English readers can get a better sense of what James is conveying. Here’s what it says next, and here’s part… Well, it’s not my favorite part of the Bible.

Here is what he says. He says, “Whenever you face judgments, whenever you face judgments,” if you never, whenever you can’t pray them, you can’t obey them, you can’t believe them. Judgments will come. and the little Greek word translated “face” is very interesting. It carries an idea that was surprising. In fact, it is used in other Greek literature in the context of theft.

So he says, “Every time you’re surprised by the tests, every time you’re surprised by the tests,” every time you wake up one day and oh, no, every time you get that call, oh, no, you get this information, your son or daughter. he calls, or maybe the doctor calls, oh, no, you face it, the trial surprises you, he says, “Whenever you face many kinds of trials,” here’s what we have to do. And again, remember, this is not me talking, this is James. He says, “When faced with many trials, consider,” that is, adjust your perspective, adjust your thinking, “I want you

How To Persevere In Tough Times

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