83 Days Is How Many Months

83 Days Is How Many Months – NANOG 83 is back this month with in-person and virtual meetings from November 1-3. The conference kicked off in Minneapolis with a hackathon followed by three full days of keynote sessions, including presentations, panels and networking sessions.

Opening remarks were given by Tina Morris, Senior Technical Business Developer at Amazon Web Services, Avi Freedman, Co-Founder and CEO of Kentik, and Cat Gurinsky, Apple Network Engineer and former member of the NANOG Development Committee.

83 Days Is How Many Months

83 Days Is How Many Months

Who Controls the Internet:  The keynote session was presented by Bert Hubert, founder of the PowerDNS project and current member of the Dutch government who acts as the regulator of the Dutch intelligence agencies. The debate centers not on technical issues such as who controls the core routers, but on what happens when governments try to control who can see what. The internet wants to be free, but some governments want to limit what can be freely viewed. Examples range from North Korea, which has a completely private network that is essentially completely invisible to outsiders, to the US, where we expect complete freedom of access to any internet service, but in practice, the government exercises astonishing control. But it’s not just government control that’s worrying, big tech companies (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.) have an alarming level of arbitrary control over critical parts of the Internet. They can control the sites that appear in search results, the sites that are shared through social media platforms or even hosting services. Decisions are made by anonymous tribunals made up of the employees of these companies. There is no court of appeal for their decisions, and no public record. Mr. Hubert posted a transcript on his blog.

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Brave Women of NANOG: This session, led by Jezzibell Gilmore, Chief Commercial Officer of PacketFabric, highlighted the difficulties women face in breaking into a male-dominated industry. Of course, every female network engineer has the ability to be just as capable as a male. The presentation highlighted some of the women who have made a significant contribution to the NANOG community. This session was followed by lunch, where participants were invited to continue a conversation on this topic, using some of the discussion points provided.

Integrated public alert and warning system: May Wu, systems engineer in the IPAWS office explained, IPAWS is a government system that sends out all kinds of emergency alerts through television, radio and telephone networks. Due to the changing technological landscape, new channels for the dissemination of alerts must be developed. This presentation was intended to attract the attention of network operators to develop new ways of delivering emergency alert messages.

If network operators jump on the data plan: Max Resing, a Master’s in Computer Science at the University of Twente, has shared the results of his latest research. So-called “scanners” automatically look for vulnerabilities in network resources. The main trick is to block the IP addresses of popular scanners, which leads to the importance of developing good blocks. The discussion discussed the implementation of honeypots in cloud services around the world, as well as in corporate networks and home networks. These honeypots are used to collect lists of these IP addresses and analyze which types of resources they tend to target.

IPv6 – the next 10 years: The second keynote, presented by John Jason Brzozowski, Chief Technology Architect at MachineQ, discussed the current state and future of IPv6 adoption. On World IPv6 Day (held in 2011), John Jason Brzozowski took a look back at the last 10 years of IPv6 and his predictions for the next 10 years. The speech can be viewed here.

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Operational Implications of IPv6 Packets with Extension Headers: Fernando Gont, Director of Information Security at EdgeUno, discussed how IPv6 Extension Headers (EHs) are used for a variety of purposes, including support for basic IPv6 functionality such as fragmentation. But there are challenges to using EH. There is evidence that IPv6 packets containing EH are being dropped by some public Internet implementations. The discussion turns to the operational implications and tries to analyze why this happens.

Improving the response of client-side routers to IPv6 renumbering events: Fernando Gont also talked about how sometimes the network configuration changes, causing some IPv6 prefixes to become invalid without reliably indicating the change. As a result, hosts attached to the network can continue with obsolete IPv6 prefixes. This issue was documented by the IETF in RFC8978 (published March 2021). Gont discusses the upcoming RFC9096 on “Improving the Response of Client-Edge Routers to IPv6 Renumber Events,” which will provide advice on how network operators deal with this issue.

All in all, NANOG 83 delivered another incredible conference with great speakers and networking. It was great to be back in person again! We look forward to next year’s NANOG 84 in Austin, Texas in February.

83 Days Is How Many Months

Learn so much from this keynote. Above all it is necessary to listen from the point of view of the intellectual threat. Understand the whole picture of how “connected” we are #NANOG83 @troutman thanks for sharing with me https://t.co/VaCgUavr1G – 3ncr1pt3d 💉💉 (@3ncr1pt3d) November 2, 2021

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RT netactuate and @datacenterdog: Day 2 of #NANOG kicks off with some awesome content pic.twitter.com/yu59n2KWEf It’s great to be back in person! #nanog83 #netactuate — NetActuate (@netactuate) November 2, 2021

.@bert_hu_bert gave a great talk yesterday at #NANOG83 about who controls the internet. If you missed his presentation, this transcript will quickly catch you up. 👇https://t.co/3DKUMp66me — (@) November 3, 2021

Some interesting facts from @jjmbcom’s #NANOG83 “IPv6 – The next 10 years…” conference https://t.co/AaM9Ag3vEl [PDF] pic.twitter.com/81bkyXEV2K — Enno Rey (@Enno_Insinuator) November 4, 2021

“We decided to move our rather complex IP address and DHCP management process to ProVision and it worked great! The team was very flexible and went above and beyond to meet our needs and helped make the migration as smooth as possible. Well done @ team!

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“We are excited to partner with their technology and talent. We especially admire their long-standing IPv6 contributions and their ability to serve and support customers in this area, some of which are the largest service providers in the world. The executive leadership team and technical team are great to work with and look forward to many collaborative projects.” We have the capabilities to help customers meet their Cloud, IoT and Security needs with IPv6. Automation, workflow and orchestration are critical to the success of most of these projects and are well positioned to support our mutual customers in these areas.”

“Enterprises can struggle to manage particularly segmented DDI architectures with any agility. Our partnership enables customers with complex infrastructures to move faster to serve their business by strengthening visibility and control of their assets.”

“The automation approach faces many challenges with physical and virtual networks – how to improve the agility of your current network infrastructure without sacrificing reliability and the adoption of future network technologies.”

83 Days Is How Many Months

“A customer is looking for an integrated solution for IPAM and DNS from a single provider. Through the reseller program, Secure64 is able to offer the most secure DNS solutions, married with a unique combination of IPAM and resource provisioning that customers want. It’s a marriage made in heaven.”

Nanog 83 Conference Recap

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